Issues that led to civil war have persisted and getting worse now - Wabara

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Former Senate President, Adolfus Wabara, has warned that the factors that led to the 30-month Nigeria bloody civil war “have persisted and are even getting worse now”.

About 5 million people mostly Biafrans were said to have been lost during the war.

Senator Wabara in an exclusive interview with the Vanguard in Aba, regretted that instead of making genuine efforts to address the issues that caused the avoidable war, leaders of the country are rather watching them to fester.

He said that Nigeria had continued to treat Ndigbo as enemies despite huge contributions by the tribe towards national development.

Wabara argued that fighting a civil war is not enough ground for Nigeria to perpetuate injustice against Ndigbo.

” If we faught Biafran war there was reason for that”, Wabara argued.

He said that what Biafrans saw and decided to defend themselves against the federal government ” is what other tribes are beginning to see now”.

” Those agitating for self determination today are they all Igbo or Biafrans? No!  That means that what Ndigbo saw many years ago is what other tribes are beginning to see now.”

The former Senate President urged other tribes to give Ndigbo a sense of belonging in the country instead of treating them as aliens or conquered people.

He noted that the rising agitation for self determination is as a result of the barefaced injustice, disregard and the exclusion of Ndigbo in Nigerian’s political equation.

” We want to be called Nigeria but if there’s no respect or regard for us, at my age I can’t see myself watching my people being relegated to the background.”


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