ALEX OTTI AND COHORTS BLASTED: Beware of Unguarded Statements of Frustrated Midget of Abia Politics and Co-Travellers

By FN Editor on 15/06/2019

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Before I respond to Alex Otti's sponsored bad press against APGA and its leadership in Abiafacts blog, let me quickly urge you all to ignore the vituperations from the man I describe as frustrated midget of Abia politics. Also be wary of his bunch of dubious hatchet writers and co-travellers. 

Come with me, 

It's laughable that a misleading and mischievous press release written by an imposter one dishonorable Uzoukwa falsely claiming to be the Abia state APGA publicity secretary a position APGA can never give to sad souls in his ilk, can be accepted to be published by any reputable media outfit.

It is more disturbing that a little fly like him can muster the temerity to write against the third largest political party in Nigeria, APGA and it's leaders under the shadow of a failed politician and unrepentant vindictive midget whose ego needs to be massaged by his decimated bootlickers.

Dishonorable Uzoukwa's first line of lies is in describing the Indefatigable Re-elected National Chairman of APGA, Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Ike Oye, who emerged victorious in the just concluded, APGA national convention held at Prof  Dora Akunyili Development Centre, Awka on the 31st of May, which had in attendance all APGA convention delegates from the 30 states of Nigeria including Fct, including Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state, who is the national leader and Bot Chairman of APGA and was witnessed by officials of Inec led by inec commissioner in charge of political party affairs, as immediate past Chairman of APGA.

  Questions: What can be more mischievous from satanic instruments of deceit led by the midget of lies than describing a convention re-elected national chairman as past chairman?

 Who signed the midget's second gubernatorial form as APGA candidate in Abia?

Who led APGA to win more than 10 house of reps seat in the north and south of Nigeria, if not Dr. Victor Oye, the 2nd term re-elected national Chairman of APGA.

Secondly, his phantom defense of no. 74 school road off Ikot-Ekpene road, Umuahia as a personal property of his paid master, the mdiget, goes a long way to show that the party was right in not returning the vain midget as a BoT member of APGA owing to the fact that his tendency of coveting and converting public properties to his and claiming ownership was well known from his days as a banker. 

   His bosses in the industry àre still counting their losses owing to his unquenchable deadly crave for covetousness both in shares and cash.

Question: Can a sane mind ever claim ownership of donations to a political party that gave you their ticket even after the same political party gifted you 50m naira as a support for your governorship campaign?

Thirdly, its is very disturbing to note that the writer of the sponsored mischievous letter, who dubiously gave himself the title of state spokesman of APGA is a disturbed soul, going by his number three lie that the midget of Abia funded APGA at inception.

Question: Well, let us ask him, ' where was the vain midget in 2002 till 2015 when APGA gave him the first gubernatorial ticket?'

We are aware who the real financiers of APGA are in Abia state, whose accounts, the midget was managing in the bank, during the aforementioned period. 

Finally, in their warped mind and evil mechanisation being orchestrated by the midget of Abia state, they  made allusion to the fact that the duly elected APGA Abia state chairman, Hon Augustine Ehiemere, whose state congress election that returned him was  superintended by Chief Uchenna Okogbuo, an indigene of Abia and also the 31st may 2019 re-elected National Vice Chairman South of APGA as witnessed by officials of inec, can still not be respected and also referred to as past chairman, call it illusion of grandeur.

It's now obvious that the lawless midget and his satanic co travellers are only living in their wishful and warped evil imagination after sponsoring failed court cases against APGA.

They  have forgotten that ever before they joined APGA in Abia, APGA was and after they left to fight for house rent , APGA is and will continue to wax stronger.

Therefore, Let the whole world know that there's nothing like Nkem Okoro and Ebere Uzoukwa in APGA congress exco record in Abia and like their father of lies, the midget who also is claiming to be a national officer in his warped mind; they are dubiously laying claim to positions they do not have in APGA.

APGA remains the third largest political party in Nigeria and a thousand midget and his minnows cannot stop APGA from thriving in Abia state and Nigeria as a whole.

God bless APGA Abia led by Rev Augustine Ehiemere
God bless Ozonkpu Victor Oye, APGA National Chairman
God bless APGA National Leader, Gov Willie Obiano

From;Mazi Nnanna Ukachi,

APGA Chieftain,

Abia State.


Posted on June, 15 2019

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