T.A Orji booed as Kalu pays tribute to late Abia SSG - Right of reply

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Our attention has been drawn to a fictitious story published on page 53, Saturday edition of Sun Newspaper of July 1, 2017 with the above farcical headline: “T.A ORJI BOOED AS KALU PAYS TRIBUTE TO LATE ABIA SSG.”

Customarily, we would have ignored this canard but for the obvious reason that silence isn’t the best therapy for shameless individuals hence our response.

Honestly, we had no choice than to dignify this fallacious publication because Journalists are the people’s trustees saddled with constitutional and social responsibilities to accurately and dispassionately inform the people.

It is therefore disgraceful to say the least that a national newspaper will resort to Yellow Journalism in their self defeating efforts to reduce the most distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic, Chief T.A Orji to the pitiable political level of their publisher.

Contrary to the mendacity reported by Sun Newspaper, Sen. Orji was rousingly welcomed to the venue of the ceremony by the people of Ntalakwu and all the dignitaries at the occasion, Col. Akobundu, Hon. Henry Iko, Sen. Ben Uwajumogu, Hon. Sam Onuigbo, Spiritual leaders of Assemblies of God’s Church, family members of the deceased including the younger brother of Orji Kalu, Mr. Mascot Kalu who could not hide his excitement on seeing Sen. Orji arrived with trumpet blast.

This obviously peeved Orji Kalu who rather than eulogize the late Dr. Nwaogbo with the few minutes given to him decided to launch a tirade on Sen. Orji to the discontentment of sympathizers and the bereaved Nwaogbo family members. It however backfired exceedingly as Sen. Orji swiftly and maturely responded to his jibes forcing already humiliated Kalu to surreptitiously sneak out of the occasion even before the commencement of the burial sermon.

 The Sun Newspaper management should understand that no amount of make-up can beautify an ugly face. The nemesis of bad foundation laid by Kalu in Abia State has caught up with him and unlike our amiable Ochendo, Kalu will remain a colossal failure in politics (as election results of the past have proven) and no amount of image making or propaganda will make Abians change their informed opinion about him. We make bold to ask Sun management what could have precipitated the fictitious “booed story”. Could it be a form of distraction from Kalu’s many lies trending on social and traditional media? E.G His Imaginary visitation to Buhari in London and the June 11th date he said Buhari will return. 

Sun management knows that professionally a news story is authenticated by the name of the reporter (Byline) above it on the left. Upon this principle the editor authorizes the story for publication as fact. But this was not the case in this context (the booed story); an indication that it was packaged by Orji Kalu’s propaganda machine and imposed on the poor weekend editor for publication. 

Oh! Poor editor, we sympathize with you, though you know the right thing to do, the socio-political ideology of your publisher will not allow you to. Having understood your situation we will continue to pray that God provides you with a better job where you do not have to make caricature of your profession just to satisfy a selfish publisher.


Don Norman Obinna 

Media Adviser to Sen. T.A Orji Ochendo (CON)

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