Islamic agenda for Nigeria – Pastor Bosun

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Factnewsonline is proud to present to Nigerians, the facts-revealing message of Pastor Bosun Emmanuel on Nigeria. It deals extensively on the unfolding agenda of Organisation of Islamic Country (OIC) to Islamise the whole of Nigeria through force, guile, or both.

Let’s pray. Heavenly father we want to thank you, we bless your holy name for this morning. We thank you for grace to be in your presence. Lord I am asking for a fresh unction to be able to deliver your message to your Church. I pray that your people will receive understanding. I pray that your name will be glorified. I hand over to you, Holy Spirit. In Jesus name we have prayed, Amen.


Praise the Lord! My name is Bosun Emmanuel. A little bit about myself and the ministry. I didn't tell Pastor (the Pastor of where this message was recorded), I didn't want to tell him that I was ordained in the Redeem Christian Church Of God (RCCG) as an Assistant Pastor; as a Full Pastor; and that I was the National Coordinator of Redeem Christian Church of God in Germany for many years. The Lord sent us packing from Germany in 2006 and told me to go back home, of course you wouldn't want to return to Nigeria if you were living in Germany, you know what I mean. And when we asked, what are supposed to do in Nigeria? There is nothing! He said go and meet the information needs of the Church. The Church in Nigeria lacks information. And the Bible said my people perish for lack of knowledge. Brethren I am here this morning to do one thing, to give you information. What you are going to do with the information depends on you but I pray that you will use that information wisely because I have very heavy news for you. We are in serious trouble.

Let me quickly make certain points very clear:

1.     the presentation I am going to do is not to strike panic in you, because am going to show you some things that will make you afraid. But the intention is not to strike fear into you. I am not a rabble rouser, I am not here to weep up emotions and weep up sentiments. Please let’s get that very clearly.
2.     I am not here to instill fear in any Christian; I am here to be an agent of revival. That after you receive this information there will be revival in the Church and you will become an ambassador.
3.     I want to move the Church to repentance. The Nigerian Church has gone the wrong way. We must repent.
4.     I want us to foster unity, we are divided. Jesus Christ said a house that is divided cannot stand. We need prayers for Nigeria we need prayers for the church.
5.     This is not a hate speech. I don't hate Muslims and I don't want you to hate Muslims, but am going to tell you a lot of things that the Muslims are doing that will get you angry. Please do not hate them; they are not your enemy. Both the Christian and the Muslim all have only one enemy, his name is Lucifer. The reason why we are in this crisis that we are in Nigeria today is because the Church primarily has forsaken its responsibility.
6.     I want us to return to discipleship which we have abandoned 20 years ago. The Nigerian Church in the past 20 years has stopped raising disciples. We don't have disciples anymore. The Nigerian Church is now focused on raising millionaires, and we forget that on the day of crisis, the millionaire will catch the next available flight and fly out of the country; only disciples will stand and defend the church. We are at war! Look, if anybody tells you it is peace and safety, No! No! No! don't say that now, we are at war. There is a full scale war against the Church and right now, Nigeria itself is fighting a civil war, nobody wants to say it but there is a war for the Church to survive, the church needs disciples.

Let me show elements of that war, I will show you some images. ( pastor began to show some images). this is First Baptist in Potiskum, burnt down; another church; another church; another church; another church, ECWA, ECWA, Church of God Mission, that's fire going on in a church, the full soldiers of Islam they call Almajiri.

Now get ready for this next one, get ready, get ready, brace yourself, that is how our brethren are killed, that is how they are cut into pieces. As I am talking, this is what is going on in Nigeria, I am not talking about Sudan or Somalia, this is what is going on in your country right now .


This is how Christians are murdered in this nation. They are cut into pieces, the hatred is satanic. And the reason why we are having this problem is because the church forsook mission, we refused to go. We all sat down in Lagos, in Ibadan, in Port Harcourt nourishing our souls we forgot those in the North. Because we failed to evangelise them, the harvest that was ripe 2,000 years ago the harvest is rotten. Boko haram is the rotten harvest. If we had reached them before the terrorist reached them, they would have been carrying the Bible not AK47. See, what is happening in Nigeria; God is not holding Boko Haram responsible, God is holding the Church responsible.

(still on the images)Terrible cases you will never believe are going on in your country, all these are Christians. I am going to show you a movie footage for 4 minutes. I will go and sit down and you will watch it for 4 minutes. I can tell you even before 4 minutes you will ask me to switch it off. It is a footage of 501 Christians that were slaughtered in one night, including children in a village called Dogonawa in Jos. (switches on the movie footage) for 4 minutes, to make better let me speed it up a little bit.

(movie plays with crying on the background) voice-over: “Announce in Judah and proclaim in Jerusalem and say ‘sound the trumpet throughout the land, cry aloud and sing, gather together, let us flee to the fortified cities, raise the signal to go to Zion, flee for safety without delay for I am bringing disaster from the North, even terrible destruction''. (Movie continues playing....)

(Same background voice) ''You will hear of wars and rumours of war but see to it that you are not alarmed for such things must happen but the end is still to come. Nation will rise against nation and Kingdom against Kingdom. There will be famine and earthquakes in various places, all these are the beginning of death pains, then you will be handed over and persecuted to death and you will be hated by all nations because of me'' (Movie continues playing...)


Alright, lets continue. What I showed you took place in Nigeria, you can't finish watching the footage I have to stop it...and it is still taking place as we are talking now. The reality is this, it is not localised in the North. What I just showed you is planned to take place all over Nigeria and Christianity in Nigeria is on its way out. We've come to the point that every Christian in Nigeria must consciously say 'I will not be the last Christian in this nation' because if we don't take time, we are the last Christians. I will explain and God will give me grace. Nigeria is on the verge. God doesn't want Nigeria to explode, God doesn't want Nigeria to break into pieces, God doesn't want destruction in Nigeria, God has an agent in Nigeria to prevent whatever evil we see that is going on. God has an agent to stop corruption, to stop oppression, to stop terrorism, to stop kidnapping. God has an agent whom he has assigned and empowered, that agent is the Church! Now, it is because the Church has failed, that’s why whatever evil you see taking place in Nigeria, the Church is responsible. Hold the church responsible. And that means, hold you and I responsible. We are not doing what we are supposed to do.

How sick is Nigeria?

Let's quickly look at the sickness of our nation. When you say somebody is sick, you look at the blood vessels right, you look at the bones, you look at the skin, and you look at the brain. Let’s try and find out.

Let's look at the blood vessels of Nigeria and see what is going on in our country. Right before our eyes Nigeria is becoming desolate and the Church is singing and dancing. See, this used to be Nigeria a few years ago (shows images), rivers, streams they are drying up. This is Nigeria today. If you travel a lot across Nigeria, when you get to bridges, watch it's becoming sandy bare, it's drying up!

The skin of Nigeria Years ago you'd see Nigeria with thick forest, this is Nigeria today; they call it forestation... afforestation or what do they call it? Deforestation! This is the country today. The skin is going. How sick is your country? These use to be the mineral resources that was providing employment in the 60s. They were mining Dulcite, Aluminium all over the place. This is Nigeria today. Nothing is going on! How sick is Nigeria? Look at Nigeria's bowels, this use to be infrastructure, there is no infrastructure working anymore in this country.

Now, let's quickly move forward because of time. And this is Nigeria today, the bomb is already ticking and if you look at the second picture you will see a young rascal that has grabbed hold of Nigeria around the North-east zone and is pulling. That young man is already tilting Nigeria. They call his name Boko Haram. If we don't get this guy to stop, Nigeria is going to summersault and that is where we are standing now. In fact, our situation is so terrible that America has to come in to help us. France is now saying we want to come and help you, nations of the world are now saying we have to come and help you and yet the largest Christian auditorium in the whole world is in Nigeria. The largest gathering of Christians in the whole world is Nigeria, but Nigeria cannot solve its problems. We pray like nobody so, what is going on?  

How does our nation fare? Isaiah 1:6-9, I read verse 7. The word of God says your country is desolate; your cities are burned with fire; your land, strangers devour it in your presence. You know that is true? The Chinese are the ones taking the jobs, Nigerians are unemployed, the Indians are the ones owning the company, Nigerians have no job; strangers are devouring the land right before our eyes and nobody is asking why, as the daughter of Zion is left as a cottage in the vineyard, a lounge in the garden of cucumbers, as a besieged city. Except the lord of host has left us a small remnant, we should have been like Sodom and we should have been like unto Gomorrah. The immorality, the wickedness, the oppression that is taking place in Nigeria on a daily basis is more than enough for God to send brimstone and fire but thank God for the small remnant that God left. I pray you're one of the remnants! If you are not pleased join them, believe me, it is the remnant that is keeping Nigeria. Now, let's go to the next phase.

Abuja declaration 1989: If you have an Ipad and you have access to the Internet, I will just invite you.Please go online straight a way to and type into the search engine, Abuja declaration 1989 and this information will come up. Islam in Africa, held a conference in Abuja in 1989. At the end of it they issued a declaration and it goes "to eradicate in all its forms ramifications all non-Muslim religions in member nation, such religion shall include Christianity ".

Now please note that word, 'to eradicate in all its forms and ramifications'. Now, Nigeria is a member nation. 'all non Muslim religions in member nation, such religion shall include Christianity' the word Christianity was underlined in the communique. “to ensure that only Muslims are elected into all political posts of member nations, to ensure the appointment of only Muslims strategic national and international posts of member nations, to ensure the ultimate replacement of all western forms legal and judicial system with the sharia and then, to make sure that these strategies works.'

Because its going to require money, Babangida as the self-appointed president of Nigeria put his hand into the treasury of Nigeria, took $21b out and gave it to OIC. To the Islamic development of OIC and said, take this money for the total "islamization of Nigeria in particular and Africa in general." Babangida paid $21b of our money to turn Nigeria into an Islamic nation and they have started.

Boko Haram, don't look at it like something that is isolated to the North-east, it is meant to cover the entire nation until Christianity is eradicated in all its forms and ramifications. This was not mentioned in the introduction because I don't think that it’s something that one should talk about but I just think that I should mention it. By the grace of God, I happen to be a member of the National Conference that is taking place right now and I am the delegate of the Christian Association from the South-west. I represent Christians from the South-west at the National Conference. I am part of the Religion Committee and I am also part of the Interfaith Committee. We sit down with Muslims to discuss this matter; to resolve this issue. We've reached a deadlock and the deadlock is the separation of states and religion. I will talk a little bit about that. Can they do it? the answer is yes they can, if we allow them.

So God told us to go to Turkey and learn certain things. September last year, God spoke to Dr. Vincent Anibuogu, the Director General of the  National Institute of Transformation (NIT). And God told him that if care is not taken, in thirty to forty years, Nigeria will be like Turkey. God told him, go and learn what happened to Turkey. Now, Turkey used to be 100% Christian, today Turkey is 96.04% Islam, Christianity in Turkey is 0.21% and God is speaking that if you don't take care, Nigeria will end up like Turkey.

Christianity was in Turkey for 1,123years, Islam uprooted it. Christianity in Nigeria is 172 years old. If we take the starting date from 1842 when Methodist Reverend Bach Freeman arrived in Badagry; you would remember that the Catholics came first in the 14th century. They did some church planting around Warri and Benin Kingdom. They left in 1622. Then the Methodist came back in 1842, about 200years after that. Now, it is that coming of the Methodist that has now developed to what we have as Christianity today. So effectively, Christianity in Nigeria is 172years old. Now, the point is this, if Islam can uproot the one that has been planted for 1,123 years in Constantinople tell me, they can't uproot the one that is just 172years.

As a matter of fact, the spiritual foundation of Turkey, Nigeria does not come near it. Because the seven churches Jesus Christ wrote letters to in Revelation 2 and 3, all those 7 churches were located in Turkey. Apostle Paul, the champion of the gospel was a citizen of Turkey. The Macedonia vision that Paul saw 'come over to Macedonia and help us' Paul received it in Turkey. Turkey had solid Christian foundation but Islam uprooted everything. So if the Nigerian Church is deceiving itself, eh! There is fire on the roof. I work with the Voice of Christian martyrs and we go all over the North. That is why I was able to give each one of you a magazine. I want you to read the magazine when you get home. By the grace of God I produced that magazine. I met the people, almost everybody there one on one. We go to the North. Is not that am living in Lagos and somebody is bringing information, we go there – to Maidugiri, to Kaduna, to Kano. I go there to meet with Christians who are being persecuted and I must protest that the church in the South is a selfish and a wicked group of believers because you abadoned the Christians in the North.

Look, God is the God of justice and God is the God of judgment. Let’s not provoke him to repay us with our wickedness. Because if God look at what the Christians in the South have done to the Christians in the North, He will fold his arms and allow Boko Haram to deal with us. We have to go to US, we have to go to Canada, to Poland, to Australia, to New Zealand to raise Christians that will help and support the Christians in the North. Nigerian church is not lifting a finger. It's not that you don't have money, the Nigerian Church has money but they help nobody. They only take and take, they don't give jack… I have to skip some things.


The sin of irresponsibility: When God spoke to Professor Anibuogu, he said that the Nigerian Church is guilty of the sin of irresponsibility. To the Church in Laudicea, God says you are blind, you are wretched, you are naked.  To the Church in Sadis, God said you have a name that you live but you are dead. To the Nigerian church, God says you are irresponsible. What Yorubas call òniranlo. we have been given so much we have delivered little, we only think about ourselves! We are consumed with our comfort, our convinience, our promotion, our breakthrough we don't even see what is going on around us. You saw the footage, you saw the footage. As am talking to you it’s still going on and we have men of God in this country who can stand and say No! IArchbishop Idahosa is dead. If that man was alive, maybe things would not have been the way it is. And we thank God for small mercies and that we have somebody like Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor as CAN president. The people that abuse him the most are the Christians and believe me, if that man was not the President of CAN, you can't sit down here today, you can't sit here because Lagos has become a jihadist state don't you know that? Lagos is jihadist, you can't sit; they would have locked you up. It's because someone is still standing and he's standing alone and all the other Pastors are abusing him. Go online and see what Christians are writing about CAN, about Oritsejafor you will weep. God said September 15, 2013 if care is not taken, in 30 to 40 years Nigeria will be like Turkey.

Exactly the way God said it is the way I have written it there, the name of the man God spoke to, I have put it there. Dr. Anibuogu told us this at a strategy meeting in CAN in November last year. That Nigerian church has an ultimatum of 30 years. If you don't repent and return and do the work God has called you to do and leave this nonsensical attachment to vanity and stop pursuing prosperity, and stop pursuing breakthrough and pursue discipleship, in 30 years you will not hand over Christianity to your children. God told him to learn from Turkey. And what did the most high say, find out how christianity was destroyed in Turkey and professor Anibuogu discovered that every mistake the Christians in Turkey made that led to the collapse of Christianity, the Nigerian Church is repeating all those mistakes step by step, one by one. See, it’s like we went to Turkey and asked the Christians there, I heard that you people were Christians here, they said yes. But now Islam has taken over they said yes. Did you do anything wrong? they said we did many things wrong. So why don't you write for us the things you did wrong? They listed the mistakes that they made and the Nigerian Church came back and started implementing it.

That's what we have done. Time will not permit me to go into details, I will just run through them because there are still some things I have to share. I told you, if I have to do a thorough job I will need a minimum of 3 hours but I will work within the 50minutes.

Number one, the church underestimated the young Ottoman ruler the same the Nigerian Church is underestimating Islam. I have met Church leaders who have argued with me; it's not possible, it's not. You mean what they are doing? That they will do it here? No way! No way? You don't know Islam. You don't know the spirit that is behind Islam. Can you imagine, until you saw it here that somebody will use cutlass and split the head of a child? When you're coming to church this morning, did it occur to you? Can you imagine someone will burn another human being simply because he doesn't believe in what he believes in? They went to a church in Bogoro on a Sunday, locked the doors, stood outside and threw in cans of petrol and set it on fire and refused to allow the Christians to come out and they roasted 70 people inside the church on Sunday. Deeper life in Gombe, they were having prayer meeting in the evening, three of them lined up the windows with AK47 and sprayed everybody. I was there, I saw it, I saw the place. In fact I brought a piece of stone, I left it inside the car, from Jos, from the mass grave of the 500. You can't believe it! The Nigerian Church is underestimating Islam.

Number two, the church in Contantinople which is the old name of Istanbul, which is now the commercial capital of Turkey from where everybody in Turkey now spread out assumed that Constantinople was the best defended city in Europe. The Nigerian church is making the same mistake. They think they are the largest in Africa, the largest in the world, its a mistake.It doesn't stop Islam. The leadership of the Church in Turkey within and outside was bitterly divided. The church in Nigeria, are they united? ah! Jesus Christ says a house that is divided it cannot stand, ok. On the basis of that alone, if Islam does not divide the church, the bàbà làwos will do it. We are divided, we are not working as one but thank God it is beginning to change. What makes me happy is that Church leaders are now beginning to listen to us. so, everything that I am telling you this morning, I am passing to you information and I have to tell you the way it is so that you can be galvanised into righteousness. I hope you're getting my point. It took a lot of time, it took a lot of work but we've been able to call them; the heads of denominations with the President of CAN, with the chairman of CAN South-west, we sat at University of Lagos we discussed this thing, we met again we discussed this thing and they agreed at the last meeting that they will unite. Because each person, each ministry in Nigeria stands on its own, they are not connected. In fact, don't let us go into that because we will not have time, they are divided. Global news carried this headline in December 2011 'Rumble in the house of God, Nigerian Pastors that hate themselves' and they put there photographs there and they wrote this one hates this pastor while this one hates this one, it's a big mess.

Racism and tribalism weakened the Church in Turkey. Racism and tribalism is weakening the body of Christ in Nigeria. We have the Yoruba Church, am I right? We have the Igbo Church, we have the Hausa church, is that not so? Look, in the Yoruba Church, if you are an Igbo man if you carry anointing let fire come out of your head, you will not reach the top because it's a Yoruba Church. If it is an Igbo Church and you're a Yoruba man possess all the revelations that you know you are on your own, you will not get anywhere because it is an Igbo Church. We brought our petty politics inside the Church! that is the mistake they made in Turkey that Islam is now 96% and the church is 0.21%. The Nigerian Church is making the same mistake and God is warning, hey! hey! the way you people are going I have seen it before o, this thing you people are doing in Nigeria, I have seen it before. I saw it in 1453 before you were born, you are making the same mistake o, you are going the same way. I will give you 30 years, I will hold them back for 30years. If after 30 years you don't change, I will take my hands off your case.

Powerless Church authority without peoples backing and financial support. I mentioned earlier concerning CAN. The only platform we have to fight this war is CAN. You can't fight it on PFN. PFN is only 20% of the church because CAN has 5 blocks. You need CAN. All the Christians have to come together, stand as one and say no to Islam. See, it is Christians who are abusing CAN and Christians refuse to fund CAN. How can you execute war on an empty treasury? It is not that the Nigerian Church doesn't have money. Let me ask you a question very quickly, what is the annual revenue of Nigerian Church? does anyone know? No, you don't, N3trillion.The Nigerian Church combined gets an annual revenue in excess of N3 trillions. How much does Nigerian Church contribute to its umbrella organisation, CAN? You know? You don't know? #1,250,000! Each block pays N250,000. Even that N250,000, there are blocks that are owing in arears for years and refused to pay. So, CAN has no money. Islam took $21b, now tell me how you are going to fight them with a budget of N1,250,000, how are you going to fight? Meanwhile, God is angry that you are not doing what he called you to do. That you're now doing your own thing; so how are you going to fight Islam? Tell me!

I can't explain this because of time but I need to mention quickly that it's repeating itself. The weapon used to destroy Constantinople was invented by a Christian. He invented a can of basilica, took it to Christians to buy, and Christians didn't have the money, he carried to the Muslims, sultan Memmed paid him cash. In 3 months, basilica was ready. It blew Constantinople to pieces.  The same problem is in Nigeria. The strategies the Muslims are using, that they will use to destroy the Church, it is Christians who are strategising for them. see, We've taught our people to be so sensitive to money that they've lost all sense of spirituality. The only thing an average Christian thinks about now is how he will get money. whether it will cost him his soul, whether it will compromise his position as a Christian, he doesn't think about it anymore because for the past 20 years we stopped raising disciples, we focused on raising millionaires. APC is a party to watch carefully, am not a politician but the church must know this because there is no way you can separate national politics from what is going on. I will talk a little bit about APC. But for 2015, APC has hired the campaign manager of Obama to come and strategize for them in Nigeria. When the man got to Nigeria, he needed the local to interface, the person he employed is a pastor. To hand over power to a party that  resembles in all intents and purpose, the Islamic brotherhood.

Even Egypt rejected Islamic brotherhood, even Syria; if you watch what is going on in Syria. The western power looked at the Sunis from Saudi Arabia, they looked at the Shiites from Iran who are now supporting and fighting Assad, and they said listen,  rather than allow either of this two groups to take over power after Assad, Assad we'll forgive you all your sins, sit down there. That's what is going on, that's why Assad is winning the civil war because the western powers are now throwing there weight behind Assad. Why? We don't want Islamic brotherhood, a Pastor is the one strategising for Islamic brotherhood in Nigeria. The weapon used to destroy Turkey was invented by a Christian and the Nigerian Church is following suit.

There is no time to talk further on that. Constantinople had an army of 7,000,  Muslims had a force of 80,000. The Church does not have an army. Look, if you don't believe me, Pastor, this Sunday, call for evangelism tomorrow and tell the members, all this people here that tomorrow we are going on evangelism and count the number of people who will come. Those who come are the disciples; the other people will find their excuses. Am busy, I have to go somewhere, Pastor you have to excuse me I cannot make but they will not come because they are not disciples. That’s our problem.

Now am going to say something without any particular church in mind, because each time I mention this at a presentation Pastors will get very uncomfortable. It has to do with cathedral. In Constantinople, rather than build men, they concentrated on building cathedral. They built this house called Hyersophia, the house of wisdom. In its days, this house was the most magnificent, the most expensive, the most beautiful house. This was what the church concentrated on rather than build that can defend this house. On the day Constantinople fell, because there were no men to defend the city, the first person to enter hyersophia was 21 years old sultan memmed. He headed straight for the alter, stood on the alter, raised his hands and shouted 'Allah hu arkka bal' and right there he commanded,  'convert it to a mosque'. (shows image) This is hyersophia as a mosque and it remained a mosque for 478years until 1931 when the government of Turkey went circular, then the government of Turkey said ' convert it to a museum' but till today, it has not been handed over to the Church, it is a museum. Now, the Nigerian Church has decided to build cathedral but please, let us put the horse before the cat. Let us raise disciples, don't let us make the same mistake.

Ah! ok,  let me come back to this one. I raised this during the National Conference, at the plenary and the conference went on fire, everything scattered immediately and the Muslims got up, they tried to shout me down. I pointed out to Nigeria that we have a Constitutional problem that is the core issue that we must resolve. And what is the problem of Nigeria? It is not corruption, It is not Boko Baram, it is not mediocrity, it is not lawlessness, our problem is “dual ideology” within the Nigerian Constitution. It must be resolved. If we don't resolve it, Nigeria is not going anywhere. There are two ideologies inside the Nigerian Constitution. Let me show you something, Sharia is mentioned in the constitution 73 times, Islam 28 times, Grand kadi 54 times, Muslim 10 times in the Nigerian Constitution 1999. There is no single mention of Christ in the Nigerian Constitution. No single mention of Christian in the Nigerian Constitution, No single mention of Christianity, no single mention of Church in the Nigerian constitution. Now I ask you ma, is your country a Christian state, an Islamic State or a circular state? Which one is Nigeria?  Talk to me. Constitutionally, Nigeria is an Islamic State.

The reason it has not been enforced is because they have not captured the jewel they need to enforce it and that jewel is the South-west and right now they are set because there has been a handshake between the North-west and the South-west. And this is where Christians need to wake up and politics now comes in, which we now need to start creating political awareness in Christians. Christians don't vote. I am one bad example. so am not saying you alone, but we must change it and use our votes to quickly restructure the political imbalance in Nigeria because if you make a mistake to use your thumb and dig the grave of the Church, you will stand before Jesus  Christ and render account. I am not a member of PDP, I am not a a member of APC, but I saw something that makes me worry and I think you should see it. The leadership structure of APC, National Leader ,North (Muslim), National Leader South (Muslim), National Chairman (Muslim), Deputy National Chairman (Muslim), National Secretary (Muslim), Deputy National Secretary (Muslim), National Publicity Secretary (Muslim), National Treasurer (Muslim), National Financial Secretary (Muslim), National Youth Leader (Muslim), Legal Adviser m

(Muslim), Women Leader (Muslim), Ex-official Members (Muslim), and they call you to come and thumb. Come and thumb. And there are Christians ready, who are already in APC.

Look, if you use your thumb to dig the grave of the Church, my hand is not there o, I have told you. There is an Islamic Agenda for Nigeria, there is an agreement between the North-west and the South-west. We all open our eyes we allow a political party to give us Muslim governors. 80% of their governors are Muslims. There must a restructuring. 2015, Christians must stand and insist, Lagos State governor must be a Christian. You must stand. We are going to insist we are not accepting any Christian candidate that an Islamic party is going to give us. we will pick our own candidate under a different political platform. if we don't, you can't meet here oo! my time is off. The pastor says I should continue, thank you Sir.


Let me quickly go back and explain what I mean by dual ideology because I didn't explain it, I was running for time. Section one of the constitution says that the Nigerian constitution is supreme, read it. It says it is higher than any other law made in Nigeria, Abi? Section 38, paragraph 1 of the Nigerian Constitution guarantees freedom of expression, freedom of belief, freed of choice. You can decide which religion you want to be under the Nigerian Constitution. Then, the same Constitution now has sharia inside the constitution and sharia says if you dare change your religion from Islam to any other religion, you must die, sharia says if you practice any other religion apart from Islam you must die. Both of them are inside the constitution.

So you have two captains inside the same boat, that is what is rocking Nigeria, because the promoters of the dual ideology, don't want to loose it. At the National Conference, I am part of the religion committee, I know what is going on, I can't tell you everything. We are fighting to remove sharia out of the Constitution. It is clear that if you touch sharia, get ready for a blood bath that you have never seen before, so we have no other option than to petition our God in heaven, that God you have to intervene, we can't handle this. They ready to kill to retain sharia, that's why we need your prayers. I am giving you a prayer request, Please pray that God in heaven will intervene and that dual ideology inside the Nigerian Constitution will be dismantled. It is only when we stand on section 38 that we can now build a society that is founded upon liberty, justice, equity and fairness, until then, we can't! That is all these crisis is going on, Boko Haram is killing. Why is Boko haram killing? They want sharia! Why do they want sharia? That is what is in the constitution. Until you remove it you can't solve the problem, the problem is not corruption. Corruption is the symptom, the real disease is dual ideology and only the Church can pray it out but right now, the Church is praying other prays.

Please pray the right prayer. Now, let me quickly go, maybe if I take 10minutes more from Pastor Muyinwa, you will forgive me because I need to give us a background into what we are seeing now, very very quickly.

In 1983, OIC held a strategy meeting in London, and at that meeting they strategised how to turn the whole Africa into an Islamic continent. The reason of OIC is that Africa is the only continent that has the largest population of Muslims in the world, therfore the entire continent should be Islamic. They produced a 322 page document after that strategy section, 156pages focused on Nigeria. They identified 7 key nations that must be captured before they can turn Africa to an Islamic state. The 7 nations are; Nigeria, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Cote d'voire, South Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo. OIC says this nations must primarily be islamised. And of this 7 nations, Nigeria is number one. Once they islamize Nigeria, there is no problem with islamizing Kenya.

So, when you hear of terrorist attack in Kenya attack, that they attack a mall in Kenya it is not isolated from what Boko Haram is doing in Nigeria. It is the same. Get the connection. After they did that, OIC now zoned Nigeria. Now, this is interesting, our current geopolitical zone structure; South-south, South-east, North-west, North-east, North-central, you know it was not designed by any Nigeria government, I hope you know that? I hope you know that there is no Nigerian law backing it? I hope you are aware that it was not passed by any constituent assembly or by any constitutional seating or by any national referendum, it was designed by OIC in 1983. OIC broke Nigeria into 6 zones, not to unite us as a people, not to develop us as a Nation but to break us into little groups for the purpose of islamization. They have taken the North-west, they have placed the stamp of Islam on it, Sharia. They have taken the North-east, they have placed the stamp of Islam on it, Sharia. They are battling furiously for it in the North-central, while the train at the same time have transformed into a political machinery and have moved to the South-west. So, the next battle ground in 2015 is the South-west. So, if the Christians in South-west don't wake up now, and begin to pray because you cannot fight them the way they will... how many of you will throw bombs? How many of you will carry AK47? you will not. But the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, they are mighty through God. so you need this information to begin to pray now that every Islamic agenda for Yoruba land shall not stand and whatever they have already put in place, Almighty God dismantle it , whatever they have planted, Almighty God uproot it because if we don't get South-west back we shall loose the whole of Nigeria.

Because southwest is the key, that is where the intellectuals are, that is where the press is, that is where the manufacturing industries are, the banking industry. Whatever you get in the South-west you can take it to anywhere in Nigeria it will sell. Now, there has been a handshake under the guise of a political party, wake up! This is more than politics, this is an Islamic agenda.

When they finished, they handed their strategy to Shehu Musa Yar'adua. Shehu Musa Yar'adua the senior, presented to the 1988 constituent assembly. That was how it entered the Nigerian consciousness until Abacha became Head of state. When he wanted to transmute from a millitary head of state to a civilian, he called Dr. Alex Ekwueme to restructure Nigeria for him. Alex Ekwueme gave him this 6 geopolitical zones. That’s why Abacha said he wants 6 vice presidents, one for each geopolitical zone and God said no. And he kicked Abacha out. If we had time, I would have asked you one question and say who is the best president Nigeria ever had? In fact I would have asked you two. can somebody tell me? Gowon! wonderful, any other answer? Obasanjo,  Baba iyabo. Any other answer? It might surprise you Sir, and to you ma that the best president and head of state Nigeria ever had is General Sani Abacha, retired and dead. If I ask you another question before you clap, when did Nigeria gain independence? Talk to me. 1960, I will tell you no, you failed WAEC. Nigeria became independent 28th of April 1996 the day General Sani Abacha was used by God to deliver Nigeria.

That was the day Abacha removed Dasuki the sultan of Sokoto as the Sultan, deposed him, sacked him and appointed Machido as the Sultan. That day Nigeria became freed, because what the British did was that when they were going, they exchanged external colonialism for internal colonialism. Let me explain this,30th of September 1960, a day before the proclamation of independence, the British went to Sokoto and held a durbar, a mock battle and they fought the forces of the caliphate and in that mock battle,  the British pretended that the caliphate defeated them and the British surrendered. They now took the scepter of the Sultan of Sokoto, which the British had earlier captured and handed the scepter over, symbolising: the nation Nigeria, we are handing it over to the caliphate.

The caliphate understood what was done. That was where the born to rule mentality was born. They now became the full colonial master because Britain doesn't want Nigeria to rise to its full potentials. They knew what will happen, 'you want us to go, we will hand you over to somebody who will continue to do the job for us'. 1st of October they came to Lagos for the public ceremony but Nigeria was not free then, it was still a colony; now the colony of the Sokoto caliphate. That’s why for years, ask the elders, nothing gets done in Nigeria unless the Sultan of Sokoto says go ahead. Even Obasanjo that was the head of state was a proxy of the caliphate, even Gowon was a proxy of the caliphate. Have you forgotten that it was Gowon who took schools from the missions, all the Christian schools, it was Gowon who took it in1972 and up till today, no Muslim school was taken by the Government, not a single one rather, government is using public funds to run Islamic schools but they took all the Christian schools and it was taken by a Christian head of state.

So, the person who said Gowon, you may not be completely correct. And we were in that second bondage until God raised a mad man because only a mad man could do what Abacha did. You dared to touch the Sultan of Sokoto. Abacha invaded Sokoto, captured the Sultan,  deposed him and sent him on an exile. Appointed his own sultan. By that singular act, Abacha exalted the throne of Nigeria above the Sultan of the caliphate. That was the day Nigeria got independent. Go and check your history. Before 1996, Muslims were ruling Nigeria after 1996 Christians have been in power, prove me wrong. The moment Abacha did that, the first casualty of the new throne of Nigeria was Abacha himself. The throne said you can't sit here, kicked him out. Abdulsalam Abubakar came, he negotiated, calm down! calm down!  Just give me one year. I want to handover to one of your children, so he handed over to Obasanjo, whether he now did right thing or the wrong thing it does not matter but that throne recognises a covenant child. After Obasanjo left, he made a mistake, he handed over to Yar'adua. The throne said what? uhhh... handed it over to Jonathan. That's what is going on Church.

Now there is a battle in the heavenlies for 2015. You need to understand why there is a struggle for 2015. Just read it in the newspapers, there is a struggle why? because this year Nigeria entered jubilee, 2014. Jubilee is 50 years, hundred years ended, that's two jubilees and the third jubilee for Nigeria has started. The president who takes Nigeria into the new Jubilee is the one who will gain control for the next hundred years. The Muslims understand it, they want 2015. Once they get 2015, they are locked up for the hundred years.

So the issue has nothing to do with whether Jonathan is performing or not. Are you getting my point? Let me give you a website, it is called Go to and read the prophetic destiny of President Goodluck Jonathan. You are the ones complaining that Jonathan is not performing, Jonathan is too slow, you are using your mouth to say what God doesn't want to hear. Jonathan is 100% successful! because God said, intercessors asked God why did you give us this man he doesn't seem to know what he is doing and God said he's no there to give you employment, he is not there to restore your economy, the job, the destiny of Goodluck Jonathan is the rebuild the foundation of Nigeria and Jonathan is doing that 100%. Where did he gain to courage to convey National Conference. So if you say Jonathan has failed, God says uhuh, what I asked him to do he's doing it.

What he needs is the prayer of the church that he may carry it through. The national conference was almost scuttled. I received a call overnight, go and call your people in the South-west, this is what the Hausas are planning, on Monday they will come and scatter the National Conference. Everything have been put in place, it was the middle belt that saved it. Middle belt stood up and said look, we are no longer part of the North, we are middle belt we are not North, if you do it you are on your own. It fell out of their hand. If middle belt had agreed, ah! Let's continue analysing Nigeria so we get into things we will not finish.

Now, analysing Nigeria. After OIC broke Nigeria into little little bits and pieces, they now began to analyse. They said North-west and the North-east is sufficiently Islamic but they needed sharia. They developed four action work plan for North-central; indigene-ship for the Hausa-fulani, they want to provide social services, they want to give promotion to officers of the Middle belt and then capture resistant tribeS by force, which is what I showed you part of it.

South-east, OIC said Christianity in the southeast appears formidable but it is mercantile Christianity. They said it can be bought and it can be sold. They studied us and they said all we need to do is give the Igbo man sufficient money, he will drop the Bible he will pick the Koran and it is working beautifully. As of today, half of Abakaliki has converted to Islam. As of today, the largest Islamic study certre is in Igboland at Abakaliki, Ebonyi state. If you monitor the news, as at January this year,18 young Igbo men converted to Islam at the national mosque in Abuja. It was carried life on NTA. The governors of Sokoto and Bauchi gave each one of them N5 million. Your governor, Rochas Okorocha gave them N2million, Ex-Governor, Orji Uzor Kalu gave them N1million. Of course, Rochas later turned around and said he did not give them any money. Something that NTA carried. I've had the privilege to go to some part of Igboland to do this kind of presentation. I told the Igbo brethren, don't expect bomb, there will be no AK47, expect naira rain.  They will pump money into Igbo land and they are pumping money into Igbo and, if you are from the east, get in touch with our people there, tell them everything is not money. Don't sell your birthright. Three plans for Igbo land; encourage business men to go into partnership with the Igbos, encourage Igbos to be cattle rearers, encourage Igbo girls to Marry Hausa Muslims. That’s the plan.

They have activated it. I am telling you something that was planned 30 years ago. And as you're sitting down here if I ask you, can you show me the strategy document of the Church. The church has no plan. We are just trying to draw up one now. The Church has no plan. Islam has put its own in place 30 years ago, they are implementing step by step.

South-west, Islam said concerning Yoruba land, both Islam and Christianity are superficial. If a Yoruba tells you he's a Christian or a Muslim, don't mind him, he's not a serious one, he's not committed to any other religion. The real religion of the Yoruba man is traditional worship. Their strategy for Yoruba land is that they will start an Islamic movement that looks like Christianity. That Islamic movement will be meeting on Sunday morning. They will call themselves brothers and sisters. They will do wedding like Christians. They will do vigil like Christians. They will do praise and worship like Christians. If you buy land for your camp ground on Lagos-Ibadan express way, they will buy there own. When organise Holy Ghost service, they too will have their holy service without the ghost. So that in the process of time, the Muslims in yoruba land will not see difference in Islam and Christianity. When you go on evangelism and you are trying to convert Muslims, they will tell you "haba, ki lo de she bo oluru ko bo la nsi, we are serving the same God" why? Because whatever you're doing in church they too are doing in the mosque! OIC agenda, its been in place. You are seeing it with your eyes but you don't know what you are seeing. 30 years ago, the question now is what is your response?

South-south, Nothing much, all they said is that, let us look for radical youths in the South-south, give them scholarship in Arab nations, convert them and send them back. There first experiment, Asari Dokubo, has worked beautifully. They've taken hundreds of youths in Niger Delta, they are in Kuwait, they are in Dubai, they are in Iran. They are there now. They are taking them and are giving them scholarship, giving them money. Those ones that come back will come back may not convert to Islam but they will come back having soft spots for Islam. Go to the Niger delta now. If you are from Niger Delta, go back home and find out how many houses in your town were owned by the indigenes 10 years ago and how many houses in your town are owned by Muslims, you will be shocked they have bought nearly all the houses in Niger Delta. Port Harcourt, Yenagoa, Bayelsa, they are buying properties there, why? They want the oil and the gas.

We are looking at it and we don't know what we are seeing. When Islam plans, Islam plans 25 years in advance . They are master strategists. You know it is the church that doesn't plan. They strategise, they plan .They have laid the foundation to take the whole of Nigeria. But it is not too late. My brother it is not too late. That God is still talking now, it is not too late so let us wake up and pick race and reverse whatever they planned to do.


Let me quickly read this one to you as I round up. OIC wrote a letter which we were able to get a copy with the seal of Babangida on it in 1990 February. Two points there I want to draw your attention to. Point number 3, Babagida was directed by OIC


' place total ban hereafter on all form of Christians, Amadioha and tribal religions'

4. Impose sharia law on Nigeria, Islamise all universities, colleges and schools and courts of law in the Federal Islamic sultanate of Nigeria. They've changed the name of your country. It is not Federal Republic of Nigeria, it is Federal Islamic sultanate of Nigeria with the sultan of Sokoto as the spiritual head, wake up. This is how it is world wide. Terrible rage against the church world wide.


Mr. Olisa Agbakoba is already fighting this war on his individual capacity. We may not have time to talk about this. Quickly let me mention this. In October 1998, the Christian council of south Africa wrote letters to leaders of the church in Nigeria, warning them. Let me read it out for you


'that there is a proposed plot by northern Muslim and there Arab OIC supporters to destroy churches, carry out mass murder of Christians with more intensity in the northern states of Nigeria.'


I was at the  west African theological seminary, doing this presentation when one of the elderly lectures got up and said that is correct, I received a copy of this letter in 1998. I made copies and I gave it to leaders of the church. But the question is, what did the church do? nothing(1998) and was described by the council of churches in South Africa in 1998,we are seeing it with our eyes. so if any body thinks that boko haram is restricted to the north, go think again, unless the church rises and stops boko haram will come to the south. you know they came to osun state few weeks ago.I hope you heard the story. They brought a bomb inside a bank in osun state. People were vigilant and they saw that two hausa men who came carrying a bag, left the bag and worked out. So people ran out and they called the police and when they came, they found out that it was bomb and they defused it. Am sure that you've not forgotten that last year they came to burn the third mainland bridge. Am sure you remember. They were to bomb it on Friday, God exposed it on Wednesday. You've forgotten? ah! they don't give up. The church holds the key but before the church can pray and God will hear and God will answer, the church will first and foremost return to repentance, return to discipleship, return to holiness because we can not continue like the bees and expect God to hear us. Before I live, let me mention this.There are 50 nations in the world that persecute Christians. As of today, the worst nation where Christians are persecuted is Nigeria. Nigeria carries 66% of all the Christians killed worldwide. Am not even quoting Nigerian sources am quoting worldwatch list. They said that between November 2011 and October 2012 we recorded 1,210 killings of Christians worldwide which gives an average of 100 killings a month of which 791happened in Nigeria. which means persecution of Christians is worse in Nigeria than inSaudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya all of them combined, it is worst in Nigeria. If it has not gotten to you, it's on its way but it will not get to you. My job is to give you information so that you can go and re-access your Christian life as an individual and as a church.


I'll show this. This is the map of Africa, every area that is green there, that has Muslim majority today, use to be a christian nation. The early  church fathers were based in north Africa. Islam over ran everybody. Islam is pushing down, Christianity is pushing up. We are meeting at that red line. 90% of all the conflicts in Africa, take place along that red belt. which means that every conflict in Africa is primarily a religion conflict. It is not a political conflict, its Islam pushing down. And if you look carefully, that is where the middle belt is. That iswhy am appealing to Christians in Nigeria, particularly in the south. Plateau state is our responsibility, Benue state is our responsibility. We must do everything possible to reinforce Christianity in the middle belt. Because if Islam should penetrate the middle belt, the south is gone. The southern Christian is not ready to die. If they want to stop Christians from going to church, all they need to is they will just burn one church in Lekki, bomb one in Musin and bomb one in Bariga. The next Sunday all the churches will be empty.


Thank you very much for your attention. I give a prayer point, if you will your bibles to Jeremiah 10 :11

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