OPINION: Trump and the Medis

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Written by John Okiyi Kalu 


I was asking my self why more than 90% of US and Europe’s mainstream media are liberal leaning, anti-Trump and behave like the extension of the US Democratic Party, and the answer hit me: Globalization.

Definitionally, Globalization is the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale. Beyond that simple definition, behind the scene were a group of economically well heeled men and women hiding behind globalization to advance a New World Order with centralized global leadership, a world without borders and ultimately an authoritarian world government.

Those in the cabal  of elites behind the proposed New Order took time to take over key media institutions in the west to enable them propagate their agenda and the rumored list of those involved include prominent Nigerians. One particular place they gather annually in public is Davos, Switzerland. 

For all intents and purposes, things were moving well for the globalists and their agenda with Obama in US, Merkel in Germany and Cameron in the UK.

And then Trump emerged in 2016.
He is the complete antithesis of everything the Order represents. He campaigned on “America First” banner that essentially is nationalist and everything was thrown into the 2016 election  to stop him from winning. Indeed, his victory shocked global elites including their Nigeria satellites so much that one of them who before the polls vowed to destroy his Green Card if he wins is still leaking his wounds to this day. 

Nothing has unsettled Globalists like the emergence of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States (POTUS). Their situation is worsened by the fact that he refuses to become “presidential”, which is another word for conformation to their agenda, and at every opportunity he has adopted a “f..ck you” attitude to them. Only a Donald Trump can go to Davos and dismiss global warming activists and scientists as “dooms day prophets”, get an ovation and board Airforce One to USA to continue his fight against the US cabal of the movement seeking to sack him at all cost.

Whenever you hear Trump say we will build the wall, know that he is directly confronting globalists, and tearing up Iran Nuclear deal, renegotiating NAFTA or warning Islamists in far away NIGERIA, gets them rankled. The emergence of the so called New World Order is anchored on disorder preceding the imposition of order and authoritarianism. 
Trump does not want disorder or wars. He prefers to disrupt only.

Fortunately for Trump, most of the elites in the Order are making more personal wealth from his economic policies than they did before. So they are divided on how to end the Trump challenge. But those of them involved in media businesses used to fight  Trump in 2016 are all suffering declines in fortunes including ratings and balance sheet. 

Globalist Mainstream Media owners want Trump out at all cost and no talk of journalism ethics matter to them. Organizations like CNN, BBC, Washington Post etc have already broken all known rules of ethical news coverage and only fortuitously sack one staff when caught with fingers dripping with soup. After that they return to work and even do much worse. 

That’s why Trump calls them FAKE NEWS and indeed they have proven to be fake to those of us who observe carefully. Long before Trump was sworn in, these fake news outlets promoted his impeachment as if it was a national agenda. Indeed, the Order and their media satellites mobilized one of the biggest protests against Trump tagged “not my president” after his victory. They also promoted the Russia collusion hoax and at some point got some of you reading me to swear that Trump will not celebrate one year anniversary as US President. This is his 3rd year and counting.

Even now, Fake News media made many of you believe that Trump committed unpardonable abuse of power and obstruction of congress and will not escape impeachment before the next election. Only those who read carefully and consciously, without inclination to follow the crowd, would have understood that they were actually accusing him of foreign policy changes that no longer favor them. Who obstructs congress by asserting executive privilege that his predecessors, since the founding of the Republic, asserted? Why do you think the Democrats never wanted to go to court but chose to use the media to try Trump by brainwashing many innocent persons?
Anyway, the only problem I have with many of those I see as belonging to the intellectual class of social media is the obvious incapacity to think things through with the benefit of history. That’s why they lap up whatever crooked Globalists media churn out and even obtain Professorship on copy and paste analysis baked in fine prose but empty in originality of thinking.

Okay, let me ask this question: are we now fighting US-Iran World War III as advertised by liberal media? Is Soleimani no longer dead? Why did Fake News media abandon their “imminent war” rants? 

Let me drop this here. Donald John Trump will be re-elected with wider margins than 2016 regardless of how much they manipulate opinion polls or sanctify rogues to saints. The likes of Shifty Schiff already know that much, hence, his statement that if Trump is not impeached he will rig and win again. Some otherwise brilliant folks in Nigeria and the Diaspora even still believe that Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to rig even after a 2-year probe by Muller found no evidence of that. Have you asked Pelosi and co why collusion with Russia is not one of the impeachment articles against Trump?

Trump will ultimately defeat the Globalists and their media establishment. Whoever founded Twitter has guaranteed that while mainstream media establishments continue to see Obama as their President the Twitter-enlightened street will adopt Trump as one of them. The more they persecute him the more the chance of more nationalists emerging from the old order alliance. Already, a nationalist is sitting behind the desk at 10 Downing Street in London even though Fake News refused to make the connection between Trump and the landslide victory of UK conservatives led by Boris Johnson.


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