2015 has taught me......

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IN 2015, Life has taught Me…..

Living through this year 2015 that is barely half spent has taught me so many new things. It has taught me:

Ø  Never to break my personal protocol in order to accommodate someone in my life.

Ø   That what made others to become ‘Failures’ in life can still be the same thing that made someone a Success (Celebrity).

Ø  To always be ready to sacrifice whatever I have at hand in order to move up; except society/self-values, family and self-respect.

Ø  Not to reveal by no means any secret I share with a loved one (someone you are in a relationship with) for self-defense.

Ø   Not to accept what I hate today to win loyalty of someone today because tomorrow I may still hate it and eventually lose the loyalty.

Ø  That what I fear could happen may eventually happen. Enjoying every moment and not to ever anticipate a change I am not in control of.

Ø  That grace is given as to empower us; to work harder consolidating on a blessing.

Ø  That grace is not expecting result to come by itself without having to labour for it. Ask the beauty queens!

Ø  That a Beauty-Queen is luxuriously beautiful but she works harder more than average lady just to be beautiful.

Ø  That it is going to end in celebration even when the present moment does not look like it.

Ø  That I should Live to the fullness of my personal talent; Purpose is realized when our gifts are at work already.

Ø  That Fulfillment comes only when you have expended every weight of inspiration in your mind.

Ø  First we must have achieved certain successes before we talk about legacies because Legacies are not left by accident.

Ø   Not exchange friendship with integrity. Friendship will not count when someone of integrity is the criteria for a job.

Ø  That When we focus and engage our time fully with positive inspiration that breeds in our minds, we will have no time entertaining distraction

                                  To be continued……



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