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Former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode is at it again...

He has said that President Buhari has not hidden his hatred for the Southerners, especially the Igbos.

Read him:

Please watch the video again. I stand by all that I said there. I do not lie. They were not there but I was.

Did they expect Buhari to run with another Hausa Fulani or another northerner as his running mate in 2003, 2007 and 2011? 

Most of these people that talk like this know nothing about this man. They have not even met him one on one. 

They are just corridor boys and girls. They dont know the type of person Buhari is. 

It is only now that the Yoruba wing of the APC are really getting to know him and his evil cabal and they are all crying behind closed doors. They regret supporting them.during the 2015 election deeply. 

Any Igbo person in the APC needs to have his or her head examined. 

Such a person is a confused soul who has been conned and who has sold his soul to an Igbo hater, a radical islamist, an ethnic supremacist, a religious bigot and a racist.

You say he chose an Igbo man as his running mate in the past and my answer is so what? 

He did so because he was looking for votes and not because he loves them. 

Next you will say he has Igbo Ministers in his cabinet forgetting that the constitution compels him to give each state in the country, including the Igbo ones, at least one Minister. 

He has not done the Igbo any favour by giving them Ministers or making their sons his running mate twice because that is their due. 

They are entitled to it and their votes and support was badly needed. 

He did the same for the Tinubu group in the SW in 2015 but now that he is ill and out of action look at what his group are doing to Osinbajo, Tinubu, Baba Akande. Look at the humiliation they are subjecting the Yoruba wing of the APC and the VP to. 

We warned Tinubu and co. that this would happen but they would not listen. They were misled and they gave 51 per cent of the Yoruba vote to Buhari in the 2015 election whilst we gave 49 per cent of that vote to Jonathan. Now they are crying. 

You say that Buhari loves the Igbo yet his security forces and military have killed and locked up more Igbo leaders and youths and marginalised more Igbos at the Federal level more than ANY other Nigerian President or Head of State since the civil war. 
He loves Igbos so much that he has not arrested or prosecuted ANY of tge well-armed, well-funded and well-organised Fulani militants and herdsmen that have gone into Igbo land in the last two years and killed thousands of people, burnt their homes, raped their women and stolen their land. 

He loves the Igbo so much that out of the two key positions that have been given to southerners in the Presidents team in the Villa not ONE of them has gone to an Igbo despite the fact that the Igbos constitute such a large number of people in the south. 

All the numerous other key positions in the Villa are in the hands of northerners and only two key posts were given to southerners. Of the two none was given to the Igbo. Is that love for the south and particularly the Igbo or is it contempt and disdain?  

This sort of ethnic domination and northernisation of the Villa has NEVER happened before and it is shameful. 

I worked in the Villa for 3 years and I know how it works and how things are usually balanced between north and south and the six zones.

But this is not the case under Buhari. For him only two key positions in the Villa, that of Femi Adesina who is Sp. Advisor on Media and who is from the South West and Ita Enang, who is Sp. Advisor on the National Assembly and who is from the South South, are the ONLY southerners in key positions in Buhari's Presidency.

No Igbo man is good enough for him to put in a key position in the Presidency and the popular refrain amongst his inner circle and his little cabal is that Igbos cannot be trusted. Everyone knows this. They dont like southerners generally and they despise the Igbo particularly.

The Igbo that are in the APC that do not know all this and that cannot appreciate the shameful and primitive disposition of Buhari and his inner circle are simply ignorant or deluded or both. They are also hungry and desperate for the few crumbs they will get for betraying their oen people and selling them inti slavery and bondage. 

It is sad and pitiful and those that have done this should bow their heads in shame.

Watch video below...

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