The rising politics of we against them

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Donald Trump

Global politics has effectively turned to "we against them". While "we" represents the people, "them" stands for the political establishment who believe that the people have no mind of their own or know what is good for them.

It is a fact that mainstream media (MSM) establishments are big businesses effectively owned and controlled by "them" to represent their interests. Most of the big media establishment in the world are tools of manipulation by "them" and that is oppressive to "we". The new pattern I have observed is that whenever the people assert their will through elections the establishment respond by discrediting the choice of the people and sell the idea that the people made a terrible choice. That pattern was obvious post BREXIT and now post US polls. In the case of BREXIT, CNN led the charge with their new world order media colleagues, and were only pegged back by the need to realign and fight for the survival of the establishment candidate in US.

Unfortunately for them (and fortunately for the people) they lost. It was their scare mongering that almost collapsed British stocks. Since then CNN and co have been busy seeking to discredit US polls without realizing the far reaching consequences of their actions and methods. Less than 30% of viewers now believe CNN and other MSM as credible sources of political news. Indeed more than 60m Americans voted for Trump in defiance of CNN and other MSMs. Post Trump's victory the same folks have defied the stock market doom prediction of CNN and co to lead US stocks into unprecedented gains. As at Wednesday, Trump won Michigan. While former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won the national popular vote with more than 2 million submissions, the race in Michigan was tight. By winning the state’s 16 Electoral College votes, Trump’s total increased to 306. Clinton’s is 232. A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win.

The results were posted by Ruth Johnson, Michigan’s Secretary of State, Wednesday after all the votes were reviewed and certified by Michigan’s 83 county clerks Tuesday. What then is the basis for Jill Stein's push for recount of votes in 3 states; Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania? That folks have donated more than $4.8m to this effort, an amount that is much higher than the $3.5m she raised for her entire campaign that yielded only 1% of the total votes cast is revealing. Obviously she is running the script of the political establishment seeking to discredit the mandate of Americans in the same way they are emphasizing popular votes largely obtained through liberal votes cast in California and New York by many illegal aliens. If Trump had contested those states he possibly would have done much better but he did what smart people do: run to win by focusing attention on where it is needed.

It is instructive to note that Trump won even when $435m out of $500m raised by Hillary was spent on the campaign. Whereas Donald Trump raised $247m and spent only $232m to beat the establishment flag bearer. If not for disdain for the will of Americans why will anyone suggest recounts at states won narrowly by Trump and leave out states won narrowly by Hillary? It is important to note that Michigan is not an electronic voting machine state but use paper and optical scan voting system entirely.

Even if Trump loses Wisconsin he will still be POTUS as he only needs 270 electoral votes. It is the same desperation and disdainful attitude towards the people that have made the establishment and their followers to cajole electors to ignore time held traditions and vote against the candidate that won their states. Sore losing and political desperation are twins. Let me sound this note of warning: the people will fight back in a devastating way. If you deny them the only thing that gives them a sense of power (their voice expressed as a vote) the establishment will lose everything. Power is not real. It is merely a creation of the people who come together and donate each of their individual powers (votes) to the establishment on trust. If the people decide that those they gave power to are now treating them with disdain the world will approach a Hobbesian state of nature. In that state, it is all man for himself and God for all.

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