Is Magnus Abe truly arrogant?

By John Okiyi Kalu on 28/10/2014

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May be you need a bit of arrogance and self confident integrity to stand out from the crowd, especially in a state where more than 90% of the elites depend on government hand outs for survival. If you refuse to join the chop and clean mouth train dirty politicians will most likely see that as arrogance. True or false?

I know Magnus Ngei Abe.

He is a human being of top quality. I personally recall my message to him when my mother was gravely ill, to intimate him of her status and request for assistance to get an air ambulance to fly her out of Nigeria. From the moment he got my sms it became his problem. He did everything possible to get an air ambulance for her. Unfortunately we lost her shortly after but I can't forget the words Senator Abe typed and sent to me when I informed him of her passage. It felt like he was more bereaved than me. Even though he was out of the country when she was to be buried, he made sure that a senior public servant and mutual friend of ours arrived the ancient kingdom of Abiriba to represent him. Don't ask me if he sent envelope or not because no be your mama die o. When yours die you can find out. Hahahahahaha!!!

(Abeg una mama no go die in Jesus name. It hasn't been easy without my mum so I won't wish that on another person. Nne bu nne and usually irreplaceable.)

Should I tell the world how I watched the man Abe reject a cash gift of $100k because he felt it will compromise his future decisions on the organization involved? He was SSG Rivers state then. Well, since I can't name the organization let me allow the story pass. Suffice it to say he still responded to their request but rejected their greek gift. May be that will tell you something about why he is not as rich as other candidates throwing money around in Rivers State. If na money dey give governorship, Abe won't get it sha.

He is simply not a corrupt politician and almost all his rivals can testify to that. If they want to be honest. That he was in and around government for more than 15 years and yet had no personal house at his Ogoni hometown was not because he didn't like building at home. Rather he lacked the funds that most politicians so easily lay hands on from our treasury. It was his friends that finally built a modest bungalow for him when he was to bury his parent.

Gentleman Abe is a man who measures his words in public and private. He is by no means a yawo yawo man. He is also a loyal person to his friends. If he becomes the governor of Rivers state, people like me will sleep better in the assurance that our tax money will not be used to pursue vain ambitions. If you like promise Abe co-President of Nigeria he will not open Rivers treasury for you. He will most likely thank you and wish you well. He understands relationships including official relationships and will not allow himself to seek cheap popularity through unbridled tongue running riots everywhere. He will make friends, not enemies for Rivers people.

My greatest worry with the Abe challenge for governorship is that the political elites of Rivers, including the locust and cankerworms of Rivers politics, will not support him. He is not likely to open the treasury for them and dole out millions for "medical trips abroad" to 80 year olds. He simply will expect everyone to chop as you work and that may not be good news for many of them who are used to government patronage. My hope is that there are a few good men left who want things done the right way. If those good men stand up for Abe, Rivers will beat Lagos in 4 years. Na me talk am.

Administratively, Abe is as good as Amaechi, and may be even better. Not many will doubt the fact that the real Amaechi is PDP's Amaechi of 2007-2011. That's when Rivers saw real administrative ingenuity. Abe was involved in most of those good projects we applaud, from security to people oriented projects. But as usual, quietly so. You can even see his role at the Senate where he leads the committee on downstream petroleum sector. Every weekend he returns to PH and Ogoniland to brief his people and address some of their worries. Unlike other politicians, he has never been an Abuja politician. Still same old Rivers man of Ogoni origin. Every monday morning I hear him via Rhythm 93.7 news dealing with critical national and local issues. Of course I back him on Ogoni UNEP report and insist that President Jonathan should ensure full implementation. Mr President must know that every good politics is local. Make I no talk too much before someone will call me John Rotimi.

For me, Rivers governorship should strictly be between Magnus Abe (APC)and Prof Baredam (PDP). All others are voyagers and men without conscience. How I wish that Odein Ajumogobia will also join the race, but that man will be tough to convince. He is just not cut out for political deal making and if you trouble him he will walk away from the governorship and relax with his family. E no dey send anybody. Yet there are oher good men like Odein. He is not like the Nebuccadnezer of Nigerian politics who we are told must be president and nobody else is good enough. Not even one of his apostles. Abe and Baredam are Odein's apostles.

With Abe or Baredam, Rivers is in good hands. Cause of equity would have been served too, just like we are working round the clock to ensure that aka ga awuru ndi ngwa in Abia. Take it from merit or zoning angle, Abe is able; qualified, good and ready to serve.

Be ye not deceived, there are many good Nigerian politicians from all LGAs of Nigeria. Support equity and identify the best among the candidates of equity. For me, I am with Ogoni and Ngwa people. Feel free to go whatever route you want. Na you get your conscience. Mine is clear.


Posted on October, 29 2014

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