Re: Bende shows Solidarity to Ben Kalu in Court

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The stage managed show of support to Ben Kalu by his followers in court and the corresponding praise singing report from his mouthpiece only confirmed that we are yet to do away with the ritual of inducing persons to show solidarity in cases that should be allowed an easy flow. The last I checked, even hardened criminals still parade trumpeters when they are facing obvious fraud cases. This is a way of saying that we Bende voters are not perturbed by any form of solidarity whatsoever. The court will follow the right processes of determining the case devoid of any emotional blackmail.  
Ben Kalu is finding it difficult to open up to his scanty followers that trooped to the court, that he had constantly sent emissaries to plead with our leader to withdraw his case against him. If he is so confident of the fraud perpetrated in Bende Federal constituency, he should allow the process to continue without making efforts to cut it short through one form of blackmail or propaganda. He should be assured that our lawyers understand the intrigue. They will professionally handle each form of distraction and time wasting tactics until we embrace victory. 
Let it be known that Ben Kalu was never in the equation at the pools. It was a battle between Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu, a two time Governor of Abia State, an APC chieftain who also was in the ballot on the day of election against our own leader who obviously enjoys good rapport with the entire Bende. Both OUK and Mr Chima voted at same unit. When people say that Mr Chima lost in his unit and should not bother going to court, they only tell the world that they are ignorant or perhaps do not understand that Bende has 13 wards over 190 polling units no one can claim Victory simply by winning a few polling units made possible by OUK who’s followers were visibly wielding weapons on Election Day in Igbere.
While we will not join words with supporters of Ben Kalu, we believe in the saying that "Our Laugh comes Last". 
We will continue to wait patiently as the case progresses in court without buying into any form of idiocy to hoodwink the general public of an assumed popularity through organized solidarity show of shame. 
Chima enjoys overwhelming acceptance in Bende federal constituency, he has touched lives and also intervened on community projects, we therefore believe he has nothing to prove to anyone about his love for Bende and how the people reciprocated through their votes at the polls. 
We call on our supporters to remain calm and allow the court processes to flow to our victory. 
Ndukwe Ugonna writes from Igbere.

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