The disquiet about Ikpeazu's trait of leadership

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Call it a mere strat­egy; hypocriti­cal act to score cheap political points. The truth that sincerely exhibits itself in this picture is a man with a heart-of-gold, a man with a vision, a captain that knows the best tools for his battalion to win the war of a better to­morrow in action.
Yes, he may not have met our expectations so far considering the hitherto hideous state of things that brought the massive support we gave him, with high hopes of him ameliorat­ing the situation.
Betterstill, you could express your disappointment in him as the case may be. Of course, you have the right to express your opinion; be it your like or dislike. But that your opinion would be helpful if only you could sensibly construct it in a manner in which it could attract the required attention.
Watching from afar, we all could see it. But the truth is; it’s not always easy as it seems when you are on that sit of governance. Ask former President Jonathan and President Buhari. So, considering this and the fact that all we want is for the dividends of de­mocracy to be delivered to us, it is reasonably necessary that we should be hopeful, supportive and rather render advice than being quick to con­demn.
Because, despite what­ever judgement you may have passed or prepar­ing to pass on him on account of any folly (an excessively costly or un­profitably undertakings), he may or not have com­mitted so far, the appar­ent ingenuity of his per­son and willingness to make Abia better is opu­lent (rich) and cannot be contested. And that is the real thing. Therefore, it is too hasty for us to fill our tongues with acidic words against our own.
Sentiment apart! Like the Oriental Both­ers in their song: “Obi Nwanne”, prayed God to give wisdom to Dr. Sam Mbakwe, to enable him govern the then Imo State well, Abians, espe­cially Ndi-Ngwa should pray God to grant Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, wisdom and the required will-power to enable him ful­fil his campaign prom­ises and even do more. Don’t you think so?
To this end, we have already seen many in different wolf-in-sheep clothing; more I promise you will definitely come. But the man in these pic­tures is the real thing. No one is forcing you to be­lieve he is, but time will surely tell. Therefore, look for the way mark. These pictures exhibit a lot already. And you cannot afford to join the wrong lane with men who shout and appear holy today, while it was actually their evil hands that brought the demons that ravaged and turned Abia into what it is today.
For the record, these pictures was taken last week while he was on his way to Ntigha village in Isialangwa North from Ikem Nvosi village in Isi­alangwa South. He saw these students returning from school, he stopped his convoy, roll down the glass of his official car and did the usual. And his practice started dur­ing the 2015 governor­ship election campaign and is on till date.

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