Ozu nwa bekee of Online Social Media

Posted by John Okiyi Kalu | 8 years ago | 3,111 times

Many people I know at online social media are simply ozu nwa bekee (white man's corpse). Carry them up, "no no no". Bring them down, "no no no".

Super confused bunch.

If the president permits free and fair primaries and his former ministers lose: "no no no he is a weak president who is only interested in his own re-election". But where a former minister won; "no no no President have rigged it for his man". If a governor's candidate wins they shout "rigging" but when another governor's candidate loses they scream "weak man". Haba, wetin una want self?

It also takes idiocy to abuse others for holding contrary political views and if I am permitted to say so, we seem to have many of those. You like candidate A and another person prefers candidate B and you attack him, abuse him, call him names etc. Yet you are discussing a democratic choice within a democratic system. Are you not sick or on drugs? Who told you that others must follow your choice or be damned? Do you not know that democracy is about choices? Didn't God himself even permit men to choose?

If your understanding of politics is rancor and abuse against those who don't agree with your views, permit me to call you Mr or Mrs SORRY. You are fit only for NURTW elections at Ibadan.

That you lack the intellectual depth to sell a candidate but prefer to make enemies for the candidate should make people avoid you. Candidates for elections need friends, not enemies. A supporter today can turn opposer tomorrow and vice versa. Canvass the winning points of your preferred candidate and allow others to do same without necessarily agreeing with you. Stop shopping for enemies for yourself and your candidate, it usually backfires later. Mark my words and note that even your candidate will not want to have anything to do with you after the election. He might dash you money now but will distance himself from you afterwards. May be until he runs into trouble that will require deploying a professional abuser.

No wonder the candidates of ozu nwa bekees of social media hardly win elections in real life. Who wants to be associated with rancourous candidates and their supporters? People see the candidates from what their supporters do and say. Rancorous candidates have rancourous supporters. I lie?

In case you guys have forgotten, we are running a DEMOCRATIC system. One person must win out of 20 or 100 and it doesn't mean others were bad candidates. Just that one was chosen. Party primaries and even general elections are matters of careful and delibrate planning and deployment of resources where needed. For instance, instead of dashing out money to Facebookers who are not delegates, it is better to use it and reach real delegates or voters.

No matter how strong a governor or President is, he cannot cast more than one vote in a primary or general election. If his preferred candidate wins it simply means that the majority of voters share his position on that candidate. Even if they were given money, in the final analysis they vote alone. They can change their choice if they feel strongly about the other candidates. In Abia, for instance, many voted across support lines during the primaries. Some even took money and yet voted for their "townman" while others voted for their church member and some others voted because of those perceived to be behind the aspiration of the candidates. Those are all valid reasons for making an electoral choice.

Money alone does not decide an election, especially when it is secret ballot. Popular views of non-electorates (non-delegates) are also worthless in a primary in particular and to an extent in a general election. Grow up please. You wasted your time at Facebook if you couldn't go down and help your candidates. I can bet you that 98% of those who voted at the recently concluded primaries don't have Facebook accounts. They are mostly reached through radio, billboards and house to house personal contacts. Pastors even have more electoral value than most Facebookers because the electorates listen to them directly.

Most of those that ndi ozu nwa bekee call "president's men" are simply "Abuja politicians". Nothing more. They basically run away from their constituencies and hide at Abuja to avoid giving to the people. (Ask them to "show full working" in their villages if in doubt). Whenever they come home they come with siren blaring and plenty armed guards whose job description includes making sure that "common people" don't enter to see OGA. But once it is election time they become "Mr Nice Guy" and are even prepared to kiss the poor without minding eze ure and onu ushi. "Common people" are not as foolish as they imagine. They merely go to them to get a bite at their share of "national cake". They know who is worth supporting, when the chips are down.

Abuja politicians usually plan to "buy" votes during elections because they know they are not on the ground. The president also know they are electorally useless and hence pitches his tent with those on the ground. Governors are on the ground and if you understand politics in Nigeria you will know that LGA chairmen have more electoral value than Ministers. Yet when Ministers lose to those known to the people you shout and scream?

Mumucracy dey worry you.

One thing I know about ozu nwa bekee is that it will ultimately be buried or cremated. It doesn't matter if it says yes or no. So if you are "my friend" here kindly don't abuse others for holding contrary views. Close your eyes to what they are typing or express your own view with decorum. Don't compel me to quietly delete you because I usually don't re-add deleted friends. I love alternative views and learn from them but I have zero tolerance for abuse to myself or others including political office holders. I have never deleted anyone for holding contrary views but will no longer spare abusive persons.

Meanwhile all the winners and losers are meeting and aligning and re-aligning and you are here looking for who to abuse. Sorry. You used yourself because they didn't ask you to abuse anyone on their behalf. Na only you waka....

Permit me to congratulate the winners and losers of the primary elections nationwide. For the winners, remember all the promises you are making to our people and do your best to keep them. To those who lost gallantly, I salute you. You dared to win and in losing you have won something; experience. One day that experience will come handy. At least you now know how not to run for office.

Everyone can't win at the same time and if it is God's will for you, one day you will win and celebrate. And others will also lose. Na so life be.

Life na turn by turn Nigeria Limited.

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