Rantings of the Disgruntled because of power shift to Abia south

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 The Ibeku people in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State, have been inundated with negative write-ups against one of our great sons - Chief T.A Orji (CON) by few disgruntled individuals, and make bold to state as follows: 1. We, Ibeku people, are proud of our son, Chief T.A Orji (Ochendo – CON), who was Governor of Abia State for 8 years, with outstanding achievements.

The Great Zik of Africa, who following the spate of recriminations against him during the political emancipation of the black race warned: "I pity those who throw mud at me; they not only will miss their mark, they will have their hands soiled.."

2.​ The eternal statement of Zik as stated above, reverberates as small minds and pathological ingrates conspire to continually indulge in "pull him down" campaign against one of the greatest of our time - Ochendo Abia (con). Ndi Ibeku is not unmindful of the darts being thrown at him recently. We are aware that few disgruntled and aggrieved Old Bende people are sponsoring this campaign of calumny, because Ochendo stood his ground, even resolutely and facilitated the shift of Power to Abia South.

3. This noble act has made certain myopic elements in Old Bende whose intention was that no Abia south person will be Governor of Abia state to be going about unashamedly recruiting Judases in the Old Bende (Ibeku in particular). These elements in the fold of Chief Uche Akwukwaegbu and,Eze S.I. Onuoha (the Eke 1 of Eke) to casting aspersions on this great son of Ibeku! We need to clarify here that Abia state stands on a Tripod of Three zones. Abia North, Abia Central and Abia South, with traditional home origins of Old Bende division and Aba division (Ukwa la Ngwa axis).

4. Power Shift was not only done in Abia State but in other states like Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Benue states to mention but a few, and till today no one has been found casting aspersions on the facilitators, except here in God's Own State.

5. ​Abia people must of necessity put on their thinking Caps. Our emphasis on zero - sum politics will not augur well for the betterment of ndi Abia. Mind you, it is only in Abia state that the Gubernatorial election, won and lost in 2015 is still being challenged in the Courts of Law. If we must progress as a people, we must refrain from prevarication and hypocrisy in the pursuit of equity and justice.

6. Bearing in mind that Power shift is not eternal, it is a marriage that will terminate at a given time and we should allow ndi Abia South to enjoy their stay in Umuahia -Ibeku, the state capital

7. The smear campaign against Chief T.A.Orji (CON), is to say the least Hateful and Envious. It smacks of a drowning adversary. Ochendo is already a Colossus in the Nigerian political space. The only Abian of two term Governorship, a sitting Senator, a status still an aspiration for others!

8. Chief T.A. Orji(CON) as his names depict :A Big tree - Okeosisi where all and sundry pass by to take their cut. Ochendo must know that people are envious of his attainments and consequently should be conscious of the words of Former President Babangida that "I don't join issues with my juniors’’

9. Senator T.A. Orji (CON), has a Glorious history, a core old Bende son more than his traducers. A Son of Ibeku of Tom Ikoro Orji Ancestry. His Father, Tom Ikoro Orji was a Warrant Chief of 1st class status who led other Chiefs in Ibeku to sign agreement for cessation of hostilities between Ibeku and the then colonialists and then handed down Ibeku Umuahia,now capital of Abia state in 1917 to the British colonialists.

10. We, Ibeku people restates for emphasis that we are indeed proud of Senator T.A Orji – Ochendo (CON), for his numerous achievements as Administrative Secretary NECON and eventually INEC, Permanent Secretary, Chief of Staff to Executive Governor and now Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria! Finally, the great Abraham Lincoln of blessed memory once said " What kills a Skunk is the publicity it gives itself "...So to them that have ears let them hear;


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