How Police officers Forced a widow to transfer 5k after illegally detaining Nephew for about 3hours in Aba

Ubani Dannie writes about police extortion in Aba


I am not a lawyer but I understand that armed robbery is the act of dispossessing someone of his valuable with the force of arms or threat of violence. This offense is punishable by death upon conviction by a court of competent jurisdiction.

If my understanding of armed robbery is not wrong, what happens when a policeman threatens a harmless, law-abiding citizen and extorts money from him for whatever concocted reason at gunpoint?

This to me is nothing but first degree armed robbery unless the maxim of power flowing from the barrels of the gun is at the exclusivity of the police especially, those in Aba.

The scope and intensity of police extortion in Aba is becoming something else. Poor Aba residents are being daily exploited at gunpoint by the police for very flimsy and unnecessary reasons. For any reason the victim fails to pay, he would be beaten mercilessly, humiliated in chains and detained on trump up charges. This goes on in virtually all the police stations but some police stations have become more notorious than others in this ungodly and criminal industry.

Last night, a boy was sent by his widowed anty to buy drugs for her ailing child. A patrol team from Azuka Police Station accosted the timid boy and arrested him for loitering. The police insisted that the poor boy bails himself with 5000. A policeman in the team hid his number and called the widow instructing her to transfer money to his account for the poor boy’s bail.

Transfer alert to police

Imagine the effrontry! Imagine the guts!! A policeman telling someone he doesn’t know on phone to transfer money to his account without any element of fear!!! This will tell you how bad the police has legitimised the act of extortion in Aba.

This whole shit started by 9:30pm. They held the boy till some minutes after midnight until the money was eventually transferred to them. They then released the poor boy to walk home alone at that ungodly hour. You arrested someone by 9:30pm for loitering, and mind you loitering is no longer an offence in our criminal laws, and you are releasing him some minutes after midnight after extorting money from him.

It is not that 5000 naira is big enough to worth my time but the sheer bravado, audacity and impudence of many a policeman in Aba is so irksome and repulsive to good conscience that we cannot continue as if all is well. Such criminal abuse of power and trust is going on openly at various police formations in Aba even as I write this now.

I am not convinced that the DPO of Azuka Police Station, Aba is party to this roguish syndicate operating in his station. Therefore, I call on him as a matter of urgency, to compel this unpatriotic policeman to refund this poor widow her 5000 naira, apologise to and compensate the poor boy for the emotional torture and sanction the erring policeman/policemen.

Failure to do this would leave me with no other option than to mobilise Aba residents to initiate civil protest online and offline against both the erring policeman/policemen and the leadership of the said police station with a view of ensuring that higher police authorities look into this matter.

Enough is enough .

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