The choice blacks make determine their socio-economic status in America.

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There is no doubt that an overwhelming majority of blacks in America support democrats without pre-condition. If American presidential elections hold today more than 90% of black American voters will vote for Hillary Clinton and the democrats. While I find nothing wrong with block votes, it is important to at least examine the historical benefits of such votes to the black population in USA.

Black Americans are the same block called African Americans. They include generations of former African shaves like Kinta Kunte and African immigrants to US including Nigerians. Within the Nigerian population of the African contingent you will find Igbo. Yoruba and Hausa populations who entered US by various means but somehow retain their basic distinguishing characteristics.

For instance, most Igbo in USA came through individual, family or communal efforts whereas the preponderance of the Yoruba and Northern Nigerian immigrants were sponsored by governments and agencies of governments in Nigeria at state and federal levels.

Interestingly, a recent report showed that among African American populations the Igbo are the most educated and intelligent group. Followed by the Yoruba. I have no doubts that in same order those are the most successful African Americans too.

Distinctly, while the majority of Igbo high school educated migrants study science and technology courses their Yoruba brethren excel in the arts and social sciences. At the same time most African Americans who are direct descendants of African slaves are mostly poorly educated and end up taking up lowest cadre jobs. The creme de la creme of that population group are mostly those who made it through sports and entertainment. Others survive through what we call menial jobs in Nigeria and the social security support system. To identify that group, just listen to them speak and you will mostly hear things like "f...k shit", "yomen" and "wanna gonna". The men among them can also be identified with their multiple neck chains and ear rings.

To maximize benefits from the social support system, it is normal to find young African American ladies without husbands or settled lifestyle but with children from different fathers. The children entitle them to more inflows from the system and with democrats in power they benefit more from the system that rewards laziness through hand outs as against the Republican focus on wealth through hard work.

Knowing that most Igbo in US are hardworking it sometimes confound me how people known in Nigeria and Africa as the most republican people find comfort within the political ideology of democrats that is the direct opposite of what Ndigbo believe and find traditionally acceptable. Ordinarily the support of democrats for LGBTQ population in US should turn away Igbo voters and the Republican principles of wealth creation through hard work should suit them.

But that is not the case. Ndigbo, the most intelligent African Americans  are also mostly democrats leaning. May be the answer lies with the generous immigration policies of the democrats that allowed them to easily immigrate and work in USA. If so, I will suggest they read my note to the end.

Who will benefit if Trump builds a wall along Mexico borders and restrict unfettered immigration? My personal view is that African Americans will benefit more than others. The reason is simple: they are the ones competing for jobs with Hispanics.

Typically, whites employ Hispanics and Africans without much ado. But companies owned by Hispanics hardly engage blacks and the rivalry between the two demographics is so intense that you can mistake it for hatred. Likewise companies owned by blacks employ mostly blacks. With whites being the leveler and seemingly the non tribalistic job creators, it is easy to see that if Hispanics lose to Trump's immigration policies blacks will benefit more than others. Similarly. If Arabs lose to Trump policies of keeping away Islamic terrorists blacks will also benefit. Shutting out 1.2m illegal Mexican immigrants will open doors to African immigrants, especially because of their relatively better education and good conduct.

Recently I read a report that while some Ivy League schools reserved places for black Americans with generous scholarship schemes the black population is still unable to take up to 20% of the available spaces. Courses on offer are mostly science and technology courses that are at the heart of economic prosperity. It is only the Igbo and Yoruba immigrants that even fill some of the relatively meager quota whereas "pure" black Americans prefer to do menial jobs, give birth to many kids as if giving birth or impregnating women are achievements on their own.

As a digression, permit me to tell you a bit about how Ndigbo became successful entrepreneurs even under fire from a hateful and Igbophobic Nigerian system/society. Do you know that a typical Igbo young man believes that he must make some wealth and be comfortable before he marries? Whereas his south western and northern friend will marry as soon as he can impregnate a woman. They expect their parents and the government to support them, the wife or wives and their children whereas the Igbo man considers it failure for his parents or indeed government to look after their spouse or family.

While I am sure that early marriage has its own benefits, permit me to inform you that the Igbo boy is actually motivated to work hard by the prospect of marriage. He wants to have the basic requirements of life before bringing his female "trophy" that he wants to pamper home. Even with child bearing, he considers capacity to give his children the best in life critical to the number of children he will have. Not so with his contemporaries that operate with the mindset of "God and society will provide".

I leave you to choose which track you consider better and I will not debate your choice. But you need to know that dependency on others is anti wealth creation and suits the philosophy of democrats more than republicans.

Interestingly the most profound post slavery harm done to blacks in America came from the Clinton era enactment of the 1994 crime prevention legislation that basically stigmatized blacks and punished them disproportionately with very high jail terms for drug offenses. That singular legislation is the reason the prison population of blacks increased astronomically whereas the whites that actually could afford to buy and use the drugs for recreation purposes continue to escape punishment.

When blacks talk about crime profiling they blame the "white man" and match with Hillary who promoted that toxic legislation against them. Ignorance on rampage.  They love the symbolism of a white candidate for president matching with "black lives matter" pyrrhic campaigners operating with civil rights era mentality as against "all American lives matter" Republicans asking for equal protection for all citizens with strengthening of law and order.

How do you explain to our propaganda damaged people that law and order means protection for law enforcement officers and all victims of unwarranted racially motivated police violence? Instead of segmenting America into white, blacks and Hispanics populations, as democrats love doing, is it not better to develop within a fair system that recognizes equality for all Americans under the banner of ONE America?

I have watched black political analysts, including my favorite Van Jones of CNN, and I find it interesting that they are driven by fear more than reality of strategic politics in supporting Hillary. Repeatedly I have heard Jones say "there is absolutely no evidence that Donald Trump is anti-Blacks" yet he spends his precious time defending why black votes should go to Hillary and the democrats.

Emotionalism and crowd pull effect at work. The same effect that defines the very successful Ben Carson as a fringe black but celebrates civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton. African Americans need more Ben Carson. Condoleeza Rice and Collin Powell than Jesse Jackson. Oprah Winfrey and Al Sharpton to excel in a post slavery and racial discrimination America.

While blacks are jumping up over a great speech delivered by Mitchel Obama I am sure that not even one of my readers can point to one future benefit of that speech to the African American people of USA. Did that speech define how black children will fill the openings at Ivy League schools? Did it point a way out of food stamps and social security support for blacks? Will that speech end racial profiling of blacks by security agents?

Make no mistake about this, Mitchel's speech was sweet to watch or listen to. It will probably earn her a senate seat later. Obama himself will deliver an even more flowery speech while Hillary will close the seduction deal with a grand patronizing speech that will "swell" black heads for sometime before they go back to food stamps and "black lives matter" matches.

Uwa ntoor.

How will Trump presidency help African Americans?

In Nigeria and other African countries there is a real risk of Christians being over run by radical Islam and their sponsors. Trump will stop the March of evil instead of being politically correct like Hillary who refused to designate Boko Haram a terrorist organization to avoid annoying her donors. On Trump's watch, corrupt and inept African leaders will hear nwii instead of being invited regularly by Clinton for photo op sessions that she will smile through and then go behind their back to call them "fantastically corrupt" and inept like David Cameron did recently.

By restricting illegal immigration flow from Mexico there will be more jobs for legal immigrants, including blacks and Nigerians. Even our students will find part time jobs to do while schooling. Trump will also reactivate the high job creation factories in the American rust belt region without hurting the march of technology that delivers less jobs. That will be good news for blacks that are yet to get college education.

May be I have said too much and hurt feelings. But like Trump I believe that it is better to tell people the truth than mislead them with flowery words that give them false sense of security and progress.

How many Jews do menial jobs in USA? You think that is by accident?

My dream black population in US is one that is well educated, hardworking and contributing to raising great children with African values. Not those demonstrating for LGBTQ rights and food stamps.

To get there every black man in US must think like Igbos and work like Jews.

Taking the first step of pragmatic change means voting for Trump. The alternative is simply more of the same situation they find themselves today.

Please don't hate me for saying the truth I know. Correct me where I am wrong but do so with facts.

Thanks for reading this long short note. LoL


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