I was tortured by the Police in Aba for owning a Laptop, a Nigerian laments

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A facebook user, Nwagbara Dr-One Obinna has called out he Nigerian Police for allegedly toruring him and his neighbours just because he owned a laptop. He lamented that even as a Buharist he was subjected to inhuman treatment with no just course.

He wrote: "On Saturday October 14, 2017 at about 11pm I was about to sleep when I started to hear great bangs at the doors in the building and torchlights beaming. What came to mind was that 'our beloved brothers' have visited us. I heaved a sigh of relief when they got to my room and I found out that they are men of the Nigerian Police. They saw a laptop in my room and I was asked to come outside with the it.

"On getting outside, I found other occupants of the lodge all seated on the floor and I was made to join them. When they were satisfied that everybody had been brought out, they told those without laptops to go back to their rooms while those with laptops will go to the station with them and if nothing incriminating is found in their laptops, they will be asked to go back home. We left for Umuoba POLICE Station.

"On getting there, we were shown the way to the cell. In the morning, we were brought out of the cell, tortured to the point of flogging us using a machet and sent back to the cell. We were denied access to our phones as a result it was difficult communicating with our people to inform them about our whereabouts. The offense committed, apart from the ownership of a laptop, was not was not conveyed.

"Around 2pm, my friends found their way to the police station. Then I was asked to come and make my statement which I did. At the point of writing my statement, I was told that they got a tip-off that some persons in the compound are involved in internet fraud and that was the reason for the arrest.

"I was released on bail and was asked to come back this morning for my laptop. That they will go through my laptop and if nothing incriminating is found, it will be released to me. Was my bail free? No. N5,000 was paid and I am expected to bring additional N5,000 this morning at 10am. Anybody that has N5,000 should please come to Umuoba Police Station, Zone 6 Aba (Dragon Team) to pay on my behalf... If this can happen to me, a Buharist, just imagine what non Buharists have been passing through. I am not against the police doing her job but it should be done professionally without grossly violating my rights and the rights of other Nigerians.

"I pledge to Nigeria my country, to be faithful, loyal and honest. To serve Nigeria with all my strength. To defend her unity. And uphold her honour and glory. So help me God."

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