How Indigenous Contractors are Ripping off Abia (1)

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By John Okiyi Kalu

It is no longer news that the newly appointed Acting Managing Director of NDDC, Dr Joi Nuneih, recently visited Abia State and handed a dossier of NDDC projects to the Governor, Dr Okezie Ikpeazu, who was visibly alarmed to see the number of projects and their different statuses with a good number of them marked as either "completed", has reached certain levels of completion, or "ongoing" even when the reverse is the case for most of them.

To ascertain the reality of things on ground with a view to recommending necessary action against any failing contractor, the Governor swiftly set up a committee to verify the true and current statuses of these projects. The committee chaired by Bishop Sunday Onuoha also has Elder Richard Nwala as Secretary, Engr Uzo Nwankwo, Mr Gabriel Aguwa Paul and Chief Jude Ndukwe as members.

Some of the highlights of their findings so far include projects marked on NDDC list as completed but no sign that any work was done on such sites. The contractors simply "chopped' the money and zoomed off, or so it seems, leaving the benefitting communities in particular and the state in general in a state of near-perpetual underdevelopment. More worrisome is the fact that most of the contractors handling these projects as awarded by NDDC are actually indigenes of the localities affected greatly by the non performance of the cotractors.

For example, the contractor awarded the construction of Avo Road in Afaraukwu, Umuahia North LGA, did absolutely nothing on the road even though it is marked on NDDC list as having been 57% completed and "ongoing" despite the fact that there is no iota of sign of the presence of a contractor or work going on, is an indigene of the same community, Afaraukwu. A sad twist to it all is that the man died recently and was buried on the 13th of December, 2019. A foremost leader in the community had been mounting pressure on Abia State government to help them work on the road for the purpose of the demised contractor's burial, the same road he was awarded to construct but did nothing and went ahead to register it as 57% completed and "ongoing".

That is just one example of how indigenous contractors are ripping our state off through the NDDC. Several others abound. Findings from Bende, which will be highlighted in subsequent part of this series will numb readers. Even ancestors are being accused for the massive NDDC project fraud in a particular community in Bende LGA.

We trust the committee to continue to do its job excellently while NDDC management and government acts decisively on their findings after they must have been submitted.


Description, Contractor, Location, LGA, Date of Award, Contract Sum.

1. Construction of Umuaro – Ntigha, Ekwereazu, ABGLO International Ltd., Ekwereazu, Isialangwa North, 20th September 2019. ₦199,825,000.00

2. Construction of Ahịa Ụkwụ, Olokoro Okwu Road, Olokoro, Umuahia South.. CISTA MYKE Nig. Ltd.. 4th Feb. 2015. ₦199,500,000.00

3. Construction of Umuodeke – Uzomkpuri – Rail way road, Asa South. Ụmụaka Ukwa West.. ESTUARY INTEGRATED Service. Feb. 2015. ₦94,537,775.00

4. Construction of Ikeala-Igbeala Okpulo, Uzuaku, Ukwa West. IDEMKO CONSULT Ltd. Feb. 2015. ₦243,394,967.00

5. Construction of Ubani Ibeku Road, Umuahia.. IJE & EBUBE Nig. Ltd., 4th Feb. 2015. ₦143,406,000.00

6. Construction of Ukwunwangwu Nkwochara – Amadi Ogwahia road, Isuikwuato.. JAM SERVICES Co. Ltd., 4th Feb. 2015. ₦244,500,000.00

7. Construction of Uzoiny Omeokwe road, Umuariam Ndume, Umuahia.. JEJAHMICS Int'l. Ltd., 4th Feb. 2015. ₦149,350,000.00

8. Construction of Onwuka Nails Road, Aba.. KENSTHER GLOBAL Services Ltd., 4th Feb. 2015. ₦149,950,500.00
9. Construction of Umuomankwo Ụzọ Ụkọ Road. Oborhia Asa South.. KETAN INVESTMENT Nig. Ltd., January 2015. ₦232,644,605.00

10. Construction of Umuokwom Ohie Road. Umuahia South.. KRC KRAMCO Const. Co. Ltd., 4th Feb. 2015. ₦249,500,000.00

11. Construction of Ngwaiyekwe Owo Umuadienwe road.. LEMANTIC & CO. Const. Nig. Ltd., Feb. 2015. ₦429,803,809.50

12. Construction of Umuachalaba Ekwuru road. Ukwa West.. LUCHIMS Const. Co. Ltd. Feb. 2015. ₦257,599,550.00

13. Construction of Amuzi Umueleke road. Egwu Eleke Okaiuga Umuahia. MEDAK DEV. INVESTMENTS Ltd. 4th Feb. 2015 ₦189,286,575.00

14. Construction of Nkata-Alaike Amaogwugwu Umuagu Ring Road.. MUGRACE Nig. Ltd. 4th Feb. 2015. ₦138,089,900.00

15. Construction of Central School road to Ikea Akami road, Uzuaku, Ukwa West.. NGAMEC Nig. Ltd., Feb. 2015. ₦224,831,233.75

16. Construction of Crystal Park Road Aba / Owerri Road. Aba. 18th Dec. 2014. ₦188,124,091.00

17. Construction of Umuchichi Seven Up Road.. PREHORCH OIL & GAS. Nig. Ltd. Feb. 2015. ₦138,431,158.00

18. Construction of Watchtower road. Bakassi Shoe Ind. Market, Osisioma.. SHAWLYCNH Ltd. 4th Feb. 2015. ₦149,500,000.00

19. Construction of Umuagalaba Umuisika Ogboube Ụzọ Obuzo road, Owaza, Ukwa. VINOT INTEGRETED Services Ltd. 4th Feb. 2015. ₦249,500,000.00

20. Construction of Umuagalaba Umuodikagu Umualagha road Owaza, Ukwa West.. WISFREMARY GLOBAL Resources Ltd. Feb. 2015. ₦400.330.200.00

21. Construction of Okwe Oborhia Umuemenike road. Phase ll. Ikwuano, Umuahia.. YODEL GLOBAL Resources Ltd. Feb. 2015. ₦390,031,100.00

22. Construction of Egbelu – Mbutu – Amapu Link road, Isiala Ngwa.. UHLENTO Nig. Ltd. September. 2017. ₦249,720,000.00

23. Construction of 2km Ehume-Umuanya road in Umuokpara, Umuahia South.. LIVING GATE Ltd. September 2017. ₦249,950,000.00

24. Construction of Umuosoro-Nnono+Amaoba Road, Ikwuano.. BEZEL Nig. Ltd. September 2017. ₦248,650,000.00

25. Construction of Owo-Ahafor-Umunkiri-Nenu-Mgbokonta road.. MULTINET Group Ltd. September 2017. ₦199,780,000.00

26. Construction of Umuoriehi-Umuawa road Umuahia North.. ACME Heights Ltd. Sept. 2017. ₦199,810,000.00

27. Construction of Umuabuo road with a Spur at UzoMmiri – Azulo, Akwete, Ukwa East. CELPHINE GLOBAL Resources Ltd. September 2017. ₦239,470,000.00

28. Construction of 2km Nkata Akpata Okpuala road Umuahia North. BESSEMER Const. Co. Ltd. September 2017. ₦239,470,000.00

29. Erosion Control works at Onuaku Amonye road Network, Uturu, Isuikwuato. CLINTON Enterprises Nig. Ltd. September 2017 ₦199,210,000.00
30. Construction of Obiga - Ụmụaka road. Ukwa West. GEO-CHINDUS Nig. Ltd. September 2017. ₦149,745,000.00

31. Construction of 1.2km Umu Ugba Ụmụ - Kanu- Ụmụ - Oke - Ụmụ kiriko Road. Umuahia South.. A.I. DILLION (WA) Co. Ltd. September 2017. ₦223,980,000.00

32. Construction of Ukwuwangwu-Nkwoachara-Amadi Ogwahia road, Isuikwuato.. JAM SERVICES CO. Ltd. 4th September 2015. ₦244,500,000.00

33. Construction of Umunnemeze -Larinze Avenue Nkata Okpuala road. Umuahia North. CHOMEN Nig. Ltd. 16th October 2017. ₦244,250,700.00

34. Construction of Apunali Ntiguzor Amaeri road, Obingwa. SACON ENG. Ltd. Feb. 2015. ₦244,394,000.00

35. Construction of Umule Obiohuru Isigwurugwu – Umuocha road. KONTO GLOBAL Services. 20th September 2017. ₦239,950,000.00

36. Construction of Okpuala Ngwa Nbawsi road.5km Phase 1. Isialangwa. A & J CONSTRUCTION Co. Ltd. 16th Oct. 2017 ₦149,780,000.00

37. Construction of Camp Acho. Road Azummiri, Ndoki, Ukwa East. FX MERCHANTILE VENTURES Ltd. 16th Oct. 2017. ₦198,750,000.00

38. Construction of Umuituru-Umuadienwe road Ukwa west. SALOB SERVICES Ltd. 20th Sept. 2017. ₦149,650,000.00

39. Erosion Control works Section 1. Bende road & Section 2. Ariam -Ikot Ekpene road. GINSCON Nig. Ltd. 26th April. 2012. ₦6,428,565,200,00

40. Remedy Failed & Unmotorable Sections of Amaeke Ring road, Abiriba. Ohafia. SHARLOTTE CONST. Ltd. 11th April 2018. ₦647,806,950.00

41. Remedy failed & Unmotorable Section of Ahiama Okwu to Obuohia Okwu Internal road, Umuahia South EARTH CRUST GEO SCIENCE NIG. Ltd. 28th May 2018. ₦240,683,685.38

42. Remedy failed & Un Repairs of failed Section of Amaku to Umuomianta Mbawsi.Isialangwa (Lot 2). SOLBERG Nig. Ltd. 8th May 2018. ₦729,941,782.50

43. Repairs of unmotorable section of Ụtụtụ Road, Arochukwu. SWIBER AFRICA Ltd. 4th Jun.. 2018 ₦507,400,731.88

44. Emergency Repairs of failed section of Okoko Item-Okagwo Item Road. Bende. SWIBER AFRICA Ltd. 11th April 2018. ₦864,180,800.15

45. Remedy failed & Un Repairs of failed Section of Amaku to Umuomianta Mbawsi. (Lot 1). SOLBERG Nig. Ltd. 8th May 2018. ₦784,012,129.69

46. Repairs of failed Section of ...Isialangwa (not clear)

47. Remedy failed sections of Umuba/Umuekwule Town, Umuokpara, Umuahia South. BASE ENGR. & MITCHEL Ltd.18th May 2018. ₦441,428,657.25

48. Remedy failed section of Umuahia-Uzuakoli-Item road (Lot 3: Umuahia Uzuakoli section) Umuahia / Bende/ Isuikwuato. SWIBER AFRICA Ltd. 26th April 2017. ₦518,040,862,60

49. Remedy failed section of Umuahia-Uzuakoli-Item road (Lot 1: Umuahia Uzuakoli section) Umuahia / Bende/ Isuikwuato. SLOK ENG. & CONSTR. Ltd. 26th April 2017. ₦441,920,686.17

50. Remedy failed section of Umuahia-Uzuakoli-Item road (Lot 3: Umuahia Uzuakoli section) Umuahia / Bende/ Isuikwuato. SLOK CONSTRUCTION Ltd

51. Remedy failed Section of NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Igbere to 14 Brigade, Ohafia. Bende/Ohafia. SWIBER AFRICA Ltd. 25th September 2017. ₦714,832,965.00

52. Remedy failed section of Arochukwu Internal Roads, Arochukwu LGA. SOLBERG Nig. Ltd. 24th Nov. 2017. ₦614,044,669.88

53. Remedy failed section of Ahia Afọr Amua Junction By Isi Ekata, Isialangwa Road, Isialangwa South. SOLBERG Nig. Ltd. 24th Nov. 2017. ₦670,681,551.75

54. Remedy failed section of Arochukwu Atani-Ugwunagbo Roads. CRISM CONSTR. Ltd. 16th Oct. 2017. ₦536,505,745.13

55. Repairs of Ikpokwu-Umukalu-Umuokwor, Ukwa West. GODON DEVELOPMENT Ltd. 10th August 2016. ₦328,699,218.75

56. Supervision of Construction of Umuchichi 7up Road. Aba. PLETHORA VENTURES. 09th June 2015. ₦6,300,000.00

57. Construction of Umunnemeze-Larinze Avenue Nkata Okpuala Road, Umuahia North. CHOMEN Nig. Ltd. 16th Oct. 2017. ₦244,250,700.00

58. Construction of Umuchichi Seven Up Road Aba. PREHORCH OIL & GAS Ltd. 4th Feb. 2015. ₦138,431,158.00

59. Emergency Repairs of Amaba Umuasaa Road, Isuikwuato A-NET CONTRACTORS Ltd. 10th August 2016. ₦103,937,632.05

60. Emergency Repairs of Umuorie Ezebudele road Ukwa West. LAVENT Nig. Ltd.10th August. 2016. ₦110,022,937.50

61. Remedy failed section of KM 0+000 – KM 3-300 Akirika – Azunmini road. Linking Aba section 1. Ukwa East. JORAGA CONSTRUCTION Ltd. 29th Nov. 2016. ₦670,350,961.88

62. Remedy failed section of Umuagungolori farm Settlement road, Afugiri, Umuahia North. ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNICAL SERVICES Ltd. 29th November 2016. ₦292,922,232.75

63. Remedy failed sections of Ikot Ekpene Road, Ikwuano. ASPHALT UNITY CONSTRUCTION Co. 29th Nov. 2016....(Not Clear..) ₦659,027,754.88

64. Remedial works on failed section of Ozu Item road to Uzoakoli (Lot 2) Bende. SLOK ENGR. & CONSTRUCTION Ltd. 29th November 2016. ₦570,025,102.50.

65. Remedial works on failed section of Ozu Item road to Uzoakoli (Lot 1) Bende. SLOK ENGR. & CONSTRUCTION Ltd. 29th November 2016. ₦467,465,561.06

66. Remedial works on failed section of Umuahia – Ikot Ekpene Road, Ikwuano. ASPHALT UNITY CONSTRUCTION Ltd. 29th Nov. 2017. ₦659,027,754.79

67. Remedial work on sections of 5KM World Bank Housing Internal Roads, Umuahia Township. A.T. SERVICES Ltd. 29th Nov. 2016. ₦549,588,453.73

68. Remedy failed section of Azikiwe road - Aba Township road. ROUDO Nig. Ltd. 29th Nov. 2016. ₦706,457,180.63

69. CONSTRUCTION OF OBOHIA – OHANKU – ABA ROAD with Spur to Ohambele- Obeaku (46.50km) Ukwa East. HERBERTECH NIG. Ltd. 5th November 09. ₦2,080,262,907.19

*In part 2 we will share additional projects list including the over N350m purportedly spent on Enyimba Stadium score board.


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