I was not paid, My miracle is not fake -Woman with fractured hand finally speaks

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Mrs Bose Ola stirred an online controversy about miracles as she was spotted in 5 videos prayed for by different pastors.

Nigerian based journalist Chris Kehinde Nawandu, from Lagos, has found the woman that went viral and decided to listen to her version of the story in a detailed interview.

The video caught the attention of many as one of the pastor who prayed for her is Chris Okafor who has severely been criticised for this alleged miracle stunt which he later said that the woman came to the church by herself.

See below the transcript of the interview she granted with CKN News:

Madam Welcome to CKN News

Answer : Thank you sir

Question:Can you introduce yourself

Answer:My name is Mrs Bose Ola

Question:Where are you from?

Answer:I am from Ibarapa ,in Oyo State

Question:How did you come about your fractured hand

Answer:It was an accident

Question:What type (nature) of accident ,Okada,car or what ?

Answer: I had a domestic accident at home and fractured my hand.

Question :When was this ?

Answer:This was 2 years ago

Question:How many Churches have you gone to (attended) for your healing

Answer :I have attended several uncountable Churches within and outside Nigeria

Question: How come you attend several churches, where you claimed you have been healed of same ailment?

Answer : Truly whenever I attend such churches I get healed but my ailment relapses after two days.

Question: Relapses every two days ,what exactly do you mean by that ?

Answer: Once they heal me ,I feel no pains but after two days after, the pains returns, the reason I continue visiting various churches for a permanent healing.

Question : How many Churches have you visited so far

Answer: I can’t recollect



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