Trump is not the problem and he will do great

By Factnews on 16/01/2017

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If you watch CNN and other mainstream media (MSM) outlets in US and around the world you will not be mistaken to think that Americans used their votes to commit collective suicide by electing a bull in China store called Donald Trump.
But that is far from the truth.
In my view, Americans made the best choice they have made since Ronald Reagan. They stood up for America and simply told the rest of the world to f....k off.


The cacophony of oral and visual noise emanating from CNN and others are to be expected. Good students of history should readily remember that something similar happened after BREXIT vote in UK. In that instance, every joker who has acquired the unverifiable title of "analyst" predicted that Britons will vote to remain in EU as against leaving the union they never wholly belonged to. 
When finally the "leave" argument won at the polls all those who predicted and/or supported the "remain" argument tried to save face by pushing the argument that the voters didn't think things through and made a historic mistake. The argument was further stretched to fear mongering through doomsday predictions suggesting that Britain is finished as a country and Britons didn't know the meaning of BREXIT before voting.
Months after, real analysts believe Britain is now in a better position than their pre-BREXIT situation. People have not been expelled from UK or hunted down by "white nationalists" and killed. Instead British stocks and currency are doing just fine, as can be expected normally.
The problem with Trump is that many liberals and failed analysts predicted his electoral demise several times even while his numbers were actually much better than reported at the key states and nationally. If you had followed CNN reportage of the polls you will not be wrong to wonder how Trump won any state at all.
When false intellectuals fail in their public projections they end up being perpetually sore. It is therefore disingenuous to expect any of those groups and individuals who sang the Trump doom song to forgive him and the voters and simply accept defeat then move on.
Take for instance the case of CNN. The network was so immersed in the Hilary for President project that one of their anchors, Donna Brazille, revealed debate questions to Hillary Clinton just to help her beat a 68 year old socialist from Vermont called Bernie Sanders. To date Donna has not apologized because she is part of a liberal establishment that believes that cheating for the cause is acceptable.
This same network, CNN, threw decorum and media neutrality to the winds to the extent that after the release of the illegally obtained pussy grab video their anchors gleefully announced that the Trump candidacy was dead and his party was already looking for a replacement for him.


Do you still remember that?
The most dramatic was that on Election Day, as results started coming in, a self acclaimed Hispanic Republican who obviously worked as a Clinton mole with a former GOP front runner that lost to Trump celebrated what she described as "Hispanic firewall" that has ensured the defeat of Trump. She celebrated so lavishly that you will ask if she is not the same Anna Navarro who claimed to be "a life long Republican".
Long and short of the story is that she fled CNN studios as Trump's victory became certain. Do you expect a sore humiliated woman like her to ever see anything good in Trump?


Even her colleagues at CNN were busy analyzing bull crap when other networks, including foreign ones,  declared Donald J. Trump president elect of the United States of America. My personal records show that CNN's Wolf Blitzer was sore faced and tepid when he finally had to say the words "Donald Trump is US president elect". 
CNN was the last network to declare Trump winner. Ask Wolf Blitzer why.


If you expect all those so called mainstream media and intelligence experts who previously ganged up against Trump to now sheathe their swords and support him it means you don't understand elementary human behavior patterns. 
Have we forgotten so soon that the same so called intelligence experts authored a report that Trump is dangerous and cannot be trusted with the office of President and commander in chief in September 2016?
Even here in Nigeria, many of those who supported President Jonathan against General Buhari during the 2015 polls are yet to forgive the latter for defeating their preferred candidate and rubbishing their "informed analysis". It is not easy for self conceited "experts" to accept that they were wrong.


The normal reaction of failed experts is to look for reasons why they were right in the first place and make those who were actually right look wrong and bad.
Notice that the anti-Trump army has since done everything possible to explain away their defeat. First they blamed Independent candidates, then Hillary for not campaigning in Michigan and later claimed that the results were hacked and needed hand recount of voting machine results . When those explanations and/or efforts failed to materialize in their favor, they turned round to blame Russia for releasing evidence of Hillary misdeeds through Wikileaks. Then they settled on Russia helped Trump to win as if the voters were Russians and American voters are dumb Russia coattails.
Never mind that non of them have claimed that anything released by Wikileaks was false. As far as they are concerned the leak was illegally obtained and hence the substance does not matter. But the substance of the illegally leaked access Hollywood tapes (pussy grab) and the Trump tax documents matter very much, whether illegally obtained or not.


That is the typical sore losing mind at work in liberal hypocrites.
Recently, they are all over the place trying to explain how FBI Director Comey is responsible for Hillary's resounding loss. Non of them will remember that if not for the same FBI Director Hillary would have been on trial instead of running for President. 
They also forgot that 6 days to the polls the same FBI Director gave Hillary a clean bill of health when he declared that she has no case to answer with the Huma Aberdin email fiasco. To them Hillary has no blame for using private email servers and failing to hire experts to protect DNC servers as much as she protected her private server.
If announcing 11 days to the polls that FBI has new information on the Clinton email saga hurt her poll numbers, as suggested, then giving her a clean bill of health 2 days to the polls must have helped her poll numbers to rise.


The unreported fact is that even by the time Comey made his October announcement on reopening the email case Trump was already on the ascendency and Hillary's numbers were bleeding badly. 
Before Corey's first announcement in October pollsters were already reporting that Trump has reversed a 12pts deficit in the polls. It is also instructive that even after Comey's announcement, CNN and others reported that according to polls they conducted, the information didn't hurt her numbers and she was maintaining a 5pts lead over Trump.
Some of us who saw through the charade pointed at "hidden Trump votes" as a way of explaining the gap between what we knew to be the true Trump numbers and the fraudulent media reports. Turned out that we were exactly right and Hillary was thrashed by Trump nationally and at battleground states. Her so called popular votes victory came from just two states, in a similar manner to Kano and Katsina deciding Nigeria's 2015 presidential poll.

Trump won 304 electoral votes against Hillary's 227. He also won 30 states while she won only 20. Trump won 2623 US counties against 489 won by Hillary. If all that does not represent a landslide victory I wonder how folks define landslide victories. Those talking about popular votes just need to know that if you remove California but include New York won by Hillary she will be trailing Trump on popular votes by more than one million votes. That means that he won popular votes tallies with 49 of 50 states tallied.
Donald Trump has not done anything wrong as President elect of the United States. He is simply having to deal with an army of sore persons and groups intent on vendetta. People like Congress man John Lewis  and CNN lead the army of the sorely bruised liberals who will never see or say anything good about Trump. They will continue to attempt to delegitimize his election until his tenure finishes or they lose their voices. 
I can easily predict that when the dust settles and Trump starts fixing inner cities John Lewis will lose his seat in congress and CNN will hire a completely new team to save the network from its rapidly collapsing ratings. Sore losing usually cost dearly.
I am happy with the game Trump is currently playing with his Twitter handle. He is fighting back for himself and reaching his voters directly. The only reason losers are railing against that is because they ain't seen any phenomenon like Trump before now. Same folks that celebrated Obama's blackberry use dexterity are the same people complaining about Trump and Twitter.
Do you know that Blackberry servers reside in Canada while Twitter is an American business entity?
I will safely bet that sober Democrats are already searching within their folds for their own Trump who will do things differently from the way it used to be done. Political decimation is starting them in the face and no amount of orchestrated demonstrations and inauguration boycotts can save them. Rather it will make them lose more votes from white working class folks who are seeing the party as that of blacks and out of touch with white working class folks.
Permit me to congratulate US President elect, Donald John Trump, as he prepares to step out and swear with the Bible to govern according to the constitution of the United States of America on the 20th of January 2017. His inauguration will mean that he has finally defeated the fiercest conspiracy in modern politics led by apostles of new world order who are currently meeting at Davos to re strategize.
Sorry to sour Hillary fans who are yet to snap out of their soreness. I feel your pain knowing that only the best can deal with defeat and failures well. You apparently ain't among the best and can remain sore till Trump finishes his tenure.


Posted on January, 16 2017

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