Release Nnamdi Kanu NOW - John Okiyi Kalu

By FactNews on 15/01/2017

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Anytime I watch court room videos of Nnamdi Kanu's arraignment in court I end the day sad.

Are those managing this country aware of how much damage they are doing to national unity and patriotism by arraigning Nnamdi for exercising his right to free speech?

How do you convince young supporters of Nnamdi that Nigeria is a country worth dying for? How much will this country spend on national re-orientation to make those young people believe in Nigeria and sing our national anthem with conviction?

How do you make them believe that violence is not good or a valid way to express their frustrations in a country under democracy?

As far as I am concerned, our national leaders have failed to think long term and have unwittingly boxed us into a tight corner with no room to maneuver. You can't arraign Nnamdi Kanu & co for free speech then go to Boko Haram and Niger Delta militants to talk peace.

Time is running out to find a convenient way to release Nnamdi without damaging national unity further. Releasing Nnamdi will encourage young people to prefer peaceful protests and resolution of conflicts. Keeping him will accentuate "violence is the only way" message of  anarchists.

Justice Binta, please rise above the myopia of our political leaders and find a way to release Nnamdi. You will be saving our leaders from themselves while writing your name in gold.

A simple judicial solution ensures a win-win for all involved and even saves the face of our leaders who Ill advisedly bothered to arrest Nnamdi in the first place.



Posted on January, 15 2017

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