What happened to me was a kidnap attempt gone bad - Emperor Ogbonna

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Barrister Emperor Ogbonna Gabriel, an Aba based legal practitioner who was shot by unknown gunmen at his residence has said that what happened to him was a kidnap attempt gone bad.

 Bar. Ogbonna, took to facebook to share the true story of his attack.

He wrote:

"On Monday the 28th day of August 2018, I closed work and I was driving to me home. 
As usual, I called my wife to inform her that I was coming home so that the gate can be opened.
Before I could reach my home, the gate was already opened so as soon as I drove in, about four to six men armed with AK47 guns and pistols pounced on me, trying to abduct me.
I didn't know who they were so I was confused.

"They were shooting sporadically both at me and in the air and one of them aimed at me and shot me at the back.
The Ak47 bullet entered my back, passed the side of my stomach and came out through the front.
I instantly collapsed and my right leg was broken, broken into three pieces.
The gunmen wanted to carry me into their vehicle but due to the fact that my body was heavy, my leg shattered and I was bleeding from my stomach, they were arguing whether total me with them or leave me in a pool of my blood.
They then drove off and the boys in my street took me to the first hospital who rejected me but the second hospital accepted me and both surgeries and treatment have been done on me.
I went to the land of the dead and came back
But I made up my mind that i shall not die.

"I under that almost everyone in the social media was praying for me.
My church was praying, the govt was praying, friends were praying, lawyers were praying, my family was praying.
All-over the the world calls were coming , the Aba community were praying, my classmates were coming.
Some wanted me to come over to America or Europe for treatment.
Never have I see such an outpouring of love. 

"So any people who came to see me in the hospital were turned back, big men, prominent men, we turned back.
Some managed to see me at least.
When I recover fully, I will dedicate a piece to tell the world who played what role toward my recovery.
But I was not just determined to live, I was determined to thrive.
I saw that stronger is the will to thrive than the will to live, and that when you desire to thrive, life comes naturally.
Today, I am recovering.

"It is a slow process but a steady process.
I read several persons and website insinuating that what happened to me was an assassination attempt.
I make bold to state that what happened to me was not an assassination attempt, no.
It was a kidnap attempt gone bad.
The Nigerian police is highly incompetent.
They will stay few metres away collecting money from transporters and would run away when they hear a gun shot.
The other day I was on TV program and the Abia State commissioner of police called, I advised him to to cause his boys from search vehicles instead of collecting Rogers and let vehicles pass at hot areas. 
The Nigerian police in Abia state is just interested in collecting money from motorists and bail money without doing anything.

"If you have a bomb in your car and ten men with Ak47, and police stop you and you you give them N100, they will allow you pass.
And if they hear a gun shot, they will run away instead of coming to help the victim.
Shameless people.
The money spent on maintaining the police is a waste, complete waste.
So many people have identified with me at this time, and more are still.
I am grateful.
I shall recognize you soon when I get better.
I have going through the internet and i never knew I was this loved by Nigerians.
Only few people have the privilege of reading their eulogies while alive.
I thank you all.
I am still the same person you know
I have not changed, and shall not change.

Chief Barrister Gabriel Emperor Ogbonna
The Onunaekwuruoha of Item


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