OPINION: Exposed; The dangerous Shallowness of Uche Ogah.

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By Ikechukwu Iroha

The interview granted to Sun Newspaper by the factional Candidate of APC in Abia State governorship election, Mr Uche Ogah, has further exposed his shallowness, ignorance and lack of capacity to lead a local government area in Abia State.

In his words, "I won him (Ikpeazu) at the poll and in court in 2015, but I assure you, he won’t be lucky in 2019".

Only a shallow minded man will claim he won election at the poll that he did not contest. The court case he instituted did not give ruling in 2015 either. Obviously the man does not know what it means to obtain an electoral mandate through a general election.

Pathetic shallowness!

When we demanded that Uche Ogah be allowed by his handlers to speak directly to people, we were only calling for Abians to be given the opportunity to read , hear and find out the low intellectual capacity of someone that is gunning for the number one position in Abia.

The Ogah interview with Sun has exposed him and vindicated us. Let him appear on any live radio or TV program in Abia State and further undress himself in public instead of hiding behind his hirelings.

When asked the reason why he thinks Abia should vote for APC, he said "Abia stand to gain more from APC administration if elected both in Abia and in the centre because being in APC which is the ruling party gives us the opportunity to be at the centre"

It is noteworthy that Uche Ogah did not mention a single thing he can do differently that Ikpeazu is not doing. Being at the center has not helped many APC controlled states who are still grappling to develop. On security, there is no APC state that is more secured than Abia or that has managed her economy more than Abia. Peaceful environment drives investment. APC has no agenda other than making things difficult for Nigerians. Common citizens are finding it hard to feed under APC due to hash policies that skyrocketed prices of foodstuffs.

When asked what he can do differently that Dr. Ikpeazu is doing, he said " So many, at least you can see the little I have achieved in the private sector. The people know that I have the Midas touch "

His response lacks specifics. It has become an anthem for him to point to his insolvent factory each time he is asked similar questions. Uche forgets to tell us that none of his businesses is working owing to bad management which led to his factory and his petrol stations to become insolvent. His inability to pay his workers for over 13 months salary arrears led to the closure of the Uturu factory and all his petroleum tank farms have remained empty of products since 2016. His so called midas touch is actually a better way to describe failure in private sector leadership. Secondly, Private management of business is different from public sector governance and management of people. They have different aims. While private companies are for profit maximization, Governance is about service to the people. Uche Ogah should go back to history and tell us which private individual has ever succeeded as a good manager of people. Moreso when he is apparently battling to remain solvent and pay off his obligations to lenders.

Uche Ogah claimed that there was no Nigeria before the coming of Buhari, that there was nothing to show for the 16 years of PDP reign. It is true that whoever joins APC automatically becomes shallow. Uche Ogah hobnobbed with President Jonathan and was praising same man the way he is doing to Buhari today. He has shown that he is not honest, sincere or trustworthy. Only a petty being will eat your food and insult you when the going becomes challenging. He has become a desperate politician who must insult his benefactors to gain favour from new comers.

Uche Ogah was a member of PDP for 19 years, he nominated his brother Dr Ogah who was a commissioner for health under Governor T.A.Orji. His godfather, Dr. Orji Uzor, was a Governor under PDP for 8 years. It is so unfortunate that Uche has succumbed to the powerful juju that is used by APC to brainwash their members to see black and call it white.

Uche Ogah took a swipe at Ndi Igbo by justifying the neglect of the entire region by the Buhari's administration. He said that Igbos deserve such atrocious conditions because Igbos gave Buhari just 895k votes while Northwest gave him over 10 million votes. What Uche is saying indirectly is that Igbos lost out for making their choices which actually is their right. Whoever thinks like Uche is actually a dangerous commodity for governance especially knowing that he publicly campaigned for Jonathan of PDP and also claimed to have voted for PDP in 2015 Presidential and Governorship polls.

Human beings!

Uche denied the subsidy scam that he is involved by telling Nigerians he was not invited by EFCC. All lies, Uche was actually arrested by EFCC over the matter of Master Energy and alleged bank fraud. He was also accused in a published probe panel of involvement in subsidies scam.

The person of Peter Obi he insulted in the interview is our beloved son that we all respect. We know his track records and can't compare him with Uche Ogah that couldn’t successfully run a fuel station in Abia.


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