2016 Library week: Abia Digital Library is the best-NLA President

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The Nigerian Library Association (NLA), Abia state chapter, marked 2016 library week by visiting Library facilities across the state. The group commended the state government for the establishment of a state of the art digital library at Ogurube layout Umuahia.


Speaking on behalf of the Association, Prof. Udo Nwokocha who led the delegates to the Abia state E-library complex said the gadgets at the digital library are massive and would serve a lot of users. He also acknowledged that the complex has what is required of a digital library


“We think it’s a beautiful place, we have a lot of gadgets, computers etc. We are thoroughly impressed by what we have been shown. The number of computers and supporting resources should be able to serve quite a number of users. We are also impressed by the other facilities we have seen, the 2 power generating sets and the inverter system here should be able to keep the place running with no interruption.


“That is what we expect from an e-library whereby people would be able to get the information they need. When you come in you feel relaxed. I’ve also seen the lounge, which is what is obtainable all over the world. When you read a while and feel like taking something, you cross over and take tea or coffee. I’ve seen that. We are honestly impressed,” he said.


Prof. Nwokocha who is also Abia state University (ABSU) Chief Librarian, said students of ABSU will be encouraged to visit the library for Academic research


“We will collaborate with the management of the e-library . From now on we will be directing our students, those of them who have the opportunity of coming to Umuahia.If we are sure that the place will be opened for them. We will direct them to come here and do their research whenever they are on holiday.”


He added that the Association has visited other Libraries within the state, noting that it would have been ‘disastrous’ if they had failed to visit the E-library


“Our chapter decided to visit libraries this year. It would have been disastrous if we visited libraries without coming to the e-library. We have visited libraries in Ministries such as Education, Information, Health etc. Coming here is enriching. We are excited that we came here”


Reacting to the news of the relocation of some faculties in ABSU to Umuahia and Aba, Prof. Nwokocha said:

“It is one of the best things that has happened to ABSU because law is our flagship. Law faculty in Umuahia provides platforms for practical lectures, there are courts, prison service and other practice supporting institutions here in Umuahia. Lecturers can take students to those court rooms and they will sit back and listen to the Judges as they give rulings during trials.

“The Governor is committed to it. You can see the massive work going on there. We have 500 capacity hostels there. Even the law students can not use every thing we have there.

“Multiple campus system is what is obtainable across the world and we are only queuing in. The Governor is an Academician and he understands. Contrary to what many believe, it wasn’t the Governor who initiated the move, the former administration initiated it. For some reasons they didn’t deliver it, but the Governor who is a thorough Academician implemented it and the students are happy including the Lecturers”

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