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“You can’t fight a sitting governor and succeed be¬cause he has many arsenals to use against you, and if he unleashes them you cannot survive,” Senator T. A. Orji

This quote was impishly extracted from a news story published in Authority Newspaper of January 10, 2017 with the headline-It’s Perilous Fighting Incumbent Governor- wherein our amiable Sen. Theodore Orji responded to questions bothering on political quandary in Abia state which has degenerated into mudslinging where all sorts of propagandistic weapons have been deployed by gladiators and their supporters to tarnish his reputation and that of the governor with outlandish claims.

Piteously, the sentimental driven author – my very good friend and brother, Uche Aguoru -whose motive was to generate cockamamie feedbacks from anythingarians subtly made them seethe with this distorted statement –“Rather than advice him to pay Abia workers whom he is starving to death you are introducing him to more arsenals to unleash on Abians for speaking their minds. Well done Ochendo we are waiting.”
The author clearly defined his agenda (which was to elicit coarse feedbacks against Sen. Orji), to favour his political divide when he twisted and/or adulterated the exact words of Sen. Orji with the embellishment – “….Introducing him (the Governor), to more arsenals to unleash on Abians for speaking their minds.”

Sadly like an old clothe waiting for the minutest of touch to tear, his army of anythingarians with no effort to ascertain the verisimilitude of the quote by either getting the copy of the newspaper or read its online version published on its website (, descended frustratingly on Sen. Orji with comments which apparently contrasted his affable personality that epitomizes humility and munificence.

It’s on record that nobody has been coaxed with brute force by the Abia State government for criticizing its policies and administrative style. In fact recently through his Chief Press Secretary, the Governor of Abia State Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu reaffirmed his willingness to listen to advice as well as accept positive criticism from political opponents and citizens without prejudice.

Interestingly, Mr. Aguoru has been a known critic of the present administration. In all his write-ups against the state government and other top government officials and representatives he has never mentioned of any attempt by the government through its security agencies or aides to brutalize him or circumscribe his freedom of expression.

 In fact his latest disparagement of Sen. Orji by consciously quoting him out of context to make mockery of his personality and position as a Statesman underscores the level of total freedom he enjoys yet he has the impudence to allude that Ochendo was trying to introduce the Governor with more arsenals to unleash on Abians. Isn’t that ludicrous?

Apart from underscoring his parochialism, the author comprehensively gave respiration to the hypothesis of our brothers from the neighbouring States that the totem of Abia politics is character assassination. What a shameful way of projecting ones state.

It is very apparent that the failure of some Abia politicians to dislodge the solid political structure of Sen. Orji built exclusively on global acceptable norm during the 2015 general elections has led to the present campaign of calumny against his iconic personality which the Abia pejorists have deliberately entangled with politics. For instance political scientists and those of us who are au fait with politics will agree with me that politics involves the followings

•       The process of making and execution of governmental decisions or policies
•       The authoritative allocation of values; or who gets what, when and how
•       The quest for power, order and justice
•       The art of influencing, manipulating and controlling others
•       A process of resolution of conflict in the society
•       A struggle among actors pursuing conflicting desires on public issues
•       The activity (negotiation, argument, discussion, application of force and persuasion) by which an issue is agitated or settled.

Based on these assumptions therefore, anyone who tries to cast aspersions and/or discolor Sen. Orji’s personality and moral values does so wickedly. And pathetic enough the Abia pejorists have spent all their valuable time on political minutiae; little wonder they have failed to make positive progress.

The subversives with political affiliations and vested interests are the ones raising false alarm and fanning the embers of disunity on social media with all kinds of convoluted articles. Nonpartisan Abians are busy supporting the present government with their taxes in her efforts to accelerating development in Abia State based on developmental precursors laid by Sen. Orji  popularly referred to as Ochendo by admirers.

 They know that Ochendo is justice personified because he upheld the precept of Abia Charter of Equity which ensured the emergence of Ukwa-Ngwa man as the governor of Abia State for the very first time, thereby ensuring our continuous peaceful coexistence.

They are very much aware that Sen. Orji is embodiment of humility; reason being that there were no records of assassination of political opposition stalwarts during and after his tenure

They will tell you that Sen. Orji is the epithet of kindness because he introduced egalitarianism in Abia State leading to financial freedom enjoyed by neglected Abia youths during his tenure with mouth-watering empowerments.
 I can go on and on to adumbrate his qualities which his detractors have subjugated to the background in favour of his idiosyncrasies which are not exclusive, in their wild-goose-chase.

Only roguish, impious and unappreciative persons will refer to Ochendo as evil, because aside his legislative oversights he introduced annual scholarship scheme worth N24 million (which has so far produced 120 beneficiaries), for indigent/physically challenged undergraduates in his constituency.

 If the so called saints who we are being daily hoodwinked to accept will take up such responsibilities as Sen. Orji, Abia would indeed be a place of Eldorado.

Don Norman Obinna is the Media Adviser to Sen. T.A Orji

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