Nigerian democratically elected robbers in govt

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I hear Fayose was a cab driver in the UK some 15 years ago, the man who later acquired the name "Oshoko" became the gov. of Ekiti State Nigeria. Less than 1 year in his second stay stay at govt house Ekiti, he became a multi-billionaire. While the state still owes its staff upward of 8 months salary arrears, Oshoko's bank account keeps swelling by the month.

Some 23 years ago or so, James Onanefe Ibori was a commoner hustling in the streets of UK. He was alleged to have been caught shoplifting in a supermarket in the UK in connivance with his wife Nkoyo, then his girlfriend. He was later tried and sentenced to jail. Fast forward to 1999, James Onanefe Ibori who later acquired the name "ogidigborigbo" became governor of the oil rich Delta State of Nigeria, less than 4 years in office, he became a filthy billionaire and a demi-god bestriding the Nigerian political space like a colossus. Nigeria Political Magic.

The Gov. general of Ijaw nation, Late Chief Diepreye Alamiesieya, the erstwhile gov. of the smallest state but extremely oil rich Bayelsa was a retired Nigerian Airforce Officer. A man who hitherto, little or nothing was not known about in Nigeria gave politics a shot in 1999. He won the election and became the gov of Bayelsa State of Nigeria. Gov. General as he was fondly called by his admirers within 4 years became stupendously rich acquiring properties in areas around the world reserved for the extremely rich . It was reported that he made his houses in every part of the world a sub Central Bank of that country were hard currencies were kept while his people of Bayelsa State were confined to perpetual state  of penury and squalor. Unknow to him that he has been under the watch list of the Met. Police, in one of his money ferrying travels to UK, he walked himself into the ever alert Met police and was nabbed. Alamiesieya, later disguised as a woman and jumped bail and was given a hero's welcome in his State of Bayelsa. The Nigerian anti-corruption police, EFCC later got hold of him, he was tried for money laundry and corruption and sentenced to jail. Former President Jonathan who served under him as deputy gov of Bayelsa later gave him presidential pardon.
A life of vanity: Alamiesieya later died a sad man. Rumours had it that the hypertensive former gov. got information that the incumbent president was plotting his arrest and extradition to the UK, his Blood Pressure shot up, he couldn't come out of it alive.

With the exception of the fine gentleman, Donald Duke of Cross Rivers State and perhaps one or two, virtually all the former govs of Nigeria that served their respective States between 1999 and 2007: Lucky Igbinedion of Edos State, Orji Uzor Kalu of Abia, Peter Odili of Rivers, Joshua Dariye of Plateau State, Ali Modu Sheriff of Borno State and a host of others all went on a grandstyle looting spree, stealing their way into stupendous riches and wealth. They left their states far worse than they met it in all areas of governance. That dispensation will be remembered for high level stealing in govt which later ushered in an era of a culture of boundless corruption, grand larceny, state sponsored militancy and terrorism, ethno-religious chauvinism, political prebendalism and a govt characterised by gross leadership ineptitude like never witnessed before in the annals of our political history.

Jeeze! Nigerian leaders are fantastically corrupt!

I'm yet to come across any country having leaders which such "extremely high display of ingenuity" when it come to stealing the state blind. From ward councilor to the President of the country military heads of States since independence, it appears we have been so cursed with unscrupulous leaders who marstubate at the sacred altar of leadership stealing with crazy impunity. The stench emanating from this stable of corruption is killing!

The country has become one vast theater of absurdity.The task of fixing Nigeria is Herculean.

The Big Question: Who will clean the Nigerian Augean stable?

Can we really trust President Buhari to Bell this cat?

-Ritchie Osawaru

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