Eziuche Ubani: the human tool in the caterpillar revolution

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...2 years after....Part 2

 By John Okiyi Kalu

When Abia State works commissioner, Hon Eziuche Ubani, made his presentation to stakeholders yesterday, detailing his achievements in the past two years, I personally wasn't interested in what he had to say.

I knew, have seen and used the products of his hard work and was rightly certain that 10 mins won't allow him to do justice to his own ministry's achievements. I have been using Ugwuezi road at Abiriba that is part of the ring road under construction by the Okezie administration at my hometown Abiriba and was there when the Governor Commissioned the first road done at Aba with Rigid Pavement Technology aka cement technology at Owerri road where my mother lived before her passage to glory land. I have visited almost all the 40 completed road projects in Abia and know about 45 others that are ongoing under the watch of Honorable Eziuche Ubani.

Wetin you wan tell me again to convince me that he is a star performer?

If you want a sure bet for top 5% performance as Commissioner in Abia state you will surely find prime space to mention the former member of the Federal House of Representative and owner of popular Magic FM radio station at Aba.

How a renowned journalist ended up being a top performer as a Commisioner for works is a story for academics and those who hitherto want to place people in straight professional jackets. I am a witness.

Obviously, passion and attention to details will be key ingredients in the Eziuche Ubani performance analysis but I am not going to make that analysis today.

Let me just list out some of the projects the ministry of works under Eziuche Ubani have done in 2 years. But first permit me to state once more that the theory of "doing more at Aba" is not exactly true when viewed in km terms. He is actually working on more kilometers of road outside Aba. Precisely, Abia North district has more kilometers of roads under reconstruction than Abia South district. Class A contractors are working at Aba and Umuahia on his watch.

Yet my preferred route to Abia's rapid economic advancement leads through focused road infrastructure renewal at Aba, as an enabler for other pillars of development of the Ikpeazu administration.

Get Aba right and working and you will have resources to develop the rest of Abia.

Even with that very well thought out mantra, Umuahia and the rest of Abia have received and are receiving caterpillar attention in a calculated manner that makes it a revolution led by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu.

Partial List of roads completed or ongoing under Hon. Eziuche Ubani's watch.

1. Omeni road - Aba 
2. Adventist close off ahiaba umeze road -Aba 
3. Kamalu street- Aba 
4. Umuocham road- Aba 
5. Umuehilegbu road (erroneously called tonimas) - Aba 
6. Umule road - Aba 
7. Owerri road off okigwe road- Aba 
8. Ochefu street off Azikiwe road - Aba 
9. Weeks street off ochefu - Aba 
10. Owerrinta street off ochefu -Aba 
11. Ukaegbu road -Aba 
12. Umuola road- Aba 
13. Ehere road -Aba 
14. Umuobiakwa ring road obingwa - Obingwa 
15. Egbelu mbutu/owerenta road- isialangwa south
16. Chima Nwafo Road- Aba 
17. Afara by-pass- Umuahia
18. Okonu-Ohafia bridge- Ohafia 
19. Imo Ndinkpa Bridge - umunneochi 
20. Road 2, Housing estate - Umuahia 
21. Abiriba Ring Road phase 1 - Ohafia
22. Akoli Imenyi Erosion control - Bende 
23: ongoing Faulks road to Brass street
24. Ongoing Ovom street Ogbor Hill Aba
25. Ongoing Emelogu street Aba
26. Ongoing Aba road Umuahia
27. Dozie way Umuahia (Suspended due to low quality work)
28. International conference center road Umuahia.
29. Ongoing New Umuahia road Aba
30. Arochukwu road with bridge-Ongoing
31. Ongoing Abiriba-Nkporo road
32. Ongoing Ndioji/Ndi okereke road of 33km
33. Ongoing Idima-Abam road of 10km
34. Ongoing Nkpa road
35. Ibadan Street off Ngwa road
36. Agharandu street off Ngwa road
37. Emejiaka street off Ngwa road
38. Onyebuchi Street off Ngwa road
39. Ongoing Umuatako road Umungasi Aba
40. Ongoing St Paul's street Umungasi Aba
41. Ongoing Nwaigwe street Umungasi
42. Ongoing Amechi street Umungasi Aba
43. Ongoing Umuocheala Abayi Ihie road in Isiala Ngwa south LGA 
44. Ongoing Umuaro-Ntigha Ekwereazu-Akwa Ibom road
45. Ongoing Umunkpei-Amaiyi-Umuru road

Re-asphalted roads
1. Georges street - Aba 
2. Pound road - Aba 
3. Park road - Aba 
4. East road - Aba 
5. St Micheal- Aba 
6. Jubilee Road - Aba
7. Hospital Road- Aba
8. Ube street - Aba
9. Adazi street - Aba 
10. Umuwaya street - Umuahia 
11. Abam street - Umuahia 
12. Kaduna street - Umuahia 
13. Awolowo street- Umuahia 
14. Uwalaka Link Road- Umuahia 
15. Ubakala Street - Umuahia 
16. Warri by Club Road - Umuahia 
17. Bende Road - Umuahia 
18. Niger Street-Umuahia
19. Mosque street Aba
20. Kent street Aba

Street lighting projects were executed at Aba and Umuahia including portions of Aba-Owerri road, Park road, Mission Hill road Umuahia, Bank road Umuahia, multiple streets at Azu Aba (Ngwa road area) etc but the ministry of utility should share credit with works on that.

Portions of Aba-Owerri road, a major federal road, were reasphalted, reconstructed and covered drainage gutters completed along the Umungasi axis.

Under the watch of Honorable Eziuche Ubani, contracts have been awarded for the reconstruction of PH road Aba into a 6 lane Rigid Pavement technology based road. He has also awarded Osusu and Omuma roads for reconstruction this year. Just today 4 of his newly completed roads were commissioned at Ngwa road area of Aba. Never in the history of Aba has that happened before along that axis of the city with high population density.

For the first time in Abia State, a Flyover is under construction at Osisioma junction of Aba to provide an interchange for those entering Aba and others continuing along Enugu-PH highway.

Kindly note that my published list of Honorable Ubani's projects is by no means exhaustive and since we started publishing them not even one person has disputed that the roads were not fixed or work ongoing.

Every LGA in Abia will soon witness reconstruction of 10km of roads with that of Osisioma already launched.

To my compatriots from Abiriba, here is good news: the contractor that handled phase 1 of Abiriba ring road will shortly return to site to commence phase 2. In this second phase, Ugwuezi will join orie Akwa while drainage work will commence concurrently from Nkwu Umu agbogho Amamba towards Orie Akwa. The total length of road awarded by Governor Ikpeazu at Abiriba is actually more than 7 roads at Aba combined and all will be completed in his first term.

To the best my knowledge, no works commissioner since the creation of Abia State has done as much work as Honorable Eziuche Ubani has done in just 2 years.

Kuoronu Jisos aka!



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