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I read the news article credited to the former Governor of Abia State, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu, wherein he accused the incumbent Governor of Abia State Dr.Okezie Ikpeazu of not being in charge of his government. OUK went ahead to mention that Ikpeazu still pays attention to Chief T.A.Orji who influences his decision. He also said that President Buhari has built more roads in Nigeria than the State Government.

By a mere glance through the heading, you will know it was written by someone who is trying hard to impress some persons in APC to be allowed to enjoy his loot that was stolen from Abia purse. There is no known agenda order than attack so as to score some political points.

Have you wondered why OUK's boisterous attribute comes alive each time he is reminded by the court that his #7.2 billion fraud is still pending in their rooms. He must always speak to be noticed and pardoned by the EFCC arm of the APC.

For those that lived in Abia during the time of Chief Orji Uzor Kalu, his petty attention seeking diatribe wouldn't get any attention whatsoever but for the unsuspecting public who may read the news innocently, may be pushed to have an iota of believe.

While it is his stock-in-trade to lie and dish out every concoction against his perceived enemies, it is important OUK is reminded that his show of shame should not go beyond the former Governor Chief T.A.Orji whose only sin was to refuse to be controlled by the powerful diabolical Orji's dynasty.

To make it clear, Ikpeazu is the Governor of Abia State, he is in charge of the Government and Abians do not have any doubt about it. Abians know the truth about Ikpeazu's strides in developing infrastructure in the State. Ikpeazu has successfully built and commissioned over 60 roads in Abia with many at their different level of completion.

Some of the roads attributed to Dr. Ikpeazu in Abia State are Federal roads that fail to get the attention of the Presidency. Aba road Umuahia, Aba/Owerri road in Aba and Port Harcourt roads are Federal roads that the State government is handling, having considered them too important to the overall success of our made in Aba drive and even development of the State.

Instead of lying to appeal to public sympathy, OUK should use his loquacious tactics to talk to his friends in APC and Federal Government to pay more attention to most of our federal projects in Abia. Irrespective of party affiliations, Abians will appreciate the Federal Government once roads like Umuahia-Ikotekpene road, Umuahia-Bende- Ohafia road, Ohafia-Arochukwu road, Aba-Ikotekpene road etc are remembered. OUK should also use his contacts to tell NDDC to improve on the quality of road projects in Abia.

Abians are comfortable with the standard deployed by the People's Governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, which comes with drainage and Stone base. OUK has forgotten that it was Ikpeazu that controlled flooding in Aba with his method of building wide drainage and deployment of the celebrated Cement technology that has a lasting life span of over 30 years.

It was Dr. Ikpeazu that rebuilt the Enyimba stadium that he (OUK) fenced and painted without considering building a single toilet in the Stadium. A walk to the Stadium will put shame on his face only that the aim is not to shame him but to remind him that Governor Ikpeazu emphasize more on standard. OUK on the other hand should show Abians any road he built that is still standing.

Abians can not be hoodwinked by OUK's pettiness and desperation in the name of patriotism. It is very obvious that OUK is not happy with the success Ikpeazu is recording in Abia which are testaments of his purposeful leadership.

While OUK is basking in the euphoria of acute Iberiberism, the Federal Government recently awarded Ikpeazu the best in terms of building the economy through MSME. The Vice President Prof.Yemi Osinbajo has not failed to announce his admiration for the young vibrant Governor at any fora.

Is it not also surprising that an Orji Uzor Kalu is talking about control and influence? I think the basic reason is because OUK thinks Abians do not have healthy strong memories. It was during OUK's regime that the office of 'Mother Excellency' was introduced in Abia. We are yet to forget that aspect of his administration where every appointee must get Mama's affirmative nod before anything is approved. I know Orji Uzor is talking from experience as someone that was never in charge of his government but he goofed because Ikpeazu is not OUK and will never be.

Each time an article is credited to OUK, I strive to read between the lines to see where an apology is given to Abians for his bad Agboroish and purposeless leadership he offered even when our neighboring States were enjoying dividends of good governance.

Has Orji Uzor Kalu apologized to Abians for labeling Pensioners 'Dead Woods' when he could not pay their pensions of which the State Government under the good leadership of Dr. Ikpeazu is tackling and will surely bring a lasting solution to make sure there will be no time in history our pensioners are insulted the way OUK did.

OUK should not forget in a hurry that Abians still remember his inglorious days as a Governor of Abia, which was characterized by pettiness, diabolism, lack of direction, building of substandard projects, bribery and corruption etc. It was during this time that words like Okija Shrine, Igba Egusi, Mama Nweke...were introduced into our lexicon.

In a saner clime, when somebody like OUK who has been a Governor of Abia State mounts a podium, he should be talking about how to develop the State. Though such line of discussion may sound strange to many Abians since there is no project anywhere that could be attributed to his regime that is still standing till date owing to his method of using wheelbarrow and shovel to construct roads with the help of his unregistered money syphoning companies like Slok.

Orji Uzor should not apply any 'directionlees tactics'. Instead of writing long essays, he should rather use the time to visit Ahia Ohuru in Aba and get himself a good material that will make a proper jail cloth. He should pay more attention on how to avoid prison even if it means returning the #7.2 billion he allegedly took from Abia coffers.



Posted on August, 5 2018

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