Alex Otti was a bad and regrettable investment - APGA Natl youth Leader

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Youth Leader of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) , Chinedu Anselem Nebeife has reacted to the statement credited to the factional publicity secretary of the party in Abia state, Ebere Uzoukwa.

In his statement, Nebeife described Alex Otti's emergence as the party flagbearer in the just concluded guber election as a bad and regretable investment. He added that Otti's tendency for greed and selfishness is unfathomable.

Nebeife said Otti's character problem is the reason any institution he associates with suffers tremendous losses.

The statement reads:

"Just this evening, I happened across a piece of trash by one Ebere Uzoukwa. Going through the write up, I quickly inferred that the author is one of the minions fronting for the desperate and frustrated Abia midget, Dr. Alex Otti. And as usual, the write up had nothing new to offer but the usual lies and malice against the person of the indefatigable National Chairman of APGA, Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Ike Oye. 

"Now, one wonders why a certain Alex Otti will sponsor such unfounded fanthoms against a man who has shown him nothing but absolute goodwill and generosity, even when he was utterly undeserving of them. 

"One recalls it was this same Alex Otti that was running from pillar to post, cap in hands, begging to fly the APGA governorship ticket in Abia state, in the run in to the last primary elections of the party. Of course, he understood clearly that on a level playing ground, he stood no chance against the more formidable and well prepared Chief Chikwe Udensi who had all the levers of the party dynamics under his dexterous control. 

"But at the end of it all, it took the mercurial intervention of the same Dr. Oye, whom he now enjoys to vilify, to tend the party dynamics in his favour for him to emerge the party's flagbearer in Abia state, against the more popular and capable Chief Chikwe Udensi. 

"It is also important to note here that after his emergence as flagbearer, the same Dr. Oye used his good offices to ensure that the party gave the same Alex Otti a whopping sum of Fifty Million Naira (N50M) with which to kick off his governorship campaigns. And yet today, he finds pleasure in insulting such a man who showed him such uncommon goodwill and generosity? How ungrateful a man can be! 

"As regrettable as it is, I must not fail to state expressly here that Alex Otti hoodwinked the party's leadership into offering him the party's ticket for Abia governorship, even when he knew full well that he lacked the needed capacity and resources to prosecute a credible governorship election. And the result was that when push came to shove, Alex Otti was nowhere to be found. The party was messed up, and suffered a regrettable and avoidable defeat in Abia sake of Alex Otti's utter lack of capacity, integrity and leadership acumen. But that's a matter for another day. 

"Anyway, anyone who's close to Alex Otti will tell you that the man has a character problem. Else, how can one explain the fact that any institution he associates with suffers tremendous losses? 

"And then his tendency for greed and selfishness is unfathomable. That perhaps was why as soon as he failed in his latest gubernatorial quest, he began lobbying to be made APGA National Chairman. And when he met a rock solid opposition as party stakeholders told him in clear terms that there was no vacancy at the National Chairmanship of the party, he now took to sponsoring political idiots to write offensive articles maligning the person of the indefatigable National Chairman of our great party APGA, Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Ike Oye.

"And because the party faithfuls have become wiser to his mischievous antics and have rejected his shenanigans, he's now making arrangements to decamp to another party. Although, that would be good riddance to bad rubbish. Honestly, Alex Otti was a bad investment and the party has come to realize that though regrettably. We as a party have become wiser to the antics of briefcase wielding armchair politicians. Never again shall we fall prey to their mischievous antics. 

"In all of these though, true and thorough APGAns are very happy with the unprecedented achievements of Dr. Oye and his team. Today, APGA has become a political party that is financially stable and capable of meeting her commitments. Further, ours have become a truly National Party with verifiable presence in all the nooks and crannies of the country, and the diaspora. Without a doubt, Dr. Oye is a transformational leader in its truest terms and forms. A creative democrat and mercurial scholar. His sense of humanity and fellow feeling is unrivaled, just as his generosity knows no bounds. 

"Today, irrespective of the antics of detractors and saboteurs, APGA has become the preferred political destination of true progressives. And to the glory of God, our support base amongst the populace increases in measures that dumbfounds naysayers. Truly, Ozonkpu Dr. Victor Oye has set APGA on the path to fulfilling her manifest political destiny, and no amount of propaganda from the likes of Otti can change that fact. To God be the glory! 


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