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Chekwas Okorie is the founder of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), but he left the party and formed United Progressives Party (UPP), after APGA was high-jacked by the people he describes as deceivers. in this interview withEmma Maduabuchi, he says demolition of APGA as plotted by Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).


Obi has finally dumped all Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), the party you founded prior to 2003 elections. How would you react to that?

Well, I am not surprised. Anybody who has followed my predictions about what these people are doing with All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), will know that I have said time without number that Peter Obi will join the PDP the moment he finishes destroying the party, and not many took me seriously. Now I have been called to tell me that I have been vindicated, so it is something that I saw.

It now brings out an aspect of Peter Obi that has been hidden all these while from the public. This man is simply evil, that is the only way I can describe him. He was a tool in the hand of those who sponsored the problem in APGA. For eight years, this man spared no amount of money, both in propaganda and the judiciary, to snatch this political party we founded from me. Two years after I left the party they continued the demolition of the party.

First of all he abandoned the appointment given to him by his kinsman as leader and Board of Trustee (BOT) Chairman. He dumped those things as soured potato as having no value and that was to prepare him for where he has landed now. You can now see why he has been praised by those who used him to act out that charade. They said that PDP never lost to APGA in Anambra State, they only lost to Peter Obi.

That means therefore that the role Ikemba played in their political lives – himself and Victor Umeh – has been rubbished and all the credit given to Peter Obi. That is the implication of them now saying that PDP never lost to APGA, but lost to Peter Obi, and that if he joins them that PDP will win Anambra. But I can tell you that it is not true.


You say it is not true, who else can stop him from clinching Anambra State for the PDP?

In 2003 when Peter Obi wanted to become governor, he was relatively unknown. Why don’t you believe that an unknown person will also defeat him and PDP in the next election in Anambra?

What of Ikemba’s much publicized “my last wish”? Does it mean that one means nothing also because somebody with an over-bloated ego wants to be become relevant in the new platform he joined? So that is the character of the man. All of his characters will be exposed in the days to come, so that people know that he has actually been dressed in a borrowed robe, and not the man of integrity as he was being made to look like.


Some people are saying that he was a mole from the PDP right from time. Would you agree with that or is he just a selfish person?

Peter is out-rightly selfish, it is his nature. And for somebody who has that character, it becomes easy to recruit him as a mole. He didn’t start off as a mole, but he became a mole along the line because it is in his character to be like that. It is just like Victor Umeh, he was a weak link which was used to launch the attack on APGA. The party was seen by the Obasanjo administration as a security issue; a national security issue, just because we gave Ikemba the opportunity to run for presidency on that platform.


APGA, a national security issue, how did he come to that conclusion?

He felt, as in the security circle at the time that he (Ojukwu) was going to re-launch the Biafran struggle through that. Obasanjo did not mince words in telling me that directly. I am not telling you of a rumour or what what somebody told me. Obasanjo told me himself, we met for about four hours after the election. His words was that the “highest political sin” that I committed was to give Emeka, his former colleague in the Army a platform to run as its presidential candidate, and that it was why our party was seen as a national security issue. So these are some of the things the public didn’t know, and so APGA became a target of the federal government right after that 2003 election because they did not anticipate the performance. So those people like Victor (Umeh) and Peter (Obi) became part in the strategy to destroy APGA and they played along, and succeeded.


In other words Ojukwu was deceived by these men, and Ndigbo who followed them were deceived too?

Yes, they deceived Ikemba completely. They wrote Ikemba a letter; Umeh signed a letter to Ikemba, telling him that if he assisted them to take over APGA from me that they would make him the leader that would completely determine who becomes what in the party. If you recall time that Victor was telling people he was not interested in who became the chairman; that he was only interested in getting the party out of my hand that I wanted to destroy the party. But then how can a man destroy the precious pie that was in his hand if that man is still sane, it can only happen if that man has gone insane. But that was what was dished out to the public and supported with massive propaganda, and many believed it until now. The truth is surfacing on its own.


And that truth is?

Two years after I have left, why are they still fighting when they said that I was the problem? Like I used an expression “the decomposing carcass”, now the decomposition is almost completed as Peter (Obi) has jumped ship. Now Victor (Umeh) is only remaining there to collect the last bit of nomination fee for those who would be misled into running for election on that platform.

Note that the Supreme Court case to determine the authentic chairman of APGA between Maxi Okwu and Victor Umeh is coming up this week, and nobody is telling the public this. After Victor must have failed to become a Senator, as he is going to fail, he will now jump too and that will be the end.


What will then be the implication?

Let me tell you the implication of what has happened on Obiano. In the next few days, more members of the State Assembly will join Peter. That will give the PDP majority seat in the state assembly. As soon as that is done, the leadership of the assembly will stand dissolved because the majority party will now become the minority party. Obiano (Willie) will be impeached unless he joins as well. So, this is the process of ending APGA that is already playing out.


So what is your message to the people?

I have no other message that to tell our people than those who believed in what APGA represented, and who are completely betrayed and are hurt by what is going on to take heart. They should look in the direction of UPP because it is the same founder, the same philosophy and the same vision.  The UPP has the same founder as the founder of APGA.

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