Breaking: "The Erondu Junior I know "  -  Popular Broadcast Journalist Mrs TABITHA reveals!!

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According to a Popular Saying " In Life , We are at Liberty to chose what legacies to be known for but whatever choices we make, Only a Man's GOOD DEEDS will continue to Speak for him"
I am very Sure Mother Theresa had Erondu Uchenna Erondu Junior in mind when She made the above Statement.

So permit me to discuss Erondu Junior with You as I Know him.
Igodo as he is popularly called is different things to different persons but One Unifying thing is that Igodo represents the Face of Humanity to any one who has come across him.
Even in the thick of Politics, He puts Humanity First and Always regardless of the Presence of Many "Brutuses" and Casiuses" usually found in Political corridors.

Erondu Junior's Love for Humanity has endeared him to many across Social Strata and Age Brackets. He emits so much Kindness that No one ever comes to him without leaving happier.
His Numerous beneficiaries have never felt lurched.

To Thousands of Widows, He is their Source of Succour.
To many Homeless, He shelters without saying a word about it to anyone.
His Seeing to the Growth and Development of Young Persons in Abia State, has never gone unnoticed as this has earned him the Nickname , "Empowerment Machine" and has also assumed him a Titan Status among the Youths.
Just like the Popular Charles Jones, Erondu Junior Understands that "Loyalty is something One Gives , regardless of What He gets back and that in Giving Loyalty, One gets more Loyalty For Out Of Loyalty Flows other Great Qualities"

This is very Evident in his Service to his Boss and Master, His Excellency Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, whom he can literally lay his life for.
Sincerely Speaking, If Loyalty had another name, it would be Erondu Uchenna Erondu Junior. Undoubtedly His loyalty to his Master has blossomed into a relationship that can only be Understood from The Lens of  a Popular Philosophical Writer Mario Puzo who affirmed that "LOYALTY is the STRONGEST glue that binds a relationship for a LIFETIME".

Likened only to David in the Christian Bibles, Erondu Junior is A lover of Things of God whose Love for God Almighty you would notice at your First Contact with him.
A Devout Christian, A worshipper in the House of God, A labourer in His  Vineyard, A Responsible Family Man, a Loving father blessed with Gifted offsprings, One of whom is the award Winning Nigeria's Youngest Sports Analyst, Ugwunnaya Erondu (Doodo Sports).
Little Wonder the Body of Christ , the Prestigious United Evangelical Church of Nigeria,  where he fellowships ardently found him worthy and  ordained him a Reverred Elder of the Church.
A religious Portfolio he has handled graciously.

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson, Erondu does not go where the paths may lead, rather he goes where there is seemingly no Path and leaves impactful Trails there of. This He has effortlessly demonstrated in many firsts he has scored in Life including being the Youngest Local Government Chairman in the History of Abia State at a Time when the "NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN" mantra is nothing no one mustered courage to chant let alone walk!!

An Emerging Colossus, Erondu Junior's Humility is worthy of emulation!
With Seeming Affluence and Influence Yet so Accessible, Demure and extremely Meek!
To His Official Responsibilities, So Dedicated and Diligent yet So Gail!
His Native Intelligence is second to None!
Worthy of Study also is his Calm Mien and Disposition even at the verge of being unjustly Misread, Misquoted, Misjudged!
Need I mention Erondu Junior's Comportment, Restrain and Self Control even in the face of Stark Provocation. Only very few are blessed with this rare gifts!!

Conclusively, permit me to add that it was Abraham Lincoln who stated that "For in the End, it's not the Years in our lives that count but the Life in Our Years" and this has guided How Erondu Junior lives his life.
Consequently God has assured to give Erondu Junior More Years in His Life and More Life in His Years as He attains the New Milestone. Amen.
Happy Birthday Ọkwụ Áká mụ !!

    - Mrs Francess Olisa-Ogbonnaya (TABITHA)is an  Award Winning Broadcast Journalist and Political Analyst.

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