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By Moses Ayodele Orji

There seems an ongoing simmering controversy, centred around the political fortunes of  Dr.Alex Otti.(the APGA governorship candidate in the just concluded governorship election in Abia).

I have chosen to take sides.

In a series of articles that would follow I will attempt to justify my position that:Otti  May Never Be Governor of Abia State.

And our own dear OTTI would only have himself to blame. Fullstop.
It could be fashionable to retort "Are U God?"  But we don't need psychologists to remind us that the only successful ambitions are those governed by the reality principle.

 Besides,decency demands that we speak "our truths" lovingly. While we are at liberty to hold contrary views about how Abia should be governed,we are duty bound to exercise those rights within the dimensions of good conscience.
To willfully despise legitimate authority simply because we are not the ones on seat, is not only unlawful but also a rebellion against God.

No one occupies an exalted position without God's knowledge.

To persistently attempt to force our own will against God's own timing, rhythm and tempo is tantamount to denying the existence and sovereignty of God.

God who searches the heart of every mortal is not mocked. The Almighty Himself has made a solemn declaration that he resists the proud, warning each and everyone of us not be wise in our own eyes.When then we feed the less informed masses with intoxicating falsehood and half truths,are we not being wise in our own selfish motives and calculations?
Can we at the same time say we look up to God for success?

I expect the reading public to join me as we resume the campaigns for 2023.It is only in Abia that we don't allot time.The holy book says that there is time for every purpose under heaven.

But for Dr.Otti, there is no moment even for sober reflection. The Governor,Dr.Okezie Ikpeazu must be "made" to look like an infantile, clueless frivolous,convivial, corrupt, unprepared puppet foisted on Abians.
While Dr Alex Otti, a divine, Godfearing,messianic, quintessential,renowned, honest-driven,leader is robbed and left in the cold.

My theory will be rooted in the principle of cause and effect. Using OTTI as a case in point,I will try to prove that Power is the ability to fulfil a purpose,....and that any action which defeats purpose is weakness. I shall dissect the Otti  phenomenon, as well as the OTTI persona within the limits of the knowledge available to me.

Welcome to our forthcoming discourse.
See U then.


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