Can pre-election polls be rigged by CNN and others?

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Answer is capital yes. It is so easy that you will be shocked to know.

Remember that BREXIT pre-referendum polling all showed the "remain" campaign will win? They rolled out all their media personalities, local and international, to harass the British public and made those of them voting to leave EU look like illiterates and isolationists. Even Obama weighed in without regards to the fact that it amounts to interference with British internal affairs. The remain campaigners were so desperate that they had to throw in the poster child of globalization and new world order, Barrack Hussein Obama.

At the end of the day Cameron and his globalists lost by more than a million votes. Though rigged polls published 24 hours earlier showed that "Remain" will win with more than 5% point. In fact, FT published a poll showing Remain winning by 55 against 45 on the eve of the poll.

BREXIT was a heavy blow to the powerful globalization cabal and they learnt their lessons and prepared hard for the American challenge. I remember watching my CNN "friend" Richard Quest and one dude sweating to explain away the difference between the rigged BREXIT poll numbers they sold to the public and the actual numbers from the election in the early hours of June 24th.

For all intents and purposes, Trump is the anti globalization candidate who wants to build a wall, stop Muslims from terror infested countries like Nigeria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan etc from coming to America without thorough checks. He also wants to stop the shipping of American jobs abroad as well as repeal trade agreements that are anti-America but pro-globalization.

Ordinarily Donald Trump should have a landslide victory if the polls are not manipulated before the election. Majority of Americans want what he wants and really don't care about his bombastic nature. The British didn't care about Boris Johnson's legendary bombastic behavior or even Nigel's legendary bad media personae. Common folks see them as mere symbols of a struggle against the establishment that have taken power from the people and is using the media to decide how the people should live, think, work and behave.

The media is already actively being used to rig US elections against Trump. Their assignment is to find and amplify anything that will make him unattractive to independent voters since he has refused to be "presidential". Many of those who have talked about being presidential actually do not know what it means but know that "Trump is not presidential". Hahahaha

Being presidential simply means conforming to the rules set by the globalist cabal in political behavior, agenda and action plan. That includes feeding the masses with politically correct sups that means nothing other than ensure that they remain slaves of the globalists who are practically running their lives from London. Washington, New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo etc

To understand the power of the institutions fighting Trump, go and watch a video of the list of those who consistently attend annual meetings of the world economic summit in Davos. Those are the people running the world and they are the people Trump is up against. If Trump wants their support he must revise some of the things he promised to do publicly. That is the meaning of being "Presidential"-conforming to set agenda by the owners of the world .

To the point on how to rig opinion polls, that is the simplest part of the story. Just a matter of choice of sample population and the weight given to each population in the overall sample size.

For instance, if I want national polls where Hillary will lead Trump with 20 points, I will give more weight in the polling to Hillary's strong areas. Even at battleground states, I will interview and record more Hispanics and Blacks than white males who predominantly support Trump. Even my women sample votes will tilt towards Hispanics and Blacks.

It is just a matter of numbers.

To understand it well, let me use a local example. If I were to sample opinions on Buhari versus Jonathan and my objective is to make Buhari win, I will poll more people in Kano, Jigawa and Sokoto that in Abia, Rivers and Bayelsa. Even in the latter 3 states I can select the "Ama Awusa" area for Aba sample population thereby ensuring that Buhari still gets reasonable numbers whereas in Sabon Gari Kano I will reduce the number of persons polled to the barest minimum because they are likely to back Jonathan.

At the end of the day my polls will be right in absolute numbers but rigged during preparation for polling. That is what is happening with American pre-election polling. That was what happened with BREXIT polls. They chose higher samples from places like London and reduced the sample size from the "mainland rural cities" where support for BREXIT was higher. Even in conducting live interviews they choose those who are likely to support "remain" and even when a "leave" campaigner is invited they make sure that there is a strong "remain" campaigner that will speak immediately after him.

CNN and other networks are doing same for Clinton. They are "rigging" the opinion polls and rigging the interviews. In a typical CNN politics panel you will find one strong pro-Trump with 2 weak pro-Trump against 4 strong anti-Trump plus the anti-Trump CNN anchor. Also, if there is a positive Trump news CNN will run a counter to it immediately after and then examine the counter more in details until viewers have forgotten the positive Trump news and focus on the negative. CNN is even manufacturing anti/Trump news like the hoax about secret service interviewing Trump campaign team over 2nd amendment comments. They also amplified the Khan spat but refused to run the connection between Khan and the Hillary campaign that showed long term association including work and political donation.

Tell me, which sane father injects his late hero son into a political campaign? Why is CNN not repeating the comment by the man said to have dropped his jaws after the 2nd amendment comment of Trump? The bad news is that the first day they interviewed the man after the story broke he told them that after the "joke" by Trump he made up his mind to vote for Trump instead of Hillary. At CNN that was a wrong response.

They ran same parole with BREXIT and failed. Most of you supporting Clinton are victims of the globalization cabal but unfortunately don't know that. Just like you bought their gay marriage scheme that was carefully scripted and launched with set objectives that must be achieved through deceit and media manipulation.


The good news for Trump is that churning out double digit leads for Hillary helps Trump more than it helps her. It simply ensures that turn out will be lower among her supporters who will see the poll as done and dusted. The same happened to "Remain" folks in Britain and God helped the helpless "Leave" people more by sending down the rains on the morning of the polls.

If CNN and co continue churning out rigged poll numbers for Hillary and on polling day something happens, including heavy rainfall or major security alert, Hillary voters will most likely stay at home. Whereas the super fired up army of Trump voters will brave it to the polls come what may. Not even an earthquake will keep a Trump voter at home on Election Day.

Trump's mostly rural supporters see the polls as the struggle for the soul of America with Trump as the symbol. They will fight to the last and there is a strong likelihood of violence in US if Trump loses and his supporters perceive the poll as having been rigged against him.

The other positive for Trump campaign from the rigged poll numbers is that Hillary donors will reduce donations while Trump supporters will up the ante. Last time Trump made $82m and she managed much less. His donation numbers will go up as his supporters continue to see Hillary blast him out of the advert airwaves.

It is no secret that to arrive at the current rigged poll numbers Hillary outspent Trump by 15 to 1 ($57m to $4m) in advertising. Even with that ratio of more than 15:1 she is still not able to put him away electorally. Knowledgable pundits will tell you that if Trump marches her in advert spend for just 3 weeks her real poll numbers will further crash irretrievably.

When next you have those rigged poll numbers how about you not bothering to tag me or share with me? I know this game well enough and may be among very few people that can predict Trump's next move. I expect that move this weekend or next week and it will take the other side by surprise. Like the DNC email stunt.

Also do not share with me which Republican says he or she will vote Hillary. I know a little more. Globalization is not purely a democrat issue. Most of the 16 RNC contestants that Trump blew away and their supporters are strongly involved in the globalization cabal (aka new world order) and have attended many world economic forum inner caucus meetings at Davos. If Trump wins the Bush family, Dick Cheney of Halliburton, Mitt Romney and many A-listed Republicans will finish politically in US and the globe. They are fighting for their political lives and global relevance and won't mind doing anything to ensure Trump loses.

The one sure number people need to focus on is that 60% of American voters DO NOT want or trust Hillary to be their POTUS. That is the number CNN and co make light of and cover up with "Trump has nearly same numbers".  That number will ultimately settle US presidential poll and make Trump POTUS.


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