Bye bye Mai Mangoro

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Mai Mangoro wrote his caustic and divisive letter to northern governors without thinking of Nigerian unity and sustenance. In that letter he made allegations that will make a primary school pupil feel like contesting governorship election. Yet it was Nigeria's former military chief (CNS) in his 70s that spent his time to conjure up that letter.

That letter was similar to the views he canvassed in far away United States of America alongside other northern governors while on a visit aimed at washing Nigerian dirty linens in public and strengthening the hands of the insurgents seeking to disunite us and impose extreme Islamism on a secular state like Nigeria. He ingeniously claimed that Boko Haram was a phantom organization created by the current regime to decimate the north.

How much more mundane can a public officer be?

Fools of the Federal Republic clapped for him and hailed him as "Mai Mangoro". While sane Nigerians cringed after reading his thoughts.

I recall that shortly afterwards the Federal Government set up a panel to investigate his claims. Promptly, the investigating security panel arrived in Yola to verify his claims and see if he has facts to offer. When that happened, I warned in my facebook wall that Nyako was toying with certain impeachment. There is simply a limit to allowable mischief from a holder of high office. Nyako exceeded that limit and made no apologies.

Today, Nyako has been impeached by Adamawa State House of Assembly.

This should serve as a note of warning to loquacious public officials with high degree of oral diarrhoea infections. You cannot hold office by virtue of the magnanimity of our people and constitution and seek to mess up same laws and unity of Nigerians. Nobody is above nyakorization in Nigeria.

While the reason given by Adamawa State House of assembly for Nyako's impeachment largely bother on financial impropriety and recklessness, it is noteworthy that the man himself publicly stated that President Jonathan had no hand in his impeachment proceeding. Of course many will still blame the president for Nyako's travails. Many Nigerians are obviously still suffering from the reign of impunity of the Obasanjo regime and hence believe that Mr President must be involved in the minutest of proceedings even when it is obvious that impeachment is largely a legislative function ala section 188 of 1999 constitution. Such irritants will even forget that the members of Adamawa House of Assembly are not from the President's hometown or tribe, just like the panel members. They won't bother to note that the President has so far not impeached Governor Amaechi who is by far more "troublesome" and equally careless with words like Nyako. He is still seating pretty as governor because members of Rivers State House of Assembly have not yet moved against him. That's democracy at work.

Before Nyako became a hero of the Janjaweed party, the opposition parties in Adamawa complained endlessly about his financial recklessness. Notable among them were members of CPC, ANPP and ACN who later merged to form present day APC. Apparently when Nyako joined APC all his sins were swept away as he also managed to coral PDP legislators to join him. Incidentally, those were the same legislators that rejoined PDP and impeached him today. Nobody complained when they left PDP even though the law said you must lose your seat if you change parties as a legislator. Many will now complain because the legislators have rejoined PDP and executed the will of Adamawa people to remove a governor who has embarrassed them needlessly.

What ever might be your view, current reality is that Nyako will be first among many governors that will go in this dispensation. Our constitution is clear on impeachment proceedings and once due process is followed, no court can entertain any suit on what is clearly a legislative process. You can visit to see what the constitution says about impeachment procedure for governors. It is a democratic and constitutional process, just like election to the office of the governor.

Good bye "Mai Mangoro". I wish you well as you sell ripe "mangoro" to "phantom" Boko Haram terrorists. That is if you are not made to further answer to the law for your actions and inaction as Former Governor of Adamawa State. Other governors like you will learn from your experience and act true to the high office they occupy. Cries of political persecution will not protect them from answering to our laws.

JOK 15/7/14

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