EU, Israel and Arab expansionism

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“We need a Palestinian state, this is the ultimate goal and this is the position of all European Union (EU). We cannot just sit and wait. If we sit and wait it will go on for another 40 years”

Fredrica Mogherini is the EU Foreign Affairs Chief, who made the above statement recently during a trip to Gaza. What she was saying was that Palestinians have her support and that of the EU to have a state out of the current State of Israel, with its capital carved out of Jerusalem. Put in other words, she was saying that Israel can go to hell as long as the wishes of the Palestinians were granted. To her and EU countries, the wishes of the Israelites do not matter.

Perhaps, without knowing it, what Mogherini is saying in essence is that she has not read the Bible. Or perhaps has read it, but did not agree with some or all of its historical truths. To be honest, one is forced to believe that the EU Chief wants those who heard her to believe that the hundreds and thousands of years of Israel’s history did not matter to her and the EU. Perhaps, she is equally telling us that visitors on a land – whose origin are entirely not well known – are free to take over other people’s lands.

If we apply her argument to her homeland, Italy, then it would be right to assume that Mogherini would not mind if some visitors in her land constantly foment trouble in it against her people (the original owners of the land). That means she would also not mind if after some years, those visitors would be granted, if they began to demand, that swaths of Italian territory be given to them to create one of their numerous Muslim states, and also demand that part of Rome be given to them as their capital.

But I know it will never happen. No EU country will want that in their territory. For sure, not even England, the super Islam supporter, which has always supported Islam over Christianity. England will never stand Muslims in their midst demanding a state in England and asking for part of London as their capital. No country in Europe will permit such liberty to foreigners in their land. But the EU has always shown that they were ready to support it in other people’s lands.

One has often wondered whether the message EU is sending to the world is that violent agitations are the best means of agitation that they can support. Do the countries making up EU know that such responses from it is what is emboldening violent peoples to take other peoples’ lives without care all over the world at the moment? We saw a typical example recently when two Palestinians walked into a Synagogue to murder four people who were praying in a Jerusalem.

Instead of condemning, dissuading and discouraging violent peoples from continuing in their barbaric ways, the EU has often patronised them with such statements as quoted above. Is it then a surprise that Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is cutting off innocent peoples’ heads?

By taking that position, it means that Mogherini and EU supports the historical fact that it was right for the extermination of the black population in North Africa, and the taking over of their lands by the Arab population. It equally means that the EU has once more endorsed its support for the murder of Biafrans in Nigeria, particularly the extermination attempt of 1967 to 1970.

The EU is therefore, indirectly, telling the whole world to turn violent when making certain demands, and that might is right.

Looked at from another perspective, it is really incomprehensible that the EU thinks that what it is proposing in the Middle East will actually bring peace to that part of the world. How come the EU has not realised that it would rather aggravate conflict in the region and set the tone of what will happen in other parts of the world. EU should know that e once the Palestinian demand is granted that it will trigger another round of outrageous and irrational demands.

It is absurd that Mogherini and her fellow EU leaders think that there can be peace without justice. Yes, on one hand, it is absurd to think that giving people a land because they have been violent in their demand of it would bring peace. On the other hand, have they considered those they want to give their land away, what will be there reaction?

True, Israel from Bible times, is not known for expansionist tendencies. They are not known to have attacked others, colonised them, or forced them to practice their religion. Each time Israel went to war, it has always been to preserve their freedom and heritage, and this is what the Palestinians and the Arab race has been taking advantage of.

But if the EU sees this as a weakness on the part of the Jews, and a reason to believe that Israelis will fold their hands and accept such injustice, they will be making a serious mistake. The Jews have only one country they call their own and it is obvious they will not take it easy with any gang-up to take it away from them.

The Jews have no other country to call their own, but the Arabs are spread in many countries of the world where they have wiped out the original owners to annex their lands. Now, they are continuing in their old ways by trying hard to wipe out Israel from the face of the earth, and the EU is siding with them. That is injustice of the highest order.

If the EU leaders think that the world will continue to accept a situation where one race or one religion comes to wipe out a people and take possession of their land, they seriously have to think again. Mogherini and her EU partners should work for the independence of peaceful peoples and not to give their lands away to war mongers.

Indeed, if the EU is looking for people to help, who are seeking independence; who are indigenous owners of their land, but seeking independence from foreign domination, it should go to West Africa. There they will find the Biafran people – a peaceful people that have lost more than 3. 5 million people to Nigeria’s forceful occupation of their land.  From year to year, since 1999, Biafrans have been continuously murdered in the streets by Nigerian security agents for peacefully demonstrating for freedom and independence.

Nothing less than 2000 of them have thus far been murdered. Such places are where the EU should go and create states, not in Israel.  

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