Was there anything new from Comey Hearing?

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FBI's James Comey said yesterday that they have been investigating  Russian involvement in US polls including any ties between Trump campaign and the Russians since July 2016.
Nothing new except for one small missing detail.
Did that investigation include wiretapping of Trump, Trump headquarters or any Trump campaign official?
Bear in mind that Trump's campaign headquarters was at Trump towers where his personal residence and office were located. What tool(s) was FBI using to do their investigation?
More importantly, was President Obama aware of that investigation then?
On the whole, the Comey hearing only confirmed one thing: illegal leaks to the media were coming from FBI sources and NS operatives.
For those wound up by democrats to expect a bombshell revelation that will lead to Trump's impeachment, SORRY. Nothing new actually came out of the Comey briefing to congress beyond what was already known. 
Comey and his colleagues are yet to find any link between Trump and Russia/Putin.
It is a bit surprising that Comey never said what he discussed with Obama on the Trump-Russia probe and he actually did not deny that Trump was under surveillance. Does that mean there was no approved wiretapping but Trump was under surveillance using other non state resources like the British spy who produced the Trump dossier dumped by Buzzfeed?
Unless I am mistaken, but before an organization like FBI will apply for formal wiretapping approval of a target they must have preliminary information suggesting wrong doing and such info are developed from illegal taps or 3rd party intelligence gathering that will not ordinarily be justiciable unless validated through a legal wiretapping.
Hope folks know that individuals working alone can execute illegal wiretapping and share that information with FBI. The British spy did exactly that by sharing his report with FBI. Others may have done something similar and shared with FBI. It is only when they find actionable lead that they will apply for approval to establish a wiretap operation to obtain information that can be used in prosecution of the target.
My point is that saying that Obama did not authorize wire tapping of Trump is not same as saying Trump was not wire tapped while Obama was President. And actually Comey refused to confirm or deny surveillance of Trump during the period under review.
The simple truth is that the political establishment and mainstream media in US never expected Trump to win. That was why when Obama received initial information on DNC hacking he took no further measure and the DNC themselves even refused to allow FBI review materials in their server that could have been stolen. Obama and DNC believed Hillary will win and hence didn't want to taint her expected victory.
In case you don't know, the hacking of DNC server happened long before Trump announced his candidacy in 2015. US officials knew about the hacking long before Trump became RNC candidate. That means that if Jeb Bush had won, as expected, the Russians would still have dumped materials obtained against Hillary to help him or to spite her.
What we are witnessing is the establishment and MSM trying to explain why they lost 2016 polls. That's why CNN is not highlighting the fact that Comey and Rogers categorically stated that actual US election was not hacked. If they highlight that fact their case will die immediately because it will simply confirm that Americans, not Russians, elected Trump.
In a more honest society, the fact of actual Americans voting for Trump is what really matters. Not leaking of DNC sever information that hurt Hillary. If anything, the leaks have now been confirmed to be TRUE. Meaning that everything Hillary and her campaign team were accused of by Wikileaks were factually correct and accurate.
It also confirmed that Donna Brazille leaked debate questions to Hillary.
If you are still expecting Trump to be impeached, you are simply a sore loser who is unable to ask questions like why the Dems dropped their initial position that Comey threw the polls to Trump and are now praising Comey for saying FBI is investigating Russia-Trump connection.
Trump has no link to Putin. Period!
Accept that actual Americans voted for Trump and gave him 306 electoral votes to win the polls. That will give you peace of mind.

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