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I support Mr. Donald J. Trump's presidential bid because he has admitted publicly that the American-inspired removal of Arab secularist leaders like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Ghadaffi, Hosni Mubarak and, more recently, the attempt to remove Bashir Al Assad were wrong, short-sighted, counter-productive and have led to nothing but chaos.
How many politicians, from either side of America's political divide, have that level of vision and understanding of world affairs?
How many have the courage to admit that succcesive American Presidents, including George W. Bush who was a Republican like him, were wrong on this issue?
Hussein, Ghadaffi, Mubarak and Al Assad were/are, though dictators, moderate Muslims who fought and supressed the Islamist terrorists and islamic fundamentalism in their respective domains.
Since the time they were removed or bogged down in fighting a civil war, as is the case with Assad, the Middle East, north, east and west Africa, Europe and indeed the world has become a far more dangerous place.
The Obama/Clinton/Kerry administration (whom I often refer to as the "evil triumverate" or the "unholy trinity") helped the islamist terrorists to spread their violence and evil throughout the world more than any other government in the entire history of the United States of America.
The questions that those that doubt my assertions need to answer are as follows:

1. Why did it take the Obama/Clinton/Kerry triumverate literally three years to designate Nigeria's Boko Haram as a terrorist organisation and why is it that they waited until over 100, 000 innocent Nigerians were killed before they did so in 2014.
2. Why did the Obama/Clinton/Kerry triumverate impose an arms embargo on Nigeria when President Goodluck Jonathan was in power and why did they stop the entire western world, including Israel, from selling us arms to fight Boko Haram? Who benfitted from that policy more than Boko Haram itself and those in Nigeria that were using them to discredit and fight the government?
3. Why did the Obama/Clinton/Kelly triumverate encourage their closest Arab allies, including the Saudi Arabians, the Qataris and the Turks, to fund islamist terror groups like the Al Nusra Front and ISIS in Iraq and Syria?
4. Why was Mubarak removed and replaced with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? How could this have been allowed to happen? It could only have happened under the rulership of the triumverate.
Mubarak's Egypt was America's greatest ally in North Africa and the Arab world and she was Israel's best friend. When the Muslim Brotherhood came to power they got it so wrong that the Egyptian military had to do a coup, topple them and come back.
I am sure that the Obama administration were not too pleased with that because they were very comfortable with the Muslim Brotherhood and they welcomed their islamist agenda and anti-Israerli-sentiments.
5. How can the Obama/Clinton/Kerry triumverate justify the mess in Libya? They ensured that they toppled Ghadaffi through their Libyan and Gulf Arab state surrogates and European allies and after that Al Qaeda and ISIS moved in and flooded the place.
Libya is now in anarchy, turmoil and chaos and the terrorists control more parts of it than the government does.
6. Why did the Obama/Clinton/Kerry triumverate bring the relationship between Israel and the U.S. to such an all-time low that, for the first time since the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, an Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, visited America in his official capacity without seeking or being granted audience by the President of the United States?
Those that think Clinton will not continue the evil that she and Obama started seven years ago in the name of political correctness and the subtle promotion of radical islam and terror are either dangerously naive or ignorant or both.

Trump has declared that his foreign policy will be focused on one thing: the elimination and destruction of those that espouse terror and radical islam and the protection of those that are victims of radical islam and the jihadi terrorists throughout the world.
He has rejected the Obama/Clinton/Kerry approach of trying to appease the terrorists.
That is good enough for me. That is the only way forward if we want a better and safer world.
On 25th August 2016 Mr. Babatunde O. Gbadamosi wrote the following on his Facebook:
"Trump must win. Kerry and the Democrats see Southern Nigeria as Fulani conquered territory, and the Fulanis as our masters.
I say a prayer for Donald Trump today: May the Lord of hosts grant him resounding victory in the US Presidential elections, in Jesus' name".
I say a big "amen" to that. The complicity of the Obama administration in what is going on in our country is self-evident.
They have weakened, undermined and further divided our nation by interfering in our internal political affairs and by encouraging and supporting an incompetent, sectional, dictatorial and essentially islamist government whose intention is to intimidate, bully and brow-beat our people into a cowering and grovelling silence, submission, slavery and captivity.
The support that the Obama administration and the Democrats generally appear to be offering the Buhari administration and the dark forces that they represent makes it imperative for any right-thinking person that believes in the secularity of the state, the plurality of our nation, the sanctity of our constitution and laws and the equality of all religious faiths and ethnic nationalities in our country to pray for Trump to prevail.
That the Obama/Clinton/Kerry triumverate and unholy trinity assisted President Buhari to come to power last year is no longer disputable.
That they had nothing but contempt and disdain for President Goodluck Jonathan simply because he refused to be their puppet, he refused to work for the CIA and for the establishment of a demonic "new world order" and he rejected the notion that gay rights and gay marriage should be given pride of place in our laws and his policies is a matter of fact.
That Obama's campaign manager David Axelrod was paid large sums of money (which according to some reports ran into 10 million US dollars) to assist the Buhari campaign is no longer debatable.
That the Obama administration has turned a blind eye to the massive violation of human rights and civil liberties in our country and the perpetration of mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide against our people cannot be denied.
That the CIA, through its various fronts and surrogates in the international private sector, is quietly selling the idea that the hausa language ought to be the lingua franca of Nigeria and the indegenous language that our nation ought to be identified with is increasingly obvious.
That John Kerry came to Nigeria a couple of weeks ago and insulted the collective sensibilities of the entire south and every self-respecting Christian in the country by visiting the Sultan of Sokoto, a handful of core northern Muslim governors, an "Arewa-loving" Buhari and no-one else is irrefutable.
Not only did the Christian Association of Nigeria condemn this in very strong terms but such was the angst that it provoked that Mr. Kingsly Okah, a respected essayist and political commentator, was constrained to write the following:

"John Kerry came for the Sultan of Sokoto's birthday and not a state visit. He came to perfect the western seed of discord foisted on us by the ouster of President Goodluck Jonathan. He came to lay credence to the American support of an Islamic agenda in Nigeria. He came to endorse genocide being commited by some reprobate Muslims whose foot soldiers are Fulani herdsmen and their grand patron Buhari".
To butress the point Mr. Galadima of the Christian Information Network went further by writing the following to its members. He wrote:
"This is such a significant event that minority nationalities and Christians all over the country MUST digest and act.
1. John Kerry has just confirmed that spiritually, Nigeria is now an lslamic State.
2. His inspiring attacks on corruption, bad governance and all that stuff are thrilling but only a facade. He and the government of the United States of America are here to divert attention from the real thing.
3.They are pushing the absurd narrative that we should blame past governments, who they claim did not tackle poverty etc., for the rise of lslamic terrorism in the north and that the Sokoto Caliphate has always been the region which provides Nigeria with decent human resources for good governance.

Haba!! Please somebody advise me to halt for now. These diversions should be rejected and resisted. The legality of using lslam to kill and destroy in Nigeria must be challenged. This Network should keep this fight alive and on the front burner of national discourse".
Can anyone seriously dispute the veracity of both Okah and Galadima's assertions? Are they not absolutely right?
In a country that is multi-racial, multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-lingual and in a nation in which the south rightfully believes that it is presently under siege and in the process of being systematically enslaved, these things cannot be defended, rationalised or justified under any circumstances.
Not only is it utterly reprehensible but it also confirms the fact that Obama and his triumverate are not only partial to the Muslim north but that they also have a hidden agenda to further divide Nigeria along religious and ethnic lines and perhaps cause another major conflict just as was done in Syria.
A vote for Clinton is a vote to continue this shameless and utterly dangerous policy. Worst still a Clinton victory would ultimately cost Nigeria dearly.
Donald Trump, who is well known for his disdain and contempt for radical Islam, his rigid opposition to islamist intolerance and jihadi terrorism and his concerns about the activities of those that seek to establish a new world caliphate where sharia law is applied to all and where Christians and non-Sunni Muslims are slaughtered and killed, would have none of that.

And neither would he, his Republican party or the evangelical Christian movement in the United States of America, who are solidly behind him, support or engender such an evil agenda. (TO BE CONTINUED).

Femi Fani-Kayode

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