The Abia War of the Cyberspace - Godwin Adindu

By Admin on 09/01/2019

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At last, the political gladiators in Abia State have crossed the Rubicon and it is now a full-blown war on the cyberspace. The virtual community is agog as the war rages. The battle is being fought with all manner of missiles except the lethal weapon. It is ferocious and desperate. It is getting dirtier. There is mudslinging, blackmail, name-calling, insults, character assassination, etc. All these run in the line and Facebook is the battle ground. At the end, many will be killed but no blood will be shed.

But, I fear that in few days to come the battle will move from cyberspace to the real world of Abia society. The battle will shift to the streets. The opposition seems spurred by a renewed energy. They have jumped into the trenches, firing from all angles. They are doing well, in the custom of fair deeds. All is fair in war as in love. It is called propaganda. In politics, you can be killed severally.

But in all attacks, the opposition cannot argue against history. They cannot argue the fact that Aba is better now than it was in 2014; that there is law and order and better security as Governor Ikpeazu’s war against criminality in the state has been largely successful. They cannot argue against the accolade of Awards and ovation coming from the Ikpeazu’s initiative in driving the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in Abia State. They cannot fault the signature projects of Faulks Road, the Osisioma Overhead bridge, the Umunkiri/ Akwa Ibom Road and many others. They cannot argue against the massive infrastructural renewal of classroom blocks across the state and the revamping of the educational system that have seen Abia maintaining a consistent lead in national examinations.

The opposition cannot argue against the sincere effort that yielded great results in clearing of arrears of salaries to the point that most ministries and parastatals are up to date with their December 2018 salaries. They have not faulted the noble vision of the new Enyimba Industrial City. They are not raising the bar in critical examination or constructive criticism. They are just mudslinging, hauling stones.

They have one mantra: to remove a nonperforming Governor and install their king. But, they are not coming to equity with clean hands. They are not brandishing any alternative platform. Theirs is a wild goose chase, nurtured by inordinate ambition. I had argued in previous presentations that the Abia opposition had a better chance in 2014. Today, with most of the issues addressed and with a clear direction of the Ikpeazu administration, they are in quandary as to what could sustain the alternative voice. Governor Ikpeazu is no more making the argument of equity. This is given. He is pointing at his numerous achievements encapsulated in his five-pillars of development to make the claim that he must run through his course. The Abia people agree with him.

They registered their agreement and approval by the quality presence of personalities at the flag-off of the PDP Campaign last Monday at Umuahia. They also spoke in one voice and in one accord that there is no vacancy in Govt House until 2023.

While the e-warriors are launching their attack, Governor Ikpeazu is busy with grassroot engagement. At the end, the opposition will realize again that elections are not cast on facebook. It is people that vote and it is people that decide. Governor Ikpeazu, am sure, is at home with the people. But, the opposition, regrettably, will never learn their lessons. 
I hate the cyber war because it is not selective. It accommodates weaklings and urchins. The real men of war, veterans of battles, men and women who have delivered election victories do not waste their energy with the cyber combatants.

At the right time, the men will gird their loins as they did in 2015 at Obingwa, Osisioma, Isiala Ngwa North and the rest of the state. And history will record their exploits.



Posted on January, 9 2019

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