Abia: Let Democratic Tenets Rule at the House of Assembly 

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Normally, I won’t want to comment on the expected proclamation and election of Principal Officers of the 8th Abia State House of Assembly but for the fact that I am being inundated with stories of intrigues playing out even up to this morning. One source said there are plans to use an old law that does not insist on ranking as a pre-requisite to occupy principal offices while another says there are plans to inaugurate only members of a particular party and leave out the others. 


Of course, I don’t have basis to confirm the veracity of either plot but I am consoled by 4 facts: 


1. I know the Clerk of the House, Sir JohnPedro Irokansi, to be a man of honor and dye in the wool public servant who cannot be induced or coaxed into engaging in what will ultimately guarantee a perpetually unstable House with very high likelihood of hurting him also.


2. There is nothing about the current Head of Government in Abia State that suggests to me he will be afraid of a diligent and democratic House that plays its role in checking the excesses of the executive and judicial branches. If you know why he will want a rubber stamp legislature please tell me. 


3. Abia National Assembly members of Labour Party extraction have publicly aligned themselves with the convention that the party in majority should produce the key principal officers without fear or favor, hence, I expect them to advise their leaders in state to do what is right to save the state from needless crises this early in the day. Honorables Darlington Nwokocha, Ginger Onwusibe, Obi Aguocha and Amobi Ogah have all publicly supported the time tested legislative convention and I expect them to advice the executive in Abia not to tamper with that order. 


4. I do not see why an opposition party principal officer will not work harmoniously with the executive branch as long as both parties and individuals are motivated by the need to serve the people honestly. It is only when there is a hidden agenda against common good of the people that leaders try to control those who should checkmate them. Otherwise, we expect all elected officials to work for the same “Mallam” known as the People of Abia State. 


This note is to plead with all the actors to, please, sit together, discuss and accommodate each other for the greater good. Publicly proclaim the house and do not attempt a surreptitious proclamation or use 4th amendment instead of 5th amendment, as rumored, to inaugurate the house.


Anyone that through his actions or inactions throws the state into avoidable political crisis should know that he will be consumed by the whirlwind when it blows. Doing the right thing every time should be the goal of every leader because whenever leaders manipulate to please anyone or group of persons they ultimately get hurt in the long run. Jukwa ese!!!


-Nwandugbom JOK


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