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Posted by John Okiyi Kalu | 10 years ago | 3,094 times

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person that sees these things before they unfold fully. May be others also see  but are waiting for "the voice from the wilderness" to speak first.

What is happening in the northeast is not a laughing or politicking matter. ISIS, aka Boko Haram, will ultimately overrun Maiduguri and hoist their flag. If the right things are not done urgently. All those Jack and Jill tales of "missing" policemen and soldiers are nothing but fancy names for undocumented desertions. Many northern soldiers are deserting Nigerian military to join our local ISIS branch while southern soldiers are fleeing from being killed by their former colleagues and commanders. They don't trust most of their commanders from Islamic north. Nothing less, nothing more.

To halt ISIS in their quest to establish their utopian Islamic Caliphate, the President and Commander in Chief should declare National Emergency and forget 2015 elections, for now. Then mobilize a mostly southern, Middle belt and Sokoto area crack force to confront ISIS.  Fulani soldiers will never bow to ISIS or Boko Haram for any reason. It has to do with their upbringing and history. They are also better fighters than those currently at the helms of Nigeria's version of ISIS.

The international community created this problem, in part, and need to be involved in solving it. While they were using "human right" blablabla cover to paralyze our soldiers, ISIS was busy re-arming and launching brazen attacks with weapons made and sold by the West. The same pacifist and selfish posture of the current leaders of the West was also what led to the mess in Iraq and Syria. Yet they are not learning or changing tactics.

Over 3000 Western fighters are with ISIS in Iraq and Syria, seeking to establish an Islamic Caliphate. In due course, the Americans, British and Dutch among them will likely return home to unleash unprecedented terror on their people. It will likely bring those countries down to their knees. I don't think American economy and system can survive another 911 style attack in 2014/15. Yet it doesn't take much to see it coming. Caliph Al Baghdadi has already warned America not only through his "I’ll see you guys in New York” statement, but also in a recent congressional testimony, Brett McGurk reported chilling words by al-Baghdadi for America: “Soon we’ll be in direct confrontation…So watch out for us, for we are with you, watching.”

Western leaders must change tactics and deal decisive blows on these global terrorists wherever found. They should not wait for them to over run NorthEast Nigeria and possibly Abuja before coming to support Nigerian soldiers and government. A Nigerian born jihadist, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, already made attempt to bomb America on Christmas day of 2009.  If ISIS succeed in their quest to hoist black banners over portions of Nigeria, there will be many more Umars that will be willing to export terror to Europe and America. ISIS (aka Boko Haram in Nigeria) is a global challenge that requires global action and cooperation with the authorities in Nigeria and neighboring countries.

Our government and military does not need the distraction of "human rights" reports and anti-military propaganda. Our model for confronting terrorists has always been different from the American model. We accept collateral damages, partly as deterrence to would be terrorists, but because the West does not understand that they term it "human right abuses". That was the same cover they used to invade Libya and Iraq and toppled governments with the right "antidote" to handle real and would be local terrorists, thereby effectively installing ISIS and anarchy as replacements. We now know how the Western "human right agenda" is working "very well" in Libya and Iraq. We don't want that model to be replicated here in Nigeria. Jihadists and their supporters don't need "human rights", they need one way tickets to go and enjoy 72 virgins in hell.

When General Buhari and President Shagari fought Maitatsine terrorists that later gave birth to Boko Haram (ISIS of Nigeria) there were collateral damages. In fact, over 5000 innocent civilians including women and children died. Terrorists and their supporters were summarily executed without trial and General Buhari is a living witness and can testify on the efficacy of our model of dealing with terrorists and jihadists. When Late President Yaradua confronted the later incarnate of Maitatsine in Maiduguri in 2009 there were collateral damages and Nigerians accepted that without question. The same Yaradua leveled Camp 4 and other locations occupied by then MEND fighters and Nigerians accepted the collateral damages. Same way they accepted Obasanjo government's orchestrated massacres at Odi and Zaki Biam as being necessary to preserve the authority of the state.

Those playing the :"human rights" propaganda game must know that they are tying our soldiers hands behind their backs and asking them to go out and fight Islamic caliphate jihadists. Be prepared to take responsibility for the consequences that will soon unfold in a matter of weeks. Unless there is a change in tactics by Western leaders and their media.

When America and others came to Nigeria to "bring back girls" we expected them to also help our government peg back Boko Haram and possibly stop them from turning into a full scale ISIS of Africa monster. Months after, mum is the word from America and Isha Sesay and her hollywood film makers  are gone to other places to spread new propaganda leaving our Oby Ezekwesili alone to search for girls in Sambisa without needed propaganda support. What exactly did the American military and media expedition achieve?

Nigerian security and civilian leaders should wake up to the reality of what is coming. This is no time for APC versus PDP politics. ISIS will not install Buhari as the leader of the Caliphate and Jonathan will not be accepted as leader of South South if push comes to shove. Ganiyu Adam and his OPC boys will not accept Tinubu as thier leader if the come comes to become. All the major political figures will be endangered as the leaders of the Caliphate consolidate their powers in the NorthEast and further down. I was personally shocked to read that APC is asking the government to remove the limited state of emergency in Adamawa because of  election. Shouldn't they actually be asking for complete postponement of all elections and political activities pending the defeat of the terrorists? It simply shows that they either are clueless and don't even know that ISIS flag is already hoisted at a local government headquarters in Adamawa or they simply have other motives/agenda that is yet to be fully obvious.

I call on the President to declare total emergency in the NorthEast (and even Nigeria as a country) and formally change our status to that of a nation at WAR. All war time rules should apply without exception and political activities suspended till ISIS is defeated in Nigeria. I make this call with all sense of responsibility and in the knowledge that one key reason we are losing grounds to ISIS is 2015 election politics. The National Assembly should quickly reconvene and make necessary laws to tune the country into war mode and away from political mode. We cannot defeat ISIS under the shadow of politics. Whatever is mixed with politics is normally contaminated by politics.

For my follow countrymen who will call me names like "alarmist" etc, remember that this was exactly how I warned you about Ebola and told you that in exactly 2 weeks you will feel and know what I know. Today, you are screened at local and international airports, emergency has been declared and infection numbers are going up daily. I will also give you 6 weeks to see where ISIS flags (and banners) will be hoisted in Nigeria if the right measures are not taken today.

The right measures, in my view, includes officially putting the country on a war footing via a total declaration of emergency in the NorthEast and suspension of all political issues including elections in Nigeria. Till further notice.

A stitch in time saves nine and a friend told me this morning that "one treats a disease; one does not treat death". Cure the ISIS-Boko disease or prepare for Nigeria's funeral service.

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