By FN Editor on 22/10/2019

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By Okorafor Okorafor Ukiwe

Few days ago I published two videos I made of my experience in Aba, Abia State and I was entertained with insults and push backs by some persons.

Leaving Port Harcourt to Aba was a journey I took two days to prepare for mentally because of the gory stories I have beard about Aba. I had cancelled my trip twice for this same fear of bad roads and filth dump streets.

So on Saturday I took off early through my favourite route, the Etche road. As I crossed the bridge by the cattle market off Igbo etche, the bad spot there was a nightmare and I spent about an hour before getting by.

Ready for a messier day, I drove with much determination until I got to Ossioma with a pleasant surprise of a free access. There was no traffic congestion!

Still wondering if this was real, I picked up my phone and dialled my tailor who has a shop on market road by Ube. I asked him how the roads in Aba are doing and this dude exploded " there is no single road in Aba" I was in shock and asked if his own road where his shop is located is bad and he answered " No " I asked again if his Ukaegbu Road where he lives was bad and he answered " No " I now reminded him that he had just counted two good roads in Aba.

This is the problem of trying to create a single story of a city or any situation. The way a lot of people have tried to demarket Aba and Abia State is alarming and a disservice to the hard working people of this state.

We all know the stories of bad roads and infrastructure in Nigeria and Aba has had a more than fare share of the blame game. The truth however needs to be told when serious efforts are made at cleaning up the mess and providing palliative measures that will bring about the ease of doing business in Aba.

Aba North and South LGA has benefitted from more than 41 roads by the current administration in Abia State with more still on going.

Demarketing Aba will only hurt the businesses there and that will be detrimental to the hard working people of that city.

In my short stay there, I found good things to say about Aba and I shared them on my time line . I discovered there was no single story about Aba.

Aba is a thriving city of business men and women.

Aba will never die!



Posted on October, 22 2019

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