Ikpeazu has done what APC Governors couldn’t do – Ope Banwo

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An Internet Business Consultant Dr. Ope Banwo has expressed his gratitude to the Governor of Abia state, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu for the approval of a Netprenuer incubation centre in Abia state. He said that Gov. Ikpeazu, who is a PDP Governor has done what his counterparts in the APC could not do.

Dr. Banwo while speaking at a 3-day Netprenuer workshop held at the Abia state digital library complex, noted that Abia state is the first state in Nigeria to embrace such idea. 
According to Banwo, several attempts to get other states approve such innovative idea proved abortive. He added that copies of his proposal were sent to the president and his wife, but none responded.

“For over a year I’ve been sending quotations. I am a Buhari supporter without any apologies. I have personal friends that we went to school together in government; I have access to government at the centre. I’ve sent to Buhari in Abuja at least four times, I’ve sent to Aisha Buhari. They have it; four-paged proposal. I am saying it so you know that when we say APC, it’s just very ironic that the first state to take up the challenge is Abia state. Baba that I almost died for will not even respond. Even my home state, Ogun, is far behind Abia in terms of the structures I have seen here in Umuahia." he said
Speaking further, Dr. Banwo said his state government, Ogun, where he presumed he could organize a free training for citizens, could not approve such proposal. 
Netprenuer workshop

“I am from Ogun state. The chief of staff to the governor, Taiwo Adeoluwa is my personal friend; we sleep in each other’s house. I went there for many weeks, submitted my proposal for over a year ago, no response.
“I told them I will come from the US myself, I will pay. The only thing I asked them to do was to give me a venue, then announce it on your social media or TV station, I will train your people. Give me one week and I will teach them where to get at least 500 to 1000 dollars a month.

“Guess what? I also submitted in Oyo state because Oyo state is where I thought I know everybody because three of the commissioners are my personal friends. We served together. I didn’t need anybody to call them for me because I know them. I went to that state atleast 12 times; I could not get an opportunity to present atleast free training. I didn’t say they should come and pay me.”
He however, thanked Abia  state Governor for such a huge opportunity given to the youths in Abia, saying he would ‘shame other Governors’ for failing to embrace such initiative
“I thank the Governor. Am gonna talk about this extensively on facebook. He’s gonna hear about it, am gonna callout the other governors, shame on them because we all vilified PDP; am one of them but it’s a PDP government that said ok, come and teach my youths.
“What am gonna do, I have built this 6months program in the platform called digital works Nigeria. Over a 6months period, we will teach them 4 solid A-Z about how to make money on the internet. Practical ways not theory; graduate them, give them a diploma from the American Internet Business school on digital marketing. With that, the work that they get, they don’t need to go and apply. We already have hundreds of people who are looking for people to give jobs,” he added.

In an interview with our reporter, one of the students described the program as the best thing that Abia State, her state has ever done for her.

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