Facing the Reality of Buhari’s Failure and Strategizing Towards 2019 -Kelechi Jeff Eme

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The failure of President Buhari in less than two years will present research materials for students of politics in the years to come. The President did not only fail, but was thoroughly deconstructed and made to look ordinary.


I know that the crowd of “Good Morning KJE” will land on my wall to enjoy their new hobby. That is their business anyway. I prefer their insults and taunting to condoning the reality of President Buhari’s failure as President. Moving forward, there is no need to massage the ego of to President that he could turn things around during the remainder of his tenure.


He cannot and there is no point “speaking in tongues” on that. Before yesterday, he performed abysmally in all aspects of governance except clinging on his whittled down anticorruption credentials. Unfortunately, he signed that away in his bid to protect Babachir Lawal, an incompetent and apparently corrupt Secretary to the Government of the Federation. The country Nigeria is bigger than individuals, groups and parties.


As we approach 2019, we must strive to elect a man that has his eyes fixed on how to revamp the economy, unify the country, deploy constitutional means to restructure the country to ensure equity and happiness for all citizens and proven ability to create jobs. Critically, the person must be willing to be President and imbued with all ingredients of leadership. He must be a at home in all parts of the country and in all religious houses notwithstanding his/her belief. The time to act is now. We cannot allow “walking illegalities” and their vassals of impunity to determine for us. In vain they plot.

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