Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB and their methods

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Of course I am not a member of IPOB but a proud Igbo man who is passionate about my people. Feel free to add that I am proud of Igbo youths and Mazi Kanu, after reading this note.


I know it is not politically correct to say what I have to say or write what I am writing but then the era of political correctness is gone. Donald John Trump is the President of the United States of America, not politically correct Hillary Clinton or Mitt Romney.

Many say they are angry with Nnamdi Kanu because he and his supporters are abusive. According to them he has to organize and agitate "nicely" for them to support him.

Ndi apari.

Why exactly didn't these our new "nice" intellectuals agitate nicely all these years that things have been going wrong in this country? Which of them ever gathered crowds to "nicely" demand for restructuring, true federalism or implementation of 2014 national conference report?

Now that IPOB has taken the bull by the horn their own way ndi okacha amara aputasia.

Taaaaa, gbafuonu there.

Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB will either be "nice" and physically violent or abusive and non violent if they wish to succeed. There is no such thing as non abusive peaceful agitation because it won't gain the attention of anyone.

Actually, the abusiveness of IPOB members is their strongest non lethal weapon.

After all it is an agitation meant to bring discomfort to leaders in order to force them to take certain decisions and actions. You cannot be "nice" and force change; either you are physically violent or you are uncouth and abusive to get attention.

Even APC as a political party used that tool to topple PDP and Jonathan. If in doubt go and review the pre-2015 polls rhetoric of the leaders of that political party, starting from President Buhari. Abusiveness worked for them.

What Nnamdi Kanu and his group have done is to remain on the side of the law by refraining from physical violence but instead employ oral violence extensively to draw attention to themselves and their agenda.

Funny enough those who don't know this fact are the same people who call themselves "intellectuals". Yet in their bid to correct Nnamdi Kanu they also deploy oral violence against him by calling him "a fraud", "illiterate" etc.

Hahahaha. lele ndi intellectual o!

Frankly, Kanu and his boys are smarter than "ndi intellectual".

Recently, Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB helped to expose a major hypocritical fault line in Igbo land.

In the beginning Nnamdi and IPOB were Igbo youths only. But once Nnamdi said "give us a date for referendum or there will be no more election in Igbo land starting from Anambra election in November" he became an Abian. The sub ethnic jingoism in our people was awakened and exposed.

One pseudo group purportedly from Anambra State made publications lambasting Kanu and ended their ill advised vituperation with "how can a small boy from Abia dictate for ndi Anambra".


Even recently the Governor of Anambra state was quoted by the usual fake news purveyors, I believe,  as saying the following:

“We cannot allow somebody from another state to invade our peaceful state and issue unwelcome directives to us.
“We will not fold our hands and watch such an individual motor in people from Abia, Enugu and other places to disrupt order in our state.
“Ignore the empty threats. Go about your lawful businesses and sleep with both eyes closed. I will keep watch over you with my two eyes open. I will let anyone who dares us know I am from Aguleri.”

Of course Governor Obiano couldn't have said that the way it was reported. He should know what it means to make such a statement in Igbo land that we daily scream "one Igboland".

Late Ikemba Nnewi led Ndigbo and Biafra during the war and even after the war and he was never seen as an Anambra man. He was simply an Igbo leader. Same applied to Owelle of Onitsha, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, who lived and died as an Igbo man, as against Anambra man.

Those who abuse Abia state because of Nnamdi Kanu probably do not know the sacrifices made by all Igbo, in particular those currently located in Abia State to support Ojukwu. Ojukwu's bunker is beside Nnamdi Kanu's family house in Umuahia, not Nnewi.

Present day Abia state was the most devastated by the civil war because the people offered the strongest support to Ojukwu and the late Biafra leader knew that and insisted on his body touching down at Aba in Abia State before burial at his ancestral home in Nnewi.

Not many know that even today Abia State is still suffering from the effects of the steadfast support of the people to Ojukwu and Biafra during the war. The state endured the most intense bombing during the war and even today you still go to farm and find unexploded ordinances from the civil war days.

Even the bad roads in some parts of Abia are linked to the civil war. Do you know that newly constructed roads degrade quickly at some portions that experienced heavy bombings during the war because of the total destruction of the soil at those places? Before you scream, travel along Owerri-Onitsha highway and you will see a particular portion around Ihiala that usually fail, after repairs, before other positions of that road. I was told by a soil scientist that that portion of the road received excessive bombing during the war alongside another portion along Aba-Ikot Ekpene highway and Aba-Enugu highway. According to the expert, those working on those roads will need to do what they called soil replacement through deep excavation and filling in addition to treatment of the soil.

I know for a fact that no construction company has done that and hence even as I type this note those portions have failed again. Permit me to call on the Federal Ministry of works to take note of this fact when awarding road construction contracts in the south east. It is scientifically verifiable.

It beats me that some of my Anambra brothers didn't note that Nnamdi Kanu did not actually target Ndi Anambra with his "no referendum no election" rhetoric. He targeted all the 5 Igbo states but coincidentally Anambra is the only Igbo state that holds Governorship election in a non general election year because of previous Supreme Court ruling. IPOB said "starting from" because they knew Anambra will come before others. Otherwise all Igbo states would have been affected by the no election order, the same way Abia was affected by the no census order of MASSOB.

Interestingly those of us from Abia state never blamed our Imo brothers for MASSOB ruining our census exercise under the guidance of Ralph Uwazulike. We dug deep and tried to get as many as possible to be counted during the census exercise.

I have said this before, valid elections will hold in Anambra in November 2017 because despite its best efforts IPOB can only affect election turn out at Onitsha, Awka and may be Nnewi. The rest of Anambra will vote unfettered and any smart politician and political party need not worry about that. If only 100 persons turn out to vote in November a winner will be declared.

Those saying that a boycott of Anambra election will favor the incumbent are lazy intellectuals who do not know that present day members of IPOB were largely responsible for the emergence of the incumbent in 2014. Even Nnamdi Kanu was a member of APGA then. So if there is a boycott the incumbent will be negatively affected as much as others, if not more, and the winner will likely emerge from the plurality of votes from rural Anambra where the boycott call will most likely fail.

In any case, according to IPOB, all we need to stave off a boycott is to fix a date for referendum. Good politicians should know how to manage that or find ways to mobilize their voters to polling stations. Or are there no good politicians again?

For months now Abians have endured socio-economic disruptions as a result of the activities of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB without blaming anyone. We are praying that the leaders of our country will quickly find a win-win solution that ends Igbo youths restiveness so we can live our lives normally. That others who are not as much at the receiving end of these daily disruptions choose to abuse Ndi Abia because Nnamdi is an Igbo man born in Abia State is annoying and unacceptable hypocrisy.

I sometimes wonder how many of the so called Igbo intellectuals realize that state creation was an artificial post-civil war tool deployed to divide Ndigbo. May be only folks from Abia know that and hence accept every Igbo man as "nwannem". Ojukwu, Azikiwe, Ekwueme etc are "umunne anyi" in Abia State and Nnamdi Kanu should be "Nwannem" to every other Igbo man, regardless of state of origin. It doesn't matter whether you support his agitation or not.

The agitation by Igbo youths is simply a fight for fairness and equity in Nigeria. Biafra is only an option they are floating if the leaders of our Nigeria refuse to rejig the federation to accommodate all citizens as equal with same rights and aspirations.

After watching one Nnamdi Kanu's video it dawned on me that he and his group will actually accept to end the agitation if Nigeria implements the 2014 national conference resolutions.

As simple and easy as that.

Why are we more interested in demonizing Kanu and co than simply digging up that 2014 national conference document and implementing it? Is that not a cheaper option than locking Nnamdi Kanu up and turning him to a resistance god?

"First fool no be fool, second fool na proper foolish man"-Dr M I Okpara

All Nigerian ethnic groups were involved in making that 2014 national conference document that is not even exhaustive enough. Why are we now afraid of implementing it? Where are the agitations from the south west and north west for its implementation?

Frankly, until we move to establish a country based on equity and fairness to all citizens every other thing we are offering are artificial solutions to a deep rooted problem that have ensured that Nigeria continues to crawl without running to the destination called excellence.

It is that prospect that makes Biafra an option for those who are eager to make fast-paced progress. If you crush Nnamdi Kanu and his group that have taken time and efforts to be physically non violent you are actually making it inevitable that violent groups will spring up tomorrow in the South West, South South, North central, North east and even North West.

Personally, I will rather endure the oral violence of IPOB members than face the prospect of physical violence by armed youths demanding same "change" that IPOB is asking for.

Rather than abuse IPOB members and demand that they change their language and become "nice", we should collectively demand that our leaders simply dust up 2014 national conference report and move to implement it.

In the alternative, if you really want to test the true feelings of Nigerians, permit a referendum to determine who wants to stay or leave our federation. There is no such thing as "our unity is non-negotiable" because every relationship is negotiable with a view to improving or degrading it. Marriage is the most sacred union on earth yet it is negotiable, in law at least.

Some of those shouting that our union is non negotiable are divorcees who negotiated exits from their marriages in court. Others saved their marriage through negotiation with their spouse. Why are we engaged in the hypocrisy of non negotiability of our marriage even when we know the meaning of "Federal Republic of Nigeria"?


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