B.B Apugo is a political jobman, Uche Ogah's aide fires

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Great Imo Jonathan an aide to the All Progressives Congress(APC) 2019 Governorship Candidate and minister of State for Mines and Steel development, Hon. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, has reacted to an interview granted by APC board of trustee member, Chief B.B Apugo. 

Apugo had alleged that all the seven governorship aspirants of the party in 2019 were all sponsored by Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia State. He accused Ogah of sabotaging the 2019 election.

In his reaction, Jonathan, in a statement titled "CHIEF B. B. APUGO LIED AGAINST DR. UCHE OGAH IN HIS INTERVIEW," stated that it was Chief B. B. Apugo who sabotaged APC candidates when he seized monies meant for elections in 2019. He also accused Apugo of not campaigning for President Muhammadu Buhari or any APC candidate in the last election.


He wrote:

"I have gone through the said interview and I am convinced that it is a follow up to the earlier attack on Dr. Uche, which happened three days ago, where a faceless organization sought to harm his reputation through a petition to the EFCC, although they acted as meddlesome interlopers. 

"But I am even surprised that Chief BB Apugo is the one accusing anybody of sabotaging APC in the last election, because his records are in the public domain. I mean someone who is a member of APC Board Of Trustees but his sons are political office holders in the PDP. In 2015, three of his children had tickets for state house of assembly in APC, PDP and APGA. Till date, his son is in the state house of assembly under the PDP.

"It was Chief B. B. Apugo who sabotaged APC candidates when he seized monies meant for elections in 2019. He even invited party members to his house and justified his actions when the rumour leaked. 
Chief BB Apugo is attacking Dr. Uche Ogah because The Honourable Minister did not allow monies meant for some 2019 elections to pass through his account. Because it was on record that while party members were in the field working Chief B. B. Apugo was asking the party to give him Twenty Five Million Naira (#25, 000, 000) for what he called security vote. He went ahead and collected this amount from the money brought in by a party candidate who did not know his history.

"Chief B. B. Apugo, a supposed BOT member of APC, confiscated cash meant for the party and kept same for himself while party members were in the field suffering. You can imagine the kind of BOT member he is. He does not attend party meetings, does not call for meetings of his party in Abia but he is always seen playing host to gubernatorial candidates of other political parties. If anybody should accuse a party member of anything it shouldn't be a political jobman like him.

"In fact, Chief BB Apugo did not campaign for President Muhammadu Buhari or any APC candidate in the last election. I challenge him to proof otherwise. 

"Yet, he collected and pocketed huge sums of money from party candidates in the name of being a party leader. I remember a female candidate of our party who was contesting for a senatorial seat coming to Umuahia to complain that she gave Chief Apugo Twenty Four Million Naira (#24, 000, 000) a night before the presidential election that was later postponed but he refused to give the money to the party when the election eventually held. When she made her complaint, many of those around told her the "Money Don Enter Voice Mail". Meaning that many were aware of his character.

"That was one of the things that motivated some of the articles I wrote after the 2019 election. I saw these attacks coming because Dr. Ogah represent a new political order in Abia State. The younger generation of Abians are now looking up to him because of what he stands for. But the likes of Chief Apugo are not happy because he sees politics as a business where he trades his party for money. 

"Even in 2015, when Dr. Ogah was not a member of the APC, I was told that Chief Apugo collected Fifteen Million Naira (#15, 000, 000) from the party candidate but still went ahead to sell Abia APC to the PDP.
These attacks coming now against Dr. Ogah were orchestrated before the primaries when he realized that Dr. Ogah was not ready to bribe him and few others for the party ticket. Chief Apugo and his co political jobmen could not stop him from clinching the ticket so they moved into the election proper. Despite Dr. Ogah's efforts, some of them betrayed the party. He and his co conspirators.

"This agent of political subterfuge who is on the payroll of the PDP along with his co jobmen have been trying to tarnish the image of Dr. Uche Ogah. All because they want to inherit his labour. It is in their nature to engage in subterfuge, in order to manoeuvre and manipulate for financial gain. 
Prior to Dr. Uche Ogah joining APC in Abia State many did not want to have anything to do with the party because of the likes of Chief Apugo who has been in the business of politics in the last fifty years. He is only focused on  making money, he has not touched the life any Abian positively. He is always scheming for ways to gain personal advantage, his history shows he is selfish.

"Whilst Chief Apugo was nowhere to be found during the election, Dr. Uche Ogah was busy campaigning vigorously for President Buhari, APC and himself. His first phase of campaigns across local government areas up to 48 hours before 2019 presidential election was for President Muhammadu Buhari. He made it a point of duty and he was bold about it. To the extent that on the day he inaugurated his Campaign Council, he made a public statement in support of President Buhari that shook the likes of Chief Apugo. 

"When Chief Apugo went into hiding looking for how to trade with the PDP, Dr. Uche Ogah was facing them in the field, speaking boldly in favour of President Buhari and all party candidates. He even placed his victory on the line when he told Abians "don't vote for me if you will not vote for President Buhari". A statement Chief Apugo can never make even when he is not a candidate.

"Chief B. B. Apugo did not campaign for our party. I went with Dr. Uche Ogah to all the 17 local government areas of Abia State and I have records of those who were out there with him on behalf of our great party.
Along with committed party leaders in Abia state, Dr. Uche Ogah met with royal fathers to educate them on how good President Buhari has been to Ndi Abia and Ndi Igbo. He listed many things he has done for Abia state and many others in the pipeline, including Ikote Ekpeni road which contract for reconstruction has been awarded since he became a minister. 

"I am careful to mention these things because there is nobody in Abia APC today that can say he did more for APC and President Muhammadu Buhari than Dr. Ogah did. People contributed their quota but Chief Apugo was not one of them.
Dr. Uche Ogah did not only campaign for President Buhari and himself, he did also for all our candidates. He did not stop at that, he gave cash money to candidates of our party even when himself was in need of money for many pressing needs. And because of his goodwill, candidates of our party from his senatorial district won elections. He went ahead to win the gubernatorial election but was shortchanged by INEC and compromised security officials and politicians. The seven hundred percent improvement APC recorded in Abia in 2019 is a testament to his efforts against what the party's record in 2015 was when Chief B. B. Apugo and his gang were in charge.

IT IS ON RECORD THAT DR. UCHE OGAH IS ABOUT THE ONLY PERSON IN ABIA APC THAT WON ELECTIONS 5 OVER 5 IN HIS LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA. Meaning that he won victory for the party in his local government in all the elections conducted in 2019. 
Enough of all the grandstanding, Abians know Chief B. B. Apugo lied against Dr. Uche Ogah. People should expect more of his shenanigan and that of his co conspirators in the days ahead. But they will all end in shame.
Great Imo Jonathan

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