Ururuaja describes Ariwa Zuby's post on Erondu as "white Lie"

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Ururu Aja a Facebook user on Friday morning, took a swipe at another Facebook User, Ariwa Zuby for accusing House Assembly member elect for Obingwa West, Hon. Erondu Uchenna Erondu Jnr., of importing students to attack the Abia State House of Assembly in connivance with Orji Uzor Kalu.


The said Facebook user, Ariwa Zuby, had, in a post, captioned "The Plan", (Chapter one, the Subterfuge), accused OUK and Hon. Erondu Uchenna Erondu (Igodo) of working hand-in-hand for years.


Responding to Ariwa Zuby's post, Ururu Aja, described the post as a " white lie" targeted at misleading people who do not know the personality of the House of Assembly member elect, Hon. Erondu Uchenna Erondu Jnr.


Part of the response reads: "Ariwa Zuby, I am honestly not interested in whatever is the issue here, but I have a duty to inform you that the stories you told about Igodo and Kegites and OUK and the House of Assembly thing are not only very misleading but blatantly false. I say so because I personally witnessed all of those incidents, from a very close range.


"It's obvious that you are retelling a story told you by someone, because you didn't study at ABSU and unlike me, you didn't witness any of the events you so gleefully narrate. Younger people here reading this your Wild Goose Tale will think that you know what you are talking about. No wonder in law, hearsay evidence isn't not admissible in court because "Truth diminishes in value as it travels from person to person".


"I will give 2 perspectives: I was in my final year when Igodo was elected Chiefo Imobraska, Ilya De Kashuu. I was also a key member of the Ilya. Your account of how he met OUK is false, very disgusting and very ridiculous. Again, I saw these things with my 2 naked eyes and you didn't! 

OUK had just been elected Governor. That visit was sometime in 2000 or thereabout.. He was coming to ABSU for the first time. Igodo never went to meet him when he arrived. We were all inside the auditorium playing and dancing to our jara and we didn't even notice when OUK arrived until he got to the auditorium. It was inside the auditorium that we all saw him, for the first time. I can assure you that prior that visit, Igodo hadn't met OUK before and none of us was even sure that OUK would be interested in our jara then.


"There was also no private encounter between Igodo and OUK on that day but I think that OUK later asked that he wanted that group to come to the Government House to perform for him. They later went but I didn't join them and it was there that Igodo and OUK met one on one and their relationship started."


"Secondly, your claim that OUK asked Igodo to bring students to come and attack the House of Assembly during the impeachment proceedings is another white lie. I saw everything that happened and actually participated in the meetings that led up to the movement to the House of Assembly. It was never a Kegites issue. At no time did Igodo as Kegites Chief summon any meeting, generally nor privately for that purpose then. The plan was hatched by the SUG. I took part in the meetings.


"That visit by OUK to ABSU that day endeared him to students because he asked us to go and consume every available food anywhere on campus that day and that the SUG President working with the VC should send him the bill. Knowing students, there was a huge rampage that very day as students invaded every food joint and pounced on everything available. OUK later paid for those things and the SUG leadership made a lot of money from that. So OUK was already the darling of the students by then, and when news filtered in that the House of Assembly was planning to impeach OUK, it was easy to galvanize students in his favor. It is mischievous and misleading to link Igodo with that move. He had nothing to do with it.


"Finally, you said that Igodo graduated with 12 carryovers. I won't join issues with you on that one because from the two instances I gave above, its clear that you speak on matters you know nothing about. There is a Latin maxim that says NULLUS IN SINGULUS, NULLUS IN PARIBUS. You may wish to find the meaning.


"I don't know what your issue with Igodo is and I sincerely don't care, but when you write about incidents that happened right before my very eyes and you distort the information, I have a duty to correct you, in the interest of the public.


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