Obi plays final act in APGA destruction

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Following yesterday’s defection of Peter Obi, former governor of Anambra State to Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chekwas Okorie, founder of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), has described him as a selfish and evil man that was used by outsiders to destroy APGA, an Igbo heritage.

Speaking to Factnewsonline in an exclusive interview, Okorie said Obi had been on a mission of destroying APGA and that the final part of that plot started to unfold with Obi finally dumping the party. He said the next move would be when Victor Umeh, as the incumbent chairman of APGA, would join PDP after the crash of his senatorial ambition.

Okorie predicted that this would be followed by a mass decampment of members of the state Assembly, which would force incumbent governor Willie Obiano to dump the party as well, or be impeached. Okorie, who has already founded a new party, the United Progressives Party (UPP), said the onslaught to destroy APGA started way back in 2003, when the then former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, recruited Obi and Umeh to destroy the party.

He said the federal government under Obasanjo considered APGA as a national security threat and as such mobilised to destroy it. He said “I am not telling what I heard in rumour or what somebody told me. Obasanjo told me himself, when we met for about four hours after the election in 2003. His said that the “highest political sin” that I committed was to give Emeka, his former colleague in the Army, a platform to run as its presidential candidate, and that it was why our party was being seen as a national security issue.”

Describing Obi as a selfish individual who was effectively transformed into a mole in APGA to destroy the party he said: “Peter is out-rightly selfish, it is his nature. And for somebody who has that character, it becomes easy to recruit him as a mole. He didn’t start off as a mole, but he became a mole along the line because it is in his character to be like that.”

Okorie went on to express the view that in the next few days, more members of the State Assembly would join Obi in the PDP. He said also that that act would give the PDP majority seat in the state assembly. “As soon as that is done’ he said ‘the leadership of the assembly will stand dissolved because the majority party will now become the minority party. Obiano will be impeached unless he joins he joins as well. So, this is the process of ending APGA that is already playing out”

Speaking further on Peter Obi, Okorie said the full characters of the former governor have started unfold for the public to see. He said more of him would be exposed in the days to come so that people would know that he has actually been dressed in a borrowed robe, and not the man of integrity people were made to believe. “It now brings out an aspect of Peter Obi that has been hidden all these while from the public. This man is simply evil, that is the only way I can describe him. He is what we have to say that he sponsored the problem in APGA for” he said. 

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