APC strategy in the south east is medieval

By FN Editor on 12/06/2019

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By Obi Trice Emeka

I don't know how to classify my fellow SE APC members who have found ridiculous explanations to justify the recent denigration of the party in sharing party positions. I suspect most of them do not participate in ward activities, I seriously doubt that anyone who has ever labored for the party at the polling unit or ward level will make this statement.
The highest selling propaganda in the SE against the APC is that the party is anti-Igbo and now the party reinforces that argument with a humiliating mockery on loyal members and those who call themselves members are happy.

Democracy is based on the concept of free choice. The people of the SE does not need to love the APC but the APC as a political party owe it as a duty to continue to lure members and seek to expand the party in the SE. That's how politics is played. Any sane politician always find ways to make in-road into the opposition stronghold with excess incentive. This is why some argue that opposition politics is the most beneficial.

On a party level, the party did nothing for the SE from 2015 till date. Except about three persons,  most appointments were on moribund and lacklustre boards. The party has been funded from pockets of individuals- businessmen who are not government contractor. Yet, in 2019 we improved our votes to over 400k votes and reduced the number of votes garnered by PDP when compared to 2015 by over 2.5m votes became the most improved region in vote return for the APC in comparison with 2015. And people think we haven't contributed enough? Perhaps, everyone in Nigeria must be forced to belonged to one political party.

Does appointment lead to improvements in the quality of life in the region? Firstly, appointments are essential for optics, national balance and cohesion. The divisive rhetorics all around is because of the bad optics of previous appointments. If the NASS position was equitably shared, the party would have won more converts in the SE.

Secondly, in the Nigerian context, appointments in key positions assures of jobs for the unemployed and contractors from the region of the person having that appointment. So, even if infrastructure isn't witnessed,  wealth redistribution is done in that region.

The party just shot a bullet to the hearts of loyal party members in the SE. They just brazenly told them that there are dispensable and rarely matters in the scheme of things. I am 100% certain that the most loyal APC members are from the SE- they're people who support the party freely with no benefits.

It's stupid to say you're punishing people for exercising their right to vote in detriment to your party members. Nobody supports any cause because of the fear of punishment. It's a  medieval strategy


Posted on June, 12 2019

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