Oyedepo tasks parents on children discipline

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The president of Living Faith church otherwise known as Winners Bishop David Oyedepo, yesterday warned parents to lead their children aright while they were still young, or else they would turn around to torment them in future.

Oyedepo sated this while cautioning some Covenant University students who walked into the church auditorium without a book and pen at the church’s first service section. “Never in your life come here without a pen and a book. Being here is a privilege, Covenant University is not a public school; it is a God-based school. The most disciplined students in the Nigeria are from Faith academic children because we are different” he boasted.

He explained to them that they were not children of the current dispensation who lack discipline from their childhood that would aid them to behave well in later years.

Turning to parents, he said: “Is unfortunate that we allow our children to do what they want. Children are not to be allowed to do what they want, they are to be commanded. There is no nowadays in the scriptures, to allow them do what they like you will cry for it tomorrow. You operate by the required role to clear of the future. Covenant children are not permitted to do what they like, it is what we like we making reference to a bible quotation about Abraham Gensis 18:19 " I know him, he will command his children’.” He sated

The Bishop who will on September 27, turn 60, in his sermon: “Accessing God’s plans from his Book” says God’s plan for our life is in his book. He said that everything he owns came from his knowledge of God’s book.

 “I became a disciplinary committee member during my days in secondary school, I started the dress code for a long time, catching your future creates your future. You are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life.” He stated.

He went to say that stars are made from discipline, diligent and sacrifice making reference to Luke 12: 49-50. He said every scar of every star is sacrifices. “Doing the best is diligent; going beyond your best is star. I gave my life to Christ at the age of 15, and I have never regretted it, I decided to put in my best effort into anything I put in my hands on and that has taken me to where I am today.” He stated.


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