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Our attention has been drawn to a purported petition by the desperate gang of former APC members that have hijacked the Labour Party in Abia State titled “Threat by the PDP led Government in Abia State to violently rig the proposed March 11th Governorship Election in Abia State” and we wish to state that it is another act of desperation by deceptive scare mongers doomed for electoral defeat.


In the good old days, a thief will run even when nobody is pursuing him. Obviously members of the Labour Party In Abia are still living in that era, hence runs even when nobody is pursuing them. They are frequently raising false alarms against others while plotting exactly the same thing. 


This has always been the character and tactics of the desperate serial losers that have currently taken over the Labour Party platform in Abia State after failing miserably, sojourning in the APC and APGA.


Less than 5 days ago, the Labour Party in Abia State, whose hatchet men rose from a meeting in Asokoro, Abuja, where they plotted and apportioned roles on how to rig Abia Governorship election to release a false flag statement that PDP and APC are planning to do exactly what they agreed in their meeting: use thugs, rogue security agents and INEC officials to rig Abia 2023 governorship election. Armed with information and details of the Asokoro meeting and the follow up meeting in Okagwe Ohafia and Umuru Umuehim Nvosi Isiala Ngwa South we decided to focus on the task of winning the election. 


It is on record that Labour Party agents working in cohorts with sundry security and INEC officials hid behind the expected “Obi wave” in the presidential and National Assembly polls to write election results in Umuahia North, Ohafia, Arochukwu, Aba South, Aba North and Osisioma Ngwa LGAs, among others. Indeed they were the major beneficiaries of the criminally shambolic performance of Abia INEC officials in that election that local and international observers have disclaimed.  


Let it be known that we are aware of multiple rigging plots by Labour Party operatives including recruitment of militants, thugs and sundry characters from neighboring states and have long alerted security agents to their plot and antics. Obviously it is only a tree that will know you want to cut it down and still stand there to wait for you.  


Members of Abia PDP are not trees.


Conscious of the fact that any free and fair election in our state will inevitably lead to the expected landslide victory of the biggest party, by hundreds of kilometers in the state, we wish to call on INEC and security agencies to ignore the rants of a party that knows it is impossible for it to win a free and fair election in the state and take all necessary measures to conduct a peaceful, free and fair election in the state as we are determined to resist any attempt to abridge the free choice of Abia voters. 


Abians know that Mazi Peter Obi is not on the ballot next Saturday and will troop out to vote for PDP. 



It is on record that no other candidate enjoy the widespread love and acceptance across our state as our Governorship Candidate, Chief Okey Ahaiwe. We are equally proud of our entrenched democratic credentials and structure in the state, hence have no need to employ desperate measures to take what is rightly destined to come to us as a result of our great service to Ndi Abia. 



Michael Nwabueze

Abia PDP Campaign Council

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