By Factnews on 10/01/2018

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By. Rt. Hon. Cosmos Ndukwe

I am glad the much advertised APC rally has come and gone. Let political pundits be left with the judgment of what is MEGA about it after all. I am glad that finally, whatever it is that signposts their strength in Abia has been left bare for all to see.

Let me applaud our dear Governor Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu for being generous enough to offer the APC a level playing field to "show their force" though I had earlier outburst. Perhaps, if our Governor and indeed the PDP in Abia had done otherwise, we would be inundated with how "but for them", they would have recorded more profound successes. I hope other APC States would learn the lesson of allowing the opposition to be their best self. This shows that PDP is wired to allow all shades of ideas irrespective of party affiliation. May this lesson not be lost on us.

We have seen those who jumped ship. Expectedly, they are the same people who enjoyed lavish goodwill because their "father" had been the one sending them to " court" trouble. Surely, they would appreciate in the coming days that "talking" is different from "doing". These are people who had merely added to the number in Abia PDP as their spirits had long left the party. It is only fair that we wish them well and also assure them that with benefit of hindsight that, the impending defeats would be unimaginable. There's perhaps nothing so spectacular about their movements. We had long adjusted and simply consider this as another storm in a teacup.

For the PDP family in Abia, let's move forward and be minded by the truth that we have only bid farewell to some people who has members in name alone, bad losers and those who have poor exit mindset. The PDP we are building is a PDP that would galvanize support of only genuine members. Those who would still keep faith, win or lose. Those who would not deride the confidence reposed in them. Those who would not squander the people's goodwill just because they think they have made personal progress. We will remain individuals knit by common unity of purpose and an unbeatable team. Let's defragment a little to optimize our performance.

Finally, I could say with so much joy that those with us are still greater in all calculations. We still remain the party to beat in Abia and indeed Nigeria. No matter what noise they make, we have seen all their colors. Like people jocularly say here, NOTHING MEGA.



Posted on January, 10 2018

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